In case you were curious…

I've kinda been going through it in life the past few years and last night, I got dumped! So I've decided to just work on myself for a while and do my own things. One of those being getting into YouTube just for fun. So I made a vlog today, just sat down and talked, so if you are curious and wanna see that, here is the link :


and yeah! I wanna go through and keep my promise of giving all my 1k+ subbed fics a bonus 1k chapter too. I also...have a secret goal on here that has been driving me for a while that I might get into in another blog 👀 maybe once I reach that goal I'll expose my motives lol esp since they are kinda messy/competitive 🤪


but yeah, I like doing occasional life updates on here so I thought I might as well share w y'all in case anyone is bored and wanna watch something also kinda boring lolol


nonetheless, I hope you all have a good day/night 😊 


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I hope your journey is going well. Glad you are still posting.
Aww I'm sorry about your breakup, though I wish you the best and def believe you'll reach your goals and travel and ssuch like you said on your vlog!
It his lost homie 😌💕 you're really beautiful, btw! It's time for a change and a new start ;)
Girl ! We’re here for you! It’s his lost. Let’s go for self cultivation!
How lousy, but maybe this is a new start, maybe to lead you down the YT path?? 🤔 I think the idea of focusing on you is the absolute best, and who better to focus on than you? Hang in there and stay strong!! You got this! ❤
I'm sorry that you got hurt. The best thing you can do is what you have already said, focus on yourself. You can get through a lot when you love yourself!!
Take care!!
Thanks for the update. I'm sorry to hear you got dumped, i've been there, it but it will feel better soon.
I'll take a look at your video in a little bit, i'm mostly interested to see what you look like tbh X'D
Thank you for everything you do in your writing and your numerous updates on your blog/status!
I appreciate you and hope that you accept this virtual hug from me, your fellow author. *sending hug*
Good luck with everything you're planning on doing and stay strong!! :D
Hey, I hope you are doing alright and being fine… being dumped can hurt but there’s probably better things to come for you in the future (everything happens for a reason) 😌
Time will definitely help you figure out what you wanna do and how you wanna go on! It’s good to see that you’re already having plans and goals 💪🏼

I watched your YT Vlog/casual talk and I gotta admit, your voice is beautiful and you are pretty! You’re giving me kPop reaction channel vibes (I can totally see you in that field) or YT-story tellers/readers (there are authors from wattpad or AO3 that read random fics in one sitting, recommended ones, the worst, the funniest, the most angsty ones etc… thriller fics around Halloween etc.) maybe you know them too! As for travel vlogs (traveling/recording) can be very exhausting and as you said, you should have at least a stable income. But yeah, I can imagine you hiking or visiting areas that are nature’s treasures (but also city trips and other stuff). You seem very chill and I’ve a feeling that you could rise in an instant somehow 😊
Wishing you good luck and most importantly a lot of fun with it! Don’t push yourself to do things you don’t really wanna do and enjoy your life <3
Jamess #10
hey…good luck in everything that you do buddy 😁👍👍
Hello! Im a silent reader and i just watched ur vlog and ur so prettyyyyy. I just wanna hug and comfort u. You are strong for surviving all the hardships. Keep fighting! We always here to support you💞
Hope you are doing alright. And good luck with whatever you are planning to do. Also, I'll check out your vlog later. Take care ^^