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A Dangerous Affair [Baekhyun x OC]

Baekhyun knew that helping Alice and her four years old son in the middle of the night was going to cost him his normal peaceful life. He knew that she was going to ruin him, but he decided to take the risk.

kingka and prince (1)

Línea De Tiempo (5)

Before we publish Strategies and Instincts, we have to finish the whole timeline. Línea De Tiempo is about a time traveler who goes through her clones' stories to give a happy ending in each, you must notice the hints I would drop, therefore, stay tuned!

Demons/ Supernatural (2)

Contests (5)

Supernatural Romance (29)

This Psychotic Love (23)

Obsession can become a grievous thing when the impulse to possess and claim are severe from the very beginning...

Canon namsong (4)

PWP namsong behind the scenes

One More Chance (2)


My submissions for YoonMin week and it may not be all done in this very week but I hope y'all will love my ideas. Hope you guys enjoy~

When the World Stops Turning (1)

My Favorites (11)

"-less" (a MarkJin series) (3)

Second set of one shots to make our MarkJin hearts flutter. (could be of different genres)

Wish Dragon (2)

The Royal Fic Database (29)

Poem by XOXOBlockMania_21 Royal Love Story... Pure leaves made of gold, form a humble crown of old, that is adorned with precious jewels, to which showcases his noble rule, and the only one within his heart that he truly loves, like a seraphically gliding alabaster dove, his perfect match, the sweetest catch, only after the crown is in place over their head, a child is then brought forth from the matrimonial bed, and their lives then becomes a love story that is forever retold. Th

A Criminal's Mind (1)

No need.

Memento Chronicle (2)

Tough Love: an EXO Series (2)

Set in a universe where we follow the hardships of love from a group of unlikely friends formed thanks to Minhwa (OC) and Baekhyun's love. Timeline ranges from university to adult life. More to come. 1. Skinny Love, But Not Really: Popular SNU girl falls for a nobody called Byun Baekhyun. (Baek/OC) 2. The Star of My Daydreams: Minseok's univeristy-turned-forever-bestfriend learns that love brings happiness, maybe even much more so than pining for Minseok brings her pain. (Xiumin/OC)

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