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School! 2018

Seulgi a nerd, isn't your stereotypical nerd - to Irene at least

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Let's bring back good old roleplay days. Join in the fun.

[ open ] let's be lonely together

By ajwatanabe Updated
Tags  roleplay   mobilerp   kikrp   twtrp   linerp   instagramrp   igrp   freelancerp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 4 subscribers, 470 views, 4 comments, 138 words

18+ only. I'm on GMT +8 but my replies will be very spread out, I'm always on my phone so expect me to always be there, mostly. My FCs: 2PM Taecyeon and Nichkhun, EXO Suho, Seo Kang Joon, Super Junior Donghae, ASTRO Cha Eun Woo > Always down for AU and Non-AU > Can be on Kik, Discord, Twitter > I'm all for any kinds of plots, angst, fluff, nsfw, but I'd love it if we had an actual plot ongoing and we can discuss that later on What I'm looking for:

In search for my new favorite rp parter

By verychy Updated
Tags  angst   drama   roleplay   romance   yuri   alternateuniverse   straight   aurp   taboo   rp   yurirp   straightrp   mobilerp   literaterp   linerp   kakaotalkrp   lineroleplay   kktrp   freelancerp   1x1rp 
With 70 views, 232 words

You, yes you. It could be you but you're playing  

calling all gamers... and cool ppl :]

By prisitin Updated
Tags  twitterrp   flrp   freelancerp   discordrp   discordserver 
With 12 comments, 56 words

hey yall..

Are you bored? Because I am, you,me,lap now

By Notmenotyounotus Updated
Tags  aurp   fbrp   nonaurp   kktrp   freelancerp   1x1   mewerp   1x1rp 
With 4 chapters, 290 views, 1 comments, 255 words

Please don't turn this into another blogpost ffs. Lf: Male / Female Dom or Vers with Dom leans.   

who wants to be the felix to my hyunjin???

By bellechn Updated
Tags  roleplay   rp   freelancerp   discordrp   discordroleplay   1x1rp 
With 1 chapters, 40 views, 1 comments, 143 words
Status [M]


mdni : lf cute discord writing partners aka you!

By bl0oming Updated
Tags  fbrp   rp   newrp   freelancerp   discordrp   mewerp   1x1rp   1x1roleplay   1x1discord 
With 220 views, 185 words

i've got too much free time and a lot of energy so i've come here looking for some cuties to smother with affection! mainly looking for nsfw plots so if thats not your tea, pls click away < / 3  i'm 21+ (mdni) and tz is in the negatives but i'm always on and reply pretty fast! i write female subs/switches and usually cycle fcs for diff plots, i dont mind who i write so feel free to tell me your preference and i'll fu

LF: F sub for dark, hard kink plots (Tzuyu? Wonyo? NJ Minji?)

By sugoidama Updated
Tags  roleplay   linerp   lineroleplay   flrp   freelancerp   1x1   1x1rp 
With 28 subscribers, 2200 views, 350 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

A baby with attitude looking for a long term partner

By therpaccountonly Updated
Tags  fbrp   twtrp   kktrp   igrp   freelancerp   1x1   1x1rp   dcrp 
Characters Me and you chilling on the bed
With 200 views, 1 comments, 178 words

Hi, I'll be very short about this to keep all my energy for you only!    I'm looking for a straight partner for my Nayeon. I don't care who you fc as long as you're happy about it :)  My time zone is +2 so I can work around most time zones  I'm okay with you multi dating as long as I'm not getting ignored  I'm very much a casual role player, I don't plot much , I rather have one shot scattered plots now and then. (quite domestic and nsfw)    I'm

Lf a cute active ual sub.

By saudadex Updated
Tags  fbrp   rp   mobilerp   kikrp   linerp   flrp   freelancerp   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 110 views, 60 words

Its that time again and im looking for active baby boys or girls that would constantly climb on my lap begging to be f*****. Not really in the mood for plotting rn, just want someone active and cute and ual. But don't expect me to commit to you. Also i fc jaehyun typically. MDNI.    - line or dc. Dc preferred

nonual iness where.

By dramaturgy Updated
Tags  twitterrp   mobilerp   twtrp   flrp   freelancerp   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 162 words

this is slash srs.

lf taboo plot partners (give me nct fcs pls)

By nightienight Updated
Tags  roleplay   kpoprp   krp   kakaotalkrp   kktrp   freelancerp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 100 views, 114 words

mdni. if u fc mark i'll love u so bad.

so.. yeah.

By afterhovrs Updated
Tags  mobilerp   kikrp   linerp   kakaotalkrp   kktrp   kktbased   freelancerp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 1 subscribers, 180 views, 228 words

looking for hands to hold, platonically or otherwise.

click on this or else your crush won’t text u back.

By 415lawns Updated
Characters y me
With 430 views, 259 words

yea, it's one of **those**. 

