Merry Christmas! 🎄

Hope you're all having a good time today! Not sure how many of you cook the meals during this time of year but here, it's usually me. I kind of sort of messed up my leg of lamb in the beginning because I totally ran out of time to completely sous vide it all the way through after 3.5 hours since I started from frozen (supposed to be 132 F in the center but got 27 😂). So I basically just defrosted it for 3 and a half hours and finished it in the oven for another hour.

On the better end of the cooking spectrum, I made a banana walnut bread (with a bit of *ahem* kick) which everyone definitely liked. Like instead of "the lamb was pretty good" when I was serving it, I got "I need more of this banana bread in my life!" (I'm pretty sure it's the extra rum in there giving it that extra appeal).

I get to relax more on New Years Eve at least since we're doing hot pot next and it's been forever since I've done one.

Happy holidays everyone!

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