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Sweet Lies (Baekhyun x OC)

Baekhyun is sweet. Baekhyun is kind. Baekhyun is understanding. Yet behind the pure light of Baekhyun's smile hides a darkness that wants to consume you whole, and to keep you by his side, he'll tell you the sweetest lies...

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Hi, the title says it all i am looking for a long term rp partner that would agree to my terms. Preferred female fc are the following: - Tiffany - Jessica - Taeyeon - Somin My FC are the following: - Siwon - Big Matthew  - Christian Yu - Donghae - Taecyeon - Jaehyun My preferred pairings: - Siwon x  Tiffany - Siwon x Jessica - Donghae x Jessica - Siwon x Taeyeon - Donghae X Tiffany - BM X Somin

now hiring: friends!

By satinbleu Published
With 92 words

full time. please love us.  (spare a click, i beg).

Any femdoms/futas out there?

By r3naitr3_ Published
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Hello, do i have your attention?

By heroshima Published
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With 219 words

spare gf?

By headempty Published
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CLOSED/ Dark Possessive Male searching for➝ lit female partner to claim [18+taboo]

By mirothentree Published
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THEME- taboo might not be your cup of tea. dark romance galore. in other words, romance with elements of moral confliction (as in antihero/villain, with extreme obsession/infatuation).

what has a switch gotta do to get some love?

By kingvegeta Published
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someone tell me.

lf: baby girls.

By LEM0NSOJU Published
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click me if you want to be spoiled.

bi / switch male fc looking for rp partners ! ( dark / taboo )

By ultravioIence Published
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Need a dom/top to sit on pliz ;(

By r3naitr3_ Published
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looking for rp partners/friends

By TheChemist Published
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want to do some au plots? looking to go more in depth with your rp character? come take a look!

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By ratouille Published
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yes, indeed, it just another advertisement but hold your horses, don’t click away just yet. roleplays these days die really easily, making it almost impossible to get to know someone thoroughly, so, here i am, sourcing for genuine ride or dies. i am willing to get to know you in depth, about your past, about your fears, about your pet peeves, about your passion, about whatever makes you — you. Wow, Why Am I Not On Ted-Talk Yet! that’s a boo boo shame.   About Me:

i just want to plot, man

By bloomwiz Published
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With 70 words

semi-lit to lit rpers, this one's for you 


By unhoIy Published
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Characters You
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― fun sized, short king looking for friends.

By lyvwie Published
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a small ad that reads, "in need of friends/plot-partners: now hiring" click on it.

looking for 1x1 partner (18+)

By onlysujeong Published
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straight l twitter or rpr l more details inside! 

looking for 18+ ting partners; dark and taboo themes welcomed! ❤️

By sweetsatang_ Published
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