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Tit For Tat

As always, Wendy is spotted in a fancam about how she's always the one trying to approach Irene instead of the other way around. It just so happens that Irene is always with Seulgi at that moment.

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MDNI// Dom male on a search for two and subby females. (For my fantasy)

By xxxmoongodxx Updated
Tags  pwp   nonau   fbrp   rp   twitterbased   mobilerp   kikrp   twtrp   fwb   freelance   kktrp   igrp   igroleplay   twice   blackpink   freelancerp   igbased   1x1   discordrp   mewerp   1x1rp   1x1roleplay   itzy 
With 140 views, 1 comments, 184 words

* Open to a poly rs. * Plots highly encouraged * +8. (But is more of a someone in a minus tz) * Writes in third pov. Mostly mirrors * Don't mind any specific length of writing. Just no one liners * Only platform is IG Prefers ITZY members as for your fc. But if you are not comfortable, then you do you. Just in case you need help, I like BP'sΒ  Jennie, Jisoo, and RosΓ©, TWICE's Chaeyoung, Dahyun, and the J-Line, MLD's Ahin and Nancy, RV's Seulgi an

if beauty were time, you’d be eternity.

By king_ace Updated
Characters you and your gorgeous self.
With 291 words

hello, before i start, please do know that this person you're about to deal with is a needy one. Β  i'm on a serious search for someone who would really understand.

LF someone to throw me down πŸ˜‰

By 2pmlover017 Updated
Tags  twitterrp   rp   kikrp   linerp   kktrp   igrp   freelancerp   discordrp   1x1rp 
With 40 views, 103 words

Treat me how you like~

Are you looking for a low maintenance girlfriend?

By starsz Updated
Tags  kakaotalkrp   freelance   kktrp   freelancerp   1x1rp 
Characters Me & u being lazy together
With 110 views, 274 words

Well look no more babe πŸ₯΅ Β  Β  Β  Β  Β 

Searching for you

By sosalarm Updated
With 230 views, 170 words

Good ol' plotting anyone?

You ever want to 5 stack in Valorant but have no friends? We can fill in your -3.

By gojosatoru Updated
Tags  roleplay   twitter   twitterrp   twtrp   flrp   freelancerp   discordrp   1x1rp   discord   dcrp 
With 580 views, 908 words

hi this is gojo satoru, i am putting up my studentsΒ for sale at the y price of $0.01Β each. if you're interested in getting to know any of them please drop your dc tag or twitter username (whichever you prefer) in my dms. please also state which friend you would like me to send your contact to!! you want all three? no problem, just let me know. all my friends are of age, so if you're a minor this ad isn't for you. gomenasai.. so here goes nothing... Β 


FREE plot partner for your rp needs

By stuckinspace Updated
Tags  roleplay   twitterrp   twtrp   flrp   freelancerp   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 250 views, 348 words

Β  hello and welcome, guys, girls, gays, and theys. searching for a rp/plot partner to fulfill your needs and fantasies? look no more, for i am selling a baby boy, except you don’t actually have to offer anything other than attention and time, of course. this is for plotting and rp purposes after all, if i may repeat. before you proceed.. minors and furries, dni. sorry. only 20+ people allowed!

I miss being held in loving arms (open)

By therpaccountonly Updated
Tags  roleplay      yuri   straight   facebookroleplay   twitterrp   fbrp   linerp   instagramrp   kktrp   igrp   kktroleplay   freelancerp   1x1   1x1rp   messengerrp 
With 5 subscribers, 2100 views, 8 comments, 166 words

*open again* I usually open ads about being a top but I'm in need of being a bottom right now.Β  ONLY SERIOUS LONG TERM RS. NO HOOKING UPΒ 

21+ Mewe Freelance Roleplay Community - Coming soon

By freelance-the-verse Updated
With 142 words
Status [M]

Begging for an extra attention || Always Open

By lolfkme Updated
Tags  freelance   freelancerp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   1x1roleplay   dcrp 
With 1 chapters, 111 words

Lf: Somebody to spend my time with. Baby girl, baby boy, where you at?Β 

are you my c***slu*

By tatans Updated
Tags     jaehyun   fbrp   rp   kikrp   freelance   freelancerp   1x1   discordroleplay   1x1rp   discord   dcrp 
With 4 subscribers, 220 views, 113 words

Hello! Its that time again. I have time to spare and so i'm looking for a dirty who wants to be ed over and over. Huge bonus points if you are cute. I use discord and kik. I prefer baby girls who are proactive and who would hop themselves on my lap and take what they want. Brats, not so much. Baby boys, you can try but i tend to lose interest faster unless you are super cute and i end up liking you alot.Β  If we've spoken before and things fell through, don't hesitate to mess

open if you're gay. looking for a plot partner!

