Series (1,653 series)

A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.

Sweet like Sin (2)

WWW (3)

The One series (2)

26 (10)

天花乱坠的人设 佑灰都撑住了

Business Affairs (17)

Sometimes going from the boardroom to the bedroom can be a great thing when two people find that spark of interest within one another's arms... All of my office/business stories collected together. and/or Straight. Nonrated, Mature, & Trigger Warned.

My playlist. (3)

It's a series of stories written based on random songs from my playlist.

Of Course, I Love You (1)

Childhood!SanGi ♥️

My paintings (2)

Deukae Bingo 2022 (6)

Between the Lights (4)

"Are you lost or are you just wandering?"

City of Stories (5)

The City is a fragile ecosystem. Corporations, mafias, dealers... everyone plays their part. But what happens when some people stop playing by the rules?

With U Series (3)

Let's Pretend {PHS x LJJ} (5)

All my Park Hae-soo x Lee Jung-jae (or 2p!SanGi) RPF stories. 🫰🏼✨


exo became my brothers ? (1)

what will you do if exo became your brothers?

Quest Club (6)

30 Days To Love Season 1 (1)

Queendom Come (1)

The Twenty Sevenths (2)

The Twenty Sevenths duology is a story of Kim Yongsun and Jung Wheein’s untimely coincidence on the twenty seventh day of the month that leads to a series of coincidental meetings, which escalate to something more. Despite the adversity of their own separate lives, the two continued to consistently meet on the same day of the month. What draws Yongsun to the college student at first is the exact reason why she should stop meeting her. What seemed to be a casual friendship with the flight attenda

Asteria (2)

The Asteria duology is a story focused on the relationship between the characters Kim Yongsun and Jung Wheein and their struggles in their relationship and their eventual marriage. After the couple got into an accident on a snowy evening, a series of events and discoveries tested the strength of their family and their love for each other. Will they withstand everything that is trying to break them? Or were they the ones who’ll break their relationship? Endura: The Enduring Heart (1st) is wri

Fated Encounters (2)

The Fated Encounters duology is a story of the entanglement of four people’s lives; Kim Yongsun, Jung Wheein, Ahn Hyejin, and Moon Byulyi. Kim Yongsun is the heir of her family’s business empire, Kim Group Inc. Jung Wheein is a rising painter. Moon Byulyi is the CEO of her family’s business, Moon Corp. Ahn Hyejin is an executive assistant while working as a model on the side. One unexpected meeting forced them to write their own destiny. Set Me Free (1st) is the story of Jung Wheein and Kim Y

Hook, Line, Sinker (2)

HIM (2)

JOGON fics

I Call It Art (1)

Trailers, graphics, fan art, etc. Either way, I know you’ll like it.

You Married Who?! (12)

A series revolving around crack pairings, or pairings that don’t get enough support. Or even better, the kinda ships you didn’t know you needed. Regardless, this series contains stories depicting ships in all sorts of settings. Age gaps, the future, and finding common ground amongst each other.

JackRene Dramaramarama! (1)

GOT7’s Jackson Wang and Red Velvet’s Irene Bae are together in all the universes where they are paired together. Never once did they stray from each other’s side. They read each other well, and they can take on the world together. Well, at least in these series of stories. (But really, Jackson has helped Irene. But he’s currently in China, overworking himself. And she’s still playing mother hen to all her group members. Red Velvet’s recent album “Bloom” is awesome!)

JYP’s 7 Men (1)

JYP created a group consisting of 7 men, who are given the task to protect all of South Korea from any threats. The old man had his heart in the right place, but with the 7 men’s rebellious ways and unimagined feats. Well, the old man got jealous, and the task force ultimately disbanded. But old enemies lurk, and Agent Im (leader of Project7) has to locate his 6 comrades, in order to defeat the man they all once looked up to and who also betrayed them. These stories depict their effort to reunit

Oh My Ghost! (3)

A series involving my favorite pairs when one can only see the other. Maybe it’s because they’re dead, or an imaginary friend, or in the speed force (hehe). But true love prevails one way or another.

YugRin Rivival (6)

GOT7’s Kim Yugyeom and The Volunteers’ Baek Yerin were once friends. Now they’re both living their dreams, and settling into their genres greatly. One is currently becoming an R&B prince and the other a rockstar princess. Either way, this ship will never die in these series of stories that will chronicle the nonexistent time they probably could have had together.

BamChompoo Lakorns (4)

Ploychompoo (Jannine Weigel) and BamBam (Kunpimook Bhuwakul) are a fantasy couple (“koojin”) that star in many lakorns together. Too bad they’re not together in real life. Yet, in these lakorns they’re always together, one way or another. (Lol. No. Not really. They’re both artists who are, as of now, in completely different parts of the world. She is releasing catchy singles, and he’s making history at half-time shows. Hence MY “koojin” couple).

Song Fictions- Winrina (3)

Winrina One shots inspired by songs.


Soul Laid Bare (3)

A series of one-shot stories between lovers. Stories are written base from personal experiences, emotions going through my body at that given moment when I wrote them, as well as imagination that I hope had happen in my life or hope it didn’t. As a fellow fanfiction lover such as myself, hopes that my readers are open minded with what are written.

Breathe for me (3)

The life during the night comes with plenty of secrets, and shall you fall in the rabbit hole, there’s no exit to escape to. You only go closer to Hell. One story that follows different point of views, introducing different struggles and personal battles, but only for one same ending to lead to. The distant sound of gunshots, screams, and insanity echoes loud, but only to those that are willing enough to listen. --- 5 parts 2-3 chapters each one breathtaking story

Task Force : Dreamcatcher (3)

Minji and Yubin help Bora create the task force called "Dreamcatcher". Handong swears to secrecy that she'll shut up.


Rarity (5)

Stories of uncommon Deukae pairings.

Locked Out (4)

A 2Hyeon apartment series.

The Safe Haven Series (1)

Welcome to my Safe Haven Series, which will be a series filled with stories I started a few years back during my hectic university days I will attempt to complete and share. Writing and meeting you all here was always a source of strength and happiness for me, and this was my haven and still is. Hence, the series name. Happy reading. This is completely, for you

every loona pairing (1)

a work for every possible loona pairing (yes, i know this is a stupid idea) (just.. humor me ok?)