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From being a top underground fighter to a brat's personal bodyguard, ano nga ba ang pwedeng mangyari sa kanilang dalawa?Β 

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LEVEL UP! WITH POCHACCO || new gaming server! (we played ROBLOX and bonded.. where were U?)

By pochaccoz Updated
Tags  twitterrp   twtrp   kakaotalkrp   kktrp   1x1   discordrp   dcrp   discordserver   dcfl 
With 4 subscribers, 250 views, 102 words

join plz

am back again to look for someone to bother!

By dreamsajin Updated
Tags  roleplay   twitterrp   twitterroleplay   twtrp   kktrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 1 chapters, 9 comments, 555 words

click here, i promise i wont waste your time! offering situationship, flirting, holding hands, cuddles,Β sitting on your lap, etc etc! Β 

What's your name? I want to get it right when I shout it out later.

By cokefloat Updated
Tags  roleplay   facebookroleplay   twitterrp   nonau   generalrp   instagramrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp 
Characters you and me!
With 110 views, 1233 words
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ah here we go again

By bethelight00 Updated
Tags  fbroleplay   1x1   discordrp   discordroleplay   meweroleplay   mewerp   1x1rp   dcrp   dcroleplay 
With 1 chapters, 110 views, 649 words

ads for days. mdni

a spark of friendship anyone?

By yrteszs Updated
Tags  roleplay   twitterrp   twitterroleplay   twtrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 470 views, 190 words
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do you ever wonder why outer space is so dark? it'sΒ cuz you are not there to light it up. (case closed)Β 

part-time soulmate, full-time problem or however that lyric goes...

By sinfultastes Updated
Tags  roleplay   twitterrp   twtrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   discord   dcrp 
With 1 chapters, 2 comments, 234 words
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damn boy u so find i won’t you

By travellers Updated
Tags  rp   flrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 1 comments, 130 words

pls give me a chance i'm on my knees (mdni!)

Looking a cuddle buddy and possibly more? (MDNI!)

By JJrainydays Updated
With 170 views, 159 words
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Hello!Β  Looking for someone to chat and maybe more with- (If we get on well that is!) About me: - Very nerdy into Tech, Games, Watching streams and youtube - Watches lots of K-Dramas and sometimes anime (but not as much as K-Dramas tbh) - Down to watch netflix or other shows with you! - GMT 0, but my sleep schedule is ed so I'll be up most of the time tbh - 23Β ... going on 24 OOF, please be around and obviously MDNIΒ  - I'm a stra

lf a friend who is chronically online? i gotcha

By bonestoashes Updated
Tags  twitterrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 260 views, 233 words
Status Members Only

my friends say that i'm always online. would you like to see for yourself?

my god, i can't believe i'm doing this again.

By sikenpoems Updated
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 460 views, 2 comments, 222 words

here comes the alphafutchtron3000. dom ryujin fc, looking for girls to befriend and have fun with!

do you wanna go shopping with me?

By boyspIanet Updated
Tags  twitterrp   twitterroleplay   twtrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 161 words

why do y people (me) have to go through so much

looking for a monsta x rp partner! (kihyun x members, omegaverse)

By oppayas Updated
Tags  roleplay   twitterrp   omegaverse   rp   kktrp   monstax   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp 
With 160 views, 182 words


Searching for male doms for this little girl!

By lezzerapeem Updated
Tags  roleplay   rp   straightrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 90 views, 79 words