By etereox Updated
Tags  roleplay   twitterrp   twitterroleplay   mobilerp   twtrp   freelance   freelancerp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
Characters you and me
With 4 comments, 367 words

if you fc yeosang, wooyoung or hyunjae please interact. i have a current hyperfixation and you can help me get through it

lf: a loving topdom!jayb topdom!jackson topdom!jinyoung with tendencies for my fc

By honeylee Updated
Tags  angst   fluff   jaebeom   jaebum   jinyoung   roleplay   romance         imjaebum   kpoprp   roleplay   twitterrp   jjproject   parkjinyoung   kpoproleplay   fbroleplay   jjp   fbrp   rp   rp   krp   domsub   dominant   jackson   got7   marktuan   jacksonwang   straightrp   jinson   twtrp   literaterp   linerp   lineroleplay   kktrp   kktroleplay   domesticfluff   freelancerp   1x1   freelanceroleplay   discordrp   discordroleplay   1x1rp   1x1roleplay   1x1fb   1x1krp   1x1twitter   limjaebeom   krp   jayb 
Characters jb, jaebeom, jaebum, jinyoung, park jinyoung, jjp, jj project, jjproject, jackson, got7, jacksonwang, mark tuan, jinson, markjin
With 1 chapters, 380 views, 2 comments, 337 words

basically in need of a top dominant hyung lineΒ muse to create a ty//romanticΒ relationship or fwb prompt with my fc. ofc youΒ must enjoy . click to read more.. unless you're underage, sorry dni.

lf: your hand to hold. mdni. nsfw! eng only!

By devourced Updated
Tags  roleplay   exo   facebookrp   twtrp   linerp   instagramrp   freelance   kktrp   kktroleplay   nct   freelancerp   discordrp   1v1   1v1rp 
Characters you
With 2 comments, 454 words

hey? come here.

let’s roleplay together?

By CLUnnie Updated
Characters you and i
With 1 chapters, 240 views, 1 comments, 424 words

hi, darlings. πŸ’œΒ  it's about that time again.Β  want to roleplay with me?

lemme emotionally scar you.

By 415lawns Updated
With 296 words

I'm kidding.

looking for rp partner(s) γƒΎ(οΌΎβˆ‡οΌΎ)

By melonity Updated
Tags  twtrp   kktrp   freelancerp   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 1 subscribers, 110 views, 1 comments, 329 words
Status [M]

I left something on your doorstep

By Littledoillieprince Updated
Tags  twitterrp   facebookrp   linerp   kakaotalkrp   kktrp   freelancerp   discordrp   mewerp   1x1rp   nctrp   dcrp 
With 3 chapters, 540 words

Dear [y/n],Β I've left you a baby in hopeΒ that you could look after him. He can be a little bit handful but rest assure he's the sweetest. This little prince deserve someone, he would love to be in your care. (The views are high but none even respond or doesn't stay. So, don't have a secomd thought about this c: )

Looking for someone to roleplay with!

By IcePrincessBella Updated
With 1 subscribers, 50 views, 3 comments, 326 words

Hello everyone, thank you for glancing over my add. So as the title says I'm looking for someone or multiple people to rp with. It's been a good few years since I've been able to be active in the rp world, I would absolutely love to dip my toe back into it. Below I will list idols I use to rp and ships I ship. If you have any one whom is not on the list but you want to see if I'd give it go please feel free to comment below or pm me. I mostly play doms or switches. But I'm willing to do submi

take me out of my boredom, please.

By whiskercat Updated
Tags  facebookroleplay   fbrp   freelance   freelancerper   freelancerp   1x1   1x1rp 
Characters Jessica Jung, Krystal Jung
With 275 words

i’m looking for a potential relationship, we can end up as besties if it just doesn’t work out that way?Β  Β  it’s been awhile since i roleplayed for real and definitely a long time since i last used my main muses, so here i am looking for something i can indulge myself with and hopefully i can feel that spark i used to get in rps back then. Β  About Me i’m 20+ and would rather not deal with minors gmt plus i’m a

You don’t love me, you are infatuated with me

By Ocytoxin_milf Updated
Tags  kktrp   freelancerp   discordrp   discordroleplay   1x1rp   nctrp   dcrp 
With 370 views, 1 comments, 318 words

My little bird left our nest and it's very empty. I'm hoping for a lovely human toΒ keep me company in my tiny housebird.

knock knock.... who's there.... COME IN!

