Upgraded Site Search

It's almost the New Year! I'm going to have that one week where I have to train myself to write "2023" instead of "2022".

I just upgraded the site search bar today. It's that search bar up in the site navigation that used to only search for tags (it's okay, I know no one uses it so it's easy to overlook). You should be able to search for anything in titles, tags, whatever you wrote in "cast", and descriptions. I took out the Google search form to make more space in those pages but you can still find it in the "Advanced Search" section (if you miss it though and enough of you let me know in the comments below, I'll put it back).

Obviously, better site search functionality where you can search in more places is better for everyone but a major impetus was the huge number of Chinese users we suddenly have where the Google search form wouldn't work (I actually wonder what shows up instead when using it, if they can even see it). Funny enough, I don't think any of them will ever see this blog post but regardless, I hope it's useful to you all!

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