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Happy Sugar Life

Naniniwala si Winter ng 90 percent ng mga problema niya ay masasagot ng pera. At paano kung makakilala niya yung taong magsosolve ng 90 percent ng problema niya?

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w rizz.. no rizz.. rizz ME up

By sonnyangel Updated
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the chronically online partner of your dreams (or nightmares)

i told my teddy bear it was cute, and it plushed! ૮ ᴖﻌᴖა

By bleubearie Updated
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With 497 words

if you're a black cat persona slash sunshine protector aka (my) wednesday addams who is looking for a golden retriever persona slash lil' miss sunshine aka (your) enid sinclair, i am your girl! ⁽ ´꒳`⁾ i will be here to annoy you with my current obsession: boys planet AND the walking dead, disturb you with lame dad jokes & the silliest puns, and will also provide you loads of affections (espe

you know what really butters my bread?

By cherriedrops Updated
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Status Completed


Hello, pls carry me in elden ring or watch me stream all the new games I bought on sale from steam. Also, aff please stop moving this ad to blogs, this is a crime and you will be hearing from my lawyers shortly. 

Our first gossip blog is out now! Go to our Tumblr to read the full article!



By isoIation Updated
With 208 words

Let me beat u in Ocho.. 

Lf girls to off.

By seultron Updated
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Status Members Only

yves fcs come here to me.

sorry for being a himbo it will happen again

By fancyusn Updated
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dni if you don't like big time rush's hit song "boyfriend" btw.

i have to be somewhere in 20 minutes but grwm.

By ganyuist Updated
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lets watch bp999 instead?  only, mdni.


By littlebad Updated
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so! new chill general roleplay server on discord where you can play as a member of stray kids or the boyz and interact with others! come claim your spot <3 my discord is: littlebad#5863

you, me and them being ty fairy boys. 5/5

By babywayv Updated
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I recently started doing friend rps on discord and it's surprisingly enjoyable so I would like to do some more!    i don't have many rules for this one other than don't disappear without saying "gotta go ttyl" when talking with me this can be pretty casual. i'm down for friend dates, gaming, hyperbeam, all in character.  list of my muses: Chaewon, Gahyeon, Jiu, Yuqi, Ahin, Chuu, Chaeyoung (twice), Nayeon, Momo, Dahyun, Sana, Eunha, Umji, Eunbi Kwon, Chaeyeon, Jo Y

your special lap heater has arrived! ♡

By sultrist Updated
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Status [M]


By crvsrp Updated
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Status [M], Subscribers Only


By daydreambase Updated
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Coming soon.

does anyone enjoy a good plot? LF!plot partner

By antisipacion Updated
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missing wonha hours ! ♡

By vamperella Updated
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mdni. trying again because i'm desperate . . . lf literate rp partners & fem doms ?? :')

you ? me too!

By sugar-fever Updated
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changed title because aff keeps posting it as blog.

By escapeism Updated
Tags  roleplay   1x1   discordrp   discordroleplay   dcrp 
Characters me myself and i.
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minors dni!

Bloxburg!  /   Open and accepting.

By bloxburg Updated
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Whelp I’ve had it! … Kinda

By yeopaemoon Updated
Characters me and my sheep… her name is Lana.
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Yeah I know, another ad but hear me out! 

big fan of hoodwinked

By lesapphic Updated
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With 271 words


play valorant with me plz

By needpplasap Updated
With 40 views, 42 words

i'm in need of people to play with because i'm new and i'm tired of getting flamed for being a noob :( plzplzlzzplzplz  asia server unranked  but can play ranked if u want to  if interested plz pm me ur valorant tag :! PLEEEAAAASEEEEEE

f: and extremely partner. possibly rs.

By syjessica Updated
Characters You & I
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Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only

if ur free on valentine’s day when i’m free…

By C14TORCE Updated
With 262 words



By hellskitchenrp Updated
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we are very unserious pls join us to play games and giggle a bit 

The math teacher asked me what comes after 69

By rainywinds Updated
Characters me and you.
With 110 views, 340 words

Apparently, “I do.” is not the correct answer.

Please teach me how to flirt

By springflower42 Updated
Tags  1x1   discordrp   discordroleplay   1x1rp   1x1au   dcrp   1x1discord   discord1x1 
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Are you flirtatious? If you are, then check this one out!!

lf fantasy plot partner (male doms pls!) no ghosters allowed....

By imisspristin Updated
With 1 chapters, 110 views, 487 words

i have some fantasy au ideas that i would like to rp! click if interested. minors and ghosters look away.


By paradigmkrp Updated
With 10 chapters, 13515 words
Status Friends Only, Members Only, Subscribers Only, Invite Only


do u have a valo buddy?

By jeeekkkz Updated
Characters you
With 80 views, 48 words
Status Completed

nothing much i just wanna find friends to talk to! and valo. please. im begging. chill ppl come my way pls idm anyone. but most importantly, im a LMFAOO ok. well. clears throat. idk how this work but.. lmk your tag? we can talk more in dc? :)

a friend for sale.

By lightson Updated
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have: a Friend, lf: You.

lonely hearts club?

By pighati Updated
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With 183 words

would you look at that?! a mistletoe?! what should we do next?

Looking for Partners

By BooTown Updated
Tags  girlxgirl   yurirp   kikrp   discordrp   discordroleplay 
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Looking for someone to play around with <3