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BECAUSE I MET YOU . . . I BECAME ME.  – let's be better, together!
:  /  /            GUIDELINES          ››


↳ CONNECT KRP is a MeWe based, non-au, semi-literate roleplay. ‘CONNECT’ is a social networking service made for the Asian entertainment industry. Using this concept, we aim to create an atmosphere that’s inclusive for both muns and muses alike, giving everyone the chance to develop their muses’ personas through the ‘connections’ they make! 

↳ To encourage activity within the community, CONNECT’s community moderator facilitates the group chats with weekly ice breakers and monthly events ( example : Valentine’s Day blind dates or introspective prompts ).

↳ Your muse must be a celebrity in the Asian entertainment industry, such as an entertainer, musician, and/or model. This excludes the deceased, internet personalities, those involved in scandals, and/or who wish to not be roleplayed. If your muse is currently serving in the military, that’s fine with us! Just be sure to keep things realistic with your portrayal.

↳ Both mun and muse must be 18+ to join CONNECT. NSFW themes should only be kept in the NSFW group or in private, not on the timeline! Same goes for the open group chats.

↳ We follow a 3 strike system; however, we prioritize the safety of our members first and foremost. The mod has the right to remove you at ANY TIME if your actions are harmful and have affected the well-being of other members.

↳ Under no circumstances will OOC drama be tolerated. IC drama is allowed for the sake of development as long as those involved have consented to it beforehand!


↳ Our activity requirements are meant to be reasonable. Roleplaying is a hobby and should be treated as such! That being said, you’re required to make 1 timeline post EVERY 7 days. If you don’t post within that timeframe, you’ll be automatically removed on the 8th day. There’s a 2 day waiting period to re-apply after removal, unless you’re on a hiatus or have reached out to the mod prior!

↳ We don’t believe in forced interactions, which is why commenting isn’t an activity requirement; however, because this is a community everyone is expected to be an active participant somehow. You have many options : commenting on new and old members’ posts, responding to your own comments, emoji-ing posts in the Introductions group and/or timeline, participating in optional events, socializing in the open group chats, and/or using the Network group to reach out to other members. We encourage everyone to do what makes them comfortable!

 If your muse is on the more introverted side, emoji-ing comments instead of responding to them is fine.

↳ If you choose NOT to comment on other members’ posts, please at the very least emoji them when you’re online. It only takes a minute to emoji other members’ posts. No one is expected to scroll through a week’s worth of posts, rather we ask that everyone acknowledges each other, that way no one feels left out! Focusing only on your group mates, friends, and/or significant other(s) can be discouraging and ruin the inclusiveness we strive for.

↳ Everyone has a preference for how their muse interacts, be it in the privacy of DMs or publicly on the timeline; however, if your muse is consistently selective for more than 2 weeks ( not interacting in the groups and/or on the timeline ), you’ll be approached by the mod about your activity. The p***w*** to your application is your favorite song! We offer a timeframe of 2 weeks since everyone has their good and bad days. Recharge and get back to things when you’re ready!


↳ Provide an active form of contact on your application. We only accept personal AFF accounts, tumblrs, and/or twitters. If you apply with a roleplaying account, your application will be declined!

↳ Reservations can be made anonymously, but please provide a password. Your reservation will expire after 2 days, so be sure to send your application in! If you need help choosing a muse, we’d be more than happy to make a poll for you.

↳ Each mun can have up to 3 muses. You can bring your 2nd muse after 2 weeks and your 3rd muse after 1 month. You’re expected to show activity on ALL your accounts. Character switches are allowed, just notify the mod prior to re-applying!

 The dating ban is 3 weeks! Please have your muse seek platonic connections before forming romantic ones. We allow moving couples, but you’re expected to interact outside of your pairing. To prevent exploitation of the celebrities we muse, there’s an age gap of no more than 6 years IF your muse is under 25.

↳ Because CONNECT is based in Seoul, South Korea, we follow the country’s age of consent, which is 19. If your muse is under 19 and takes part in anything romantic or ual, you’ll be permanently banned from the roleplay!


