Site Update: Blocked Users Page Is Back (And So Is The Dropdown)

Well it looks like it's unanimous down in the comments in my last blog post so I'll keep the chapter dropdown and get rid of the table of comments link. I'll just keep the next and previous links for the people whose dropdowns aren't working for whatever reason.

I've also managed to bring back the blocked users page which was having problems before and I couldn't get it to work until today. I know a lot of you were asking where it went and I haven't answered any of those questions since I wasn't sure if I could actually fix it but now I can definitively say the function is back.

That's it for the features for the rest of this year (all 11 days of it that's left). I have to work on the servers now to keep up with the increased number of users. I just checked out the analytics after neglecting it for a year and I just found out we have like a million users from China now which is amazing to me considering none of the functionality on the site is translated. After I work on the servers, I'll probably try to do some localization work on the site and translate some of the text that's here. Not sure if I actually need to considering they're making it work somehow and maybe their browsers are auto-translating but I wouldn't know how to ask either...


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I forgot to ask, but would it be possible to block certain readers from accessing certain/specific stories or content? πŸ€” kind of like how in Instagram we can block certain users from seeing Stories, for example, but they are still able to see other posts. So i.e blocking reader A from reading just one of out the five stories I have... Hoping this could be added in for the future!
Whoooooa, that's amazing this site has gotten so popular in China!! I've been using AFF since 2010 and whilst this site doesn't quite have me on a chokehold as it used to during my school years, I do check back on it every now and then. Kinda interesting to see the dynamic shift/s happening here over time. I do miss the nostalgic old days and it does feel sad that most of my friends here + the English users in general have gotten very quiet in recent years (at least, on my end anyway), but it's hopeful to see this site still running and having that support from Chinese users. <3
Wow that's amazing to know about Chinese users! No wonder there's been a surge of Mandarin content this year. New users are always great news πŸ’–
Hey, just wondering, aff is proprietary code? I've always wanted to contribute but hasn't found the way yet
awesome! glad to know and thanks again, Jason!
as for the influx of new users, wow, congrats!!
i'm sure it's the auto-translation, or using this site to work on their english, too!
enjoy the rest of the days of the year!! =]
A million new users is amazing, but I can only imagine how much behind-the-scenes work that puts on you! I never stop being impressed with what an amazing job you do running this site. Remember to take some time for yourself this holiday season! ^_^
Congrats on the expansion into the Chinese Market in that case! Well deserved. I hope there will be some sponsoring folks in there to support you as well!
Thank you for all your hard work as usual & happy holidays!