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Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this story is about Mark, who is the survivor of an epidemic. He is cast out of his clan because of that. He was supposed to die, but woke up, and now he is Damned. (NCT)

Trials of a Broken One (1)

First Published: January 23, 2014 @ Asianfanfics Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance Main Characters: Sunggyu (INFINITE) Available on: Archive of Our Own, Asianfanfics,, Wattpad

The EXO collectio (19)

My works for EXO otps.

JiKook/NamJin [Killer au] (2)

Love (2)

Music AU. Henry and Eunhyuk meet under odd circumstances while finding love through music.

Angel (2)

Chronicles the reform school life of "Teukie-hyung" after years of gang violence and abuse.

SJ: Supernatural Adventures (3)

A collection of AU short stories where Super Junior deals with various supernatural situations. Be prepared for werewolves, bloodsuckers, Santa, and alien space eggs!

Hearts (3)

Boarding School AU. This series chronicles Kyuhyun and Ryeowook's three years at boarding school wherein they experience love, heartbreak, friendship, and loss.

Spectrum (1)

Music College AU. This series follows Kyuhyun and Ryeowook as they slowly bridge the gap between their worlds. Through music, friends, coincidences, and career choices, they find their way back to one another again and again, despite the odds.

Serial No. 13 (3)

Serial Killer AU. Explores the mind and crimes of Kyuhyun who is far too infatuated with his friend, Ryeowook.

Winning Hearts (2)

Private Secretary AU. Kim Ryeowook has loved and lost--something his current lover and boss, Cho Kyuhyun, struggles to understand. This series chronicles the messy and often winding road that grief takes to finally reach acceptance.

Fireworks (2)

Childhood Friends AU. A simple love story muddled by time, distance, and secrets. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun find themselves pressured and pushed from all sides, with only memories of fireworks and a thousand-letter-promise tying them together.

Till Doomsday (1)

Vampires are real. Since many centuries ago they try to interact with human, play them or ruin them. Human doesn’t know their existence as Vampires are smart creatures. They are smarter than human, most human. So, do vampires know how to love? Is there ‘love’ for immortal creatures like them? No one knows. Not really.

Being the Mafia's Wife isn't Easy. (3)

The Vampire Stories (3)

Our Eternal Resolution Chronicles (8)

Soulmates AU (1)

Transferee's Luck (2)

Secretly Series (3)

WooGyuland (2)

Coffee Love (2)

A series about Himchan and Yongguk falling in love with each other from afar without actually meeting.