↳ Once your application has been approved, you have 2 days to add the mod. Your account name should be in English with NO emojis or fancy fonts ( example : Bae Joohyun OR Irene NOT Irene 🐇 OR 𝑰𝒓𝒆𝒏𝒆 ).

↳ Put CONNECT or the 🌐 emoji ( : globe_with_meridians : ) somewhere on your profile. We recommend including your timezone and writing preference, but that’s optional

↳ After your muse has been added into the roleplay, you have 2 days to post your introduction AND on the timeline. Failure to do so will result in an automatic removal with a 2 day waiting period to re-apply.

𝑰𝑴𝑷𝑶𝑹𝑻𝑨𝑵𝑻 Thank you so much for taking time to read through our guidelines. It was a lot! If at any time you experience or witness clique-like behavior, god-modding, and/or meta-gaming, please contact the mod right away.

:  /  /            HOW TO JOIN          ››

↳ Read thoroughly through our guidelines. There’s a password!

↳ Make sure your desired muse isn’t taken on our masterlist.

↳ Send in your application and wait for it to be accepted! You may follow our tumblr or subscribe to this story post to receive updates on the status of your application.

↳ Have a wonderful day and thank you for taking interest in CONNECT! We hope to be a second home for your muse.

:  /  /            MASTERLIST          ››

UPDATED : 06.26.2022

A.C.E : 

Lee Donghun


Choi San 

Jeong Yunho

Jung Wooyoung 

Kang Yeosang

Kim Hongjoong

Park Seonghwa

Song Mingi


Kim Jennie

Lalisa Manoban ( Lisa )

Park Chaeyoung ( Rosé ) 


Woo Jiho ( Zico )


Jeon Jungkook

Kim Taehyung ( V )

Min Yoongi ( Suga )

Park Jimin ( 06.26 )

CIX : 

Kim Younghee 


Kim Bora ( SuA ) 

Kim Yoohyeon 


Lee Heeseung


Kim Sihyeon 


Song Hayoung 

(G)I-DLE :

Song Yuqi 

GOT7 :

Im Jaebeom ( JB )

Kunpimook Bhuwakul ( BamBam ) ( 06.26 )

Wang Jackson 


Hwang Yeji 

Shin Ryujin 


Jeon Jiwoo

Jeon Somin 


Kim Chaewon 

Miyawaki Sakura 


Ha Sooyoung ( Yves )

Im Yeojin

Kim Jiwoo ( Chuu )

Jung Jinsoul 

Son Hyejoo ( Olivia Hye )


Chittaphon Leechaiyakul ( Ten ) 

Huang Renjun

Jeong Yoonoh ( Jaehyun )

Kim Dongyoung ( Doyoung )

Lee Donghyuck ( Haechan )

Lee Jeno

Lee Minhyung ( Mark )

Lee Taeyong 

Na Jaemin

Suh Youngho ( Johnny )

Zhong Chenle


Kang Seulgi 

Park Sooyoung ( Joy )


Lee Soodam


Yoon Jeonghan 


Matsumura Hokuto


Lee Chaeyoung ( Isa ) 


Bang Chan

Han Jisung ( Han ) 

Hwang Hyunjin 

Lee Felix

Lee Minho ( Lee Know ) 

Seo Changbin 

Yang Jeongin ( I.N ) 


Choi Chanhee ( New )


Hirai Momo

Im Nayeon 

Minatozaki Sana 


Choi Beomgyu

Choi Soobin 

Choi Yeonjun

Huening Kai


Cha Hakyeon ( N )

Kim Wonshik ( Ravi )


An Minji

Choi Yena

Gim Bobae 

Im Jino

Ju Jingyi 

Jung Jessica

Kim Seri ( AleXa ) 

Kwon Hyunbin ( Viini ) 

Lee Hoseok ( Wonho ) 

Lee Sunmi

Wang Linkai ( Xiao Gui ) 

Worakamon Satur ( Jeff )

:  /  /            WISHLIST          ››


›› APPLICATIONS are posted Monday through Sunday between 8:00 — 11:00 PM EST. Inactive accounts are cleared Monday, Wednesday, Friday and/or Sunday. We recommend following our AFF or tumblr blog for updates on the status of your application! \(ᵔᵕᵔ)/

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