I'm looking for male doms who would like to do heavy rp. I usually do het. My current faceclaim is Nayeon. Kinks and limits can be discussed but I can say I'm detailed and . Examples; cheating, spitting, slapping, choking, multiple rounds, , pissing and public . My writing style is detailed. I prefer no ghosting so if you are one, please go to the next ad~ Only platform is discord so please add me there. Β 

new baby boy on the block

By fairycores Updated
Tags  roleplay   fbrp   rp   linerp   kktrp   nct   1x1   discordrp   discordroleplay   1x1rp   straykids 
With 250 views, 1 comments, 304 words

so i'm looking for a daddy that would want to take care of me and baby me and listen about my day. i love attention and affection,, spoil me with your attention and i’ll give you mine. open to most kinks ,, i only use line/discord. mdni so umm, my fc is usually skz jeongin, txt beomgyu/hyuka, nct winwin, cix jinyoung, cravity hyeongjun, tbz chanhee, and many more but but like in all honesty, i can fc anyone you want. just tell me i'd do anything :< i can try...Β  lo

i wanna be your vacuum cleaner

By crystalroses Updated
Tags  rp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 460 views, 145 words

breathing in your dust (mdni)

abdicated to my phone but would rather be addicted to you

By ohsayitditto Updated
Tags  1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 550 views, 2 comments, 282 words
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want to be my new obsession? click in girlies (and boys)Β 

jaehyun would like his own sub baby taeyong?

By tatans Updated
Tags  bxb   rp   freelance   flrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   nctrp   discord   dcrp 
With 1 chapters, 120 views, 1 comments, 70 words

looking for a sub/bottom taeyong to write with, lavish in affection, and have my way with in bed. i prefer something casual but i suppose if you are really inclined to, i could plot. Would like to keep it non-au though. My fc is jaehyun, would like to keep their interaction and dynamic as close as possible as it is nonau.Β  Β  discord only. please be of age!

there was something 'bout you that i can't forget

By overthinker01 Updated
Tags  kktrp   flrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 1 chapters, 1080 views, 194 words


Lf girls to off.

By seultron Updated
With 6 subscribers, 4070 views, 27 comments, 123 words
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yves fcs come here to me.

mingyu fcs...i need u 🫡

By girlbossgaslight Updated
Tags  roleplay   twitter   facebookroleplay   twitterroleplay   krp   seventeen   twtrp   twt   kktrp   kktroleplay   kkt   flrp   freelancerp   1x1   freelanceroleplay 
Characters MINGYUUU
With 2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 210 views, 113 words

MDNIΒ  only folks come here for mumumumu

joe alwyn in the middle of joe jonases

By yaakults Updated
Tags  twtrp   1x1   discordroleplay   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 180 words
Status Members Only

which joe are you (i love both joes btw)

hey hey hey

By fckemup Updated
Tags  roleplay   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   discord 
With 231 words
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talk to me pls :( i can whimper :(Β (btw this ain't rlly an ad)

we're doing this again

By bluefille Updated
Tags  linerp   freelance   kktrp   flrp   freelancerp   1x1   1x1rp 
With 319 words

plot with me, i'm on my knees

looking for male doms for rp

By kissmemxre Updated
Tags  roleplay         straight   roleplayer   rp   straightrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp 
With 3 chapters, 4 subscribers, 1350 views, 4 comments, 248 words
Status [M]

1x1 Skz 3pov semi-lit RP in discord

By hottestkhunwoo Updated
Tags  rp   literaterp   litrp   freelancerp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   straykids   skz   skzrp   dcrp   bxbrp 
With 90 views, 363 words

I'm looking for Stray Kids rp 1x1. Yes this is a bxb pairing. I really love writing and creating a story. I write in 3rd pov most of the time although I also accept writing in 2nd pov. I normally write about 1-2 paragraph per reply.. nothing long and nothing too short although if you really love to roleplay 1x1 as Skz members thru ic texting then I would still love it ^^ Any pairing of Skz 1x1 is good for me and I would leave your muse to your liking. Although these are the SKZ facecl

in another life i'd still choose to...

By ruthlesswaves Updated
Tags  twitterrp   1x1   discordrp   discordroleplay   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 260 views, 1 comments, 251 words

a bonus if you know the reference in the title (don't worry if you don't)!


By Salemwitch Updated
With 160 views, 1 comments, 83 words
Status Members Only

Yooo I'm abt to be 25 this year so if you're not above 21 you need to not hmu pls and thank you πŸ™ I am only interested in interacting with consenting adults 🀞  Β  lmk ur limits and what apps u use to contact u to agree ur over 21Β 

Taboo Daddy looking for a sub

By ChuckyMitsuo Updated
With 4 chapters, 16 comments, 104 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

anyone looking for a project? i promise you can fix me.