Looking for the Jongin to my Junmyeon

By Lafrisee Updated
Tags     exo   sukai   twtrp   exorp   linerp   pmrp   kktrp   freelancerp   1x1   mewerp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 3 chapters, 80 views, 168 words

    I'm looking for a Jongin to play against my Junmyeon. Please don't hit me up with top/bottom stuff, because I dislike when characters are reduced to a position :(   I'm hoping for this to be longterm, so that the characters can really grow. So, I'm looking for someone who would like to commit to slow burn and frequent replies so we can get somewhere.   Lately I've been enjoying playing older characters, so I'm thinking we could write the

down and dirty with z. (MDNI)

By lakompake Updated
Tags  facebookroleplay   fbrp   rp   exorp   freelancerp   mewerp   1x1rp 
With 110 views, 2 comments, 217 words

Heyyy looking for anyone to rp with. Here's a list of preferences. Maybe we have some things in common?  You can call me Zee, oa (so please mdni!), gmt+8 Can do SFW and NSFW. I can be your cuddly and doting boyfriend, or I can you into the sheets all night, whichever you prefer.  Looking for male fc's only! My fc is Sehun from EXO, switch. I don't have any preference in your fc, but I'm not too familiar with 4th gen groups.  My Sehun can b

pls I love you

looking for a han to my hun (or a kai to my hun!)

By lakompake Updated
Tags  hunhan   sekai   sekaihan   fbrp   rp   exorp   freelancerp   mewerp   1x1rp 
With 40 views, 1 comments, 279 words

I just want to fill my life with color again. The rpw has always been my safe space.  Lf: Luhan to my Sehun! (or a Jongin to my Sehun!)  About me Call me Zee! (or call me yours too ig jk) I'm oa, so please mdni!  Gmt+8 but my schedule is wack so I'm online often Working online as a freelancer, and a part time law student Only looking to use Mewe (profile link at the bottom!) and Facebook (to add link) 

searching for loners...

By -spacedepth Updated
Tags  linerp   kakaotalkrp   kktrp   flrp   freelancerp   1x1   discordrp   mewerp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 317 words

ding dong! searching for friends as a reason to stay up! maybe you can be the reason why i'll reinstall genshin and plato! True Crime Enthusiast? We Can Talk All About It.

Help! I have a need to do historical plots!

By 2pmlover017 Updated
Tags  twitterrp   fbrp   rp   kikrp   twtrp   linerp   kktrp   igrp   freelancerp   discordrp   mewerp   1x1rp 
With 50 views, 1 comments, 50 words

Help me doctor! 

she exudes a homely comfort as she pours you hot tea under the moon.

By mon-amii Updated
Tags  ocrp   aurp   jennie   freelance   mewe   flrp   freelancerp   1x1   mewerp   1x1rp 
With 60 views, 179 words
Status [M]

+1 writing partner (mdni/20+)

By ohun Updated
Tags     exo   mewe   flrp   freelancerp   mewerp   1x1rp 
With 1 subscribers, 370 views, 7 comments, 111 words
Status [M]


By Sarang_ Updated
With 2 subscribers, 160 views, 197 words
Status [M]


Looking for a REAL RP

By starbrightsarang Updated
With 1 votes, 1 subscribers, 970 views, 10 comments, 1150 words

I want to roleplay. I want to have fun being someone else. I am looking for a real RP or REAL roleplayers.  Ones that will:  1.) Reply promptly. Not reply once then disappear without saying anything for hours or days without any notice. Have an ACTUAL CONVERSATION. Is it too hard to say "sorry I have to go" or "ill come back at (insert time here) so that IN THE MIDDLE OF A CONVERSATION you dont just DISAPPEAR and leave me sitting there being like..are they even gonna ing

mdni ; a sehun muse searching for a tiffany hwang muse

By delunar Updated
Tags  aurp   nonaurp   mewe   flrp   freelancerp   1x1   mewerp   1x1rp 
With 80 views, 21 words

again, mdni.   20+ gmt minus, but my hours are everywhere mewe heavy fwb settings/themes are variable msg to trade mewe links

it's virgo season and i'm lonely

By kudetama Updated
Tags  twitterrp   twtrp   freelancerp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 260 views, 362 words

local virgo boy needs company ASAP (by stayc)

I just want attention, please!

By warcarr Updated
Tags  roleplay   facebookroleplay   twitterrp   rp   mobilerp   instagramrp   kktrp   igrp   freelancerp   mewerp 
With 310 views, 1 comments, 134 words
Status [M]

[OPEN SEPTEMBER 2022] Lf a dom/vers RP partner

By SNSDSHINeeFx4Eva Updated
Tags     yuri   straight   aurp   fbrp   rp   matchmakingrp   yurirp   straightrp   mobilerp   freelance   kktrp   kkt   rppartner   freelancerp   partnersearch   rppartnersearch   1x1   freelanceroleplay   discordrp   1x1rp   1x1roleplay   rppartner   discord   1x1kkt   dmrp 
Characters , you
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 730 views, 418 words
Status Completed

open for September 2022! But only writing very short para ><  Minors DNI   About me: I'm 18+, please be 18+ as well looking for muses to roleplay with. Yuri/Straight may be considered if you