In case you were curious…

I've kinda been going through it in life the past few years and last night, I got dumped! So I've decided to just work on myself for a while and do my own things. One of those being getting into YouTube just for fun. So I made a vlog today, just sat down and talked, so if you are curious and wanna see that, here is the link