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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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A Dangerous Affair

Baekhyun knew that helping Alice and her four years old son in the middle of the night was going to cost him his normal peaceful life. He knew that she was going to ruin him, but he decided to take the risk.

and we will love you for a thousand years (1)

In which all of skz are lovers and they spend a lot of time making sure everyone is loved. Seungmin: eight letters Minho: ??? Jisung: ??? Changbin: ??? Felix: ??? Woojin: ??? Hyunjin: ??? Jeongin: ??? Chan: ???

The Friend (4)

Hwang Hyunjin wants to know why everytime he looks in between the lines, he finds himself alone. Maybe he’s always been alone and he's only noticing now.

Magive Series (1)

A Duology series about Magives ㅡ beings who have unnatural abilities ㅡ in which the events occured in the Land of Potraris.

Vixx Holidays (3)

A short series revolving around vixx on the holidays. They don't really have to be read in a particular order or together.

Love Prompts: Yongseo (1)

A series of Yongseo stories based on L.O.V.E. prompts

A New Take on Old Tropes (3)

This is a series where I write a realistic view on older tropes that have a tendency to be written in an exaggerated and/or unrealistic manner. There are some tropes/AUs in fanfiction that have a reputation for being “overrated,” “unrealistic,” “boring,” romanticized, and more. Some of these tropes may be popular (ABO werewolf, arranged marriage, etc) and have a lot of writers writing for them, but it’s still sometimes hard to find a story that has a different concept or ending from the next sto

Tongue Tied (4)

When Jennie assumes Jisoo doesn't understand English and decides to teach her, Jisoo goes along with it. or: Jisoo finds herself tongue tied in front of a pretty girl. Said pretty girl decides to teach her English, and she just doesn't have the heart to tell her that she's already fluent.

Adults' Fairy Tales (2)

Fairy Tales, but not for kids ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Stay away if you're under 18 pls. These stories are not meant for you lol

Delphinium: Heavenly Hell (1)

Gunshots make bullet wounds, knives make scars...what do words make?

Broken Glass: The Series (2)

Jungkook can't learn. He hasn't learned yet, so why try now? He's done a lot to mess up his life. Yet, despite all the cuts on his feet, he still can figure out how to clean the broken glass. If it's able to cleaned all.

original (15)

Stuck on You (2)

Misamo “Caught” and its companion pieces.

Rain (2)

Two-part angst series ft KangBi ship from IZ*ONE.

Through Time and Space (2)

Byun Baek Hyun and OC

CGSS (3)

'Cosmic Girl, Starry Sky' and its related texts.

Tall People Problems (5)

A collection of Nakjin (and occasionally Nako/Wonyoung) one-shots, because the world needs more Nako.

Jay Vamp (2)

Stranger Series (2)

When you are blessed enough to meet the love of your life as a complete stranger, at the most unexpected time. Stranger 01: The Genius (Sehun) Stranger 02: I Remember You (Suho) Stranger 03: Upcoming

After a Long Time (2)

Ketika kenangan mengikat dua insan.

The Historical Story Index (28)