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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Seulgi is an up-and-coming racing driver, Irene is the veteran champion, and there's more tension off the track than on. 20 drivers, 10 teams, 2 hopelessly competitive romantics, and only 1 World Championship trophy.

taegi (1)

don't mind

Towards the Sun: BTS Series (1)


Cruciamen (5)

A series of extremely questionable oneshots about BLACKPINK leading up to their comeback. This will be done in order of teaser release. Lisa ✔ Jennie ✔ Jisoo ✔ Chaeyoung ✔ BLACKPINK ✔

Star Series (2)

Crowdfunding Perks (3)

The collection of perks for supporting me through AFFs crowdfunding feature. This is just to make it easier to find them.

Hybrids (1)

A Black Kitty Series (2)

Samantha, aka, Black Kitty, is an A-list superstar from the US and along with her two brothers, Mike and Daniel, her best friend Zoey and her cousin, Christine, are in a pop-dance group called The Toxins. They have made it big in the music world in the past year and they have their own fashion label known world wide. While The Toxins are flying high in stardom, they receive an invitation that might just change their lives completely. An invitation from YG Entertainment, one of the most highly

In The Dark (2)

It's an alternate universe series in which witches, werewolves, vampires, and other creatures exist. Contains, in my opinion, gruesome details that may be disturbing and it is violent. It does not include explicit ual scenes.

Littles/Age Play (3)

Wolf/Mate AUs (4)

It hurts to love you... (1)

They possess the charms of an angel but have souls that came straight from hell... Loving them brings a different kind of euphoria--both painful and pleasurable... [SEVENTEEN manipulative-hero AUs]

The Trade Series (2)

Mr. (3)

Working for a hot CEO definitely has it’s perks... in the end

"Un-" (a MarkJin series) (7)

Seven one-shots, all for our fave OTP, #MarkJin ❤

boys be (2)

taking inspiration from seventeen's discography

Bloody Rose universe (6)

Supernatural/vampire series in a shared universe (potentially multiverse).

Forbidden Moon (1)

SHINee's 6th Member Story (6)

Dangerously Notorious MAFIAS & GANGS (23)

Dangerous, insidious, and nefarious. These men have it all. Well all, except for their perfect significant other, that is. Therefore, they do everything in their power to obtain their ideal match. All from blackmailing to kidnapping and even straight out romantic pursual. With these men, love is never a simple thing...

YOU + ME (2)