By universages Updated
Tags  twitterrp   twitterroleplay   twtrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 2 subscribers, 600 views, 283 words

lf: friends and caretakers. i know this’ll flop but it’s worth a shot. only, please.

filled plots anyone?

By Pretty_Baby Updated
Tags  roleplay      girlxgirl   rp   yurirp   linerp   1x1   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 1 chapters, 170 views, 3 comments, 103 words
Status [M], Members Only

i'm sry your honour i was just feeling a little silly...

By oceancow Updated
Tags  1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 380 views, 158 words
Status Members Only

back and better.Β 

friends 2 cram with ME (serious)

By littmanclassic Updated
Tags  1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 667 words
Status Members Only

typical lf friends ads but i desperately need friends to cram with me instead of rp hopping (u guys should retire with me)

RADIANITE ! 19 + dc (gaming, movies, chill rp) [ COMING SOON ]

By radianite Updated
Tags  fbrp   nonaurp   mobilerp   twtrp   igrp   flrp   1x1   discordrp   discordroleplay   mewerp   discordbased   dcrp   discordserver 
With 1 votes, 36 subscribers, 530 views, 25 words

dcrp. .

anyone tryna keep me company in my delulu era

By padisarah Updated
Tags  twitterrp   twitterroleplay   twtrp   1x1   discordrp   discordroleplay   1x1rp   1x1roleplay   dcrp 
With 230 views, 1 comments, 297 words

u wanna open this sb i can see it in ur eyes

let me obsess over you

By spadeandclover Updated
Tags  mobilerp   flrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 190 views, 135 words

been feeling some kind of lonely these days, so i'm looking for companionship. not really keen for pure friends or plots, so if that's what you are looking for, i'm not the one for you. Would be down for situationships or fwbs. Tell me about your day, message me multiple times. I prefer someone cute and warm. If it matters, i'm a dom-top for matters and i only fc guys. Also please be of age since i do want there to be . For your muse, i'm pan, so i dont mind either gender, bu

moonlight sunrise baby let’s do this all night

By stargazingss Updated
Tags  roleplay   linerp   kktrp   1x1   discordrp   1x1rp 
With 90 views, 175 words

sub bottom looking for a partner mdni. oa.Β 

i watched you change into a fly.

By catatonicboy Updated
Tags  1x1   discord   dcrp 
With 170 views, 1 comments, 355 words
Status [M], Members Only

do ads actually work?

By hypochondriac Updated
Tags  linerp   kktrp   1x1   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 114 words
Status Members Only

i'm looking for plotting partners.Β 

nooo, you didn’t see my drunk ad last nightβ€” that wasn’t me!

By ghostfaceirl Updated
Tags  bts   nonaurp   twtrp   kktrp   1x1   dcrp 
With 170 views, 166 words
Status Members Only

i literally talked about not caring if you were SHREK ?? i wanted friends that badΒ 

friendship premium beta testers

By idyllichaven Updated
Tags  roleplay   fbrp   freelancerp   1x1   discordrp   discordroleplay   1x1rp   1v1rp 
Characters y/n
With 330 words
Status Members Only

wanna risk it all and see where this goes? bet.

lf: male dom partner wanting to write angsty & cozy au/. mdni.

By whiteserpent Updated
Tags     rp   svt   nct   1x1   discordrp   wannaone   1x1rp   discord   tbz   oneus   ateez 
With 212 words
Status [M]

wanna hold hands and be writing partners?

By soonon Updated
Tags  roleplay   kpoprp   twitterrp   facebookrp   fbrp   rp   twtrp   instagramrp   freelance   kktrp   instarp   igrp   freelancerp   1x1   discordrp   mewerp   1x1rp   dcrp 
With 1 subscribers, 1240 views, 1 comments, 188 words

i'll keep your hands warm