By cutemuffins Updated
Tags  roleplay   affrp   freelance   igrp   freelancerp   1x1   freelanceroleplay   discordrp   discord   dcrp 
With 203 words

hi, material gals and guys! are you ready to have your world rocked? cause the only thing that'll be rockin' is the vibe between you and me. (tell me i'm funny). honestly, i'm just looking for a fun, chaotic time with like-minded individuals who have spontaneous energy. we can go on little dates, share memes, and geek out on music - maybe even spice things up and share playlists? the outcome's endless. i don't know much about gaming, but i'm open to learning with all this genshin and

The talk of the Ton

By 2pmlover017 Updated
Tags  twitterrp   rp   kikrp   linerp   kktrp   igrp   freelancerp   discordrp   1x1rp 
With 90 views, 56 words

Be like Lady Danbury Β and Lady Whistledown with me!


By hellandbeyond Updated
Tags     kikrp   linerp   kktrp   igrp   freelancerp   1x1   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 620 views, 1 comments, 20 words

Looking for a cute girl to use and abuse

spare oomfs....

By snh48s Updated
Tags  roleplay   flrp   freelancerp   1x1   1x1rp 
With 132 words

if u dont click u will never know true happiness

lf cool people only

By alignedstars Updated
Tags  kktrp   freelancerp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
Characters me and my two brain cells
With 1 comments, 153 words

don't interact if you're lame or a ghost

lf : uhhhh

By starbukcs Updated
Tags  roleplay   facebookroleplay   fbrp   kktroleplay   kkt   freelancerp   1x1rp 
With 47 words

looking for a friend or perhaps.. someone to hold.. mdni

lf someone to rail me- plot with me. (but the first one works too πŸ₯°)

By lvendr Updated
With 1 chapters, 5 subscribers, 2400 views, 8 comments, 1458 words

henlo! friends, acquaintances and fellow rpers / potential plot mates! i am here looking for a person to decently plot with! honestly, it's hard finding partners these days to plot juicy and exciting aus/genres with... maybe you could be it? who knows?

looking for roleplaying buddies! come to me if you love plotting and, most importantly, cuddling!

By soonon Updated
Tags  roleplay   twitterrp   rp   twtrp   instagramrp   igrp   freelancerp   1x1   1x1rp 
With 460 views, 116 words

I'll hold your hand too.

Looking for longterm baby (bahasa)

By wyntreaux Updated
Tags  roleplay      bahasa   angstromance   twitterrp   bahasaindonesia   aurp   rp   rp   straightrp   mobilerp   instagramrp   kktrp   freelancerp   1x1   alternativeuniverse   1x1rp   1x1roleplay 
Characters yeonjun heejin subin seonghwa taeyong soobin juyeon
With 4 chapters, 1 subscribers, 700 views, 2 comments, 380 words

halo semuanya, ini pertama kalinya aku buat ad ini, karena rasanyaΒ cape join rp dan jarang yang punya plot. sekalipun ada, balasnya seminggu sekali. aku rper lama, tapi sempet gak main bertahun tahun. disini aku mau coba nyari partner 1x1. kita bisa diskusi dulu, terus bikin kontrak partner 1 minggu, kalau saling cocok bisa lanjut terus. untuk permulaan, biar aku tulis dulu ketentuannya. Β  Β  β€’ umur kamu 18+ ke atas β€’ bis

haha...HEY *louder than other ads*

By parkbomstanaccount Updated
Tags  roleplay   twitter   facebook   twitterrp   twitterroleplay   krp   twtrp   twt   freelance   kktrp   flrp   freelancerp   1x1   krproleplay   discordroleplay   1x1rp   discord   dcrp 
Characters me, u and squidward
With 2 chapters, 4 subscribers, 470 views, 1 comments, 349 words

!! mdni !! this ad is for elderly eyes only. if ur 21+ please open up i BEG im not like other adsΒ 

Indulge me with this plot idea!

By 2pmlover017 Updated
Tags  twitterrp   rp   kikrp   linerp   kktrp   igrp   freelancerp   discordrp   1x1rp 
With 200 views, 167 words

Please? I'll make it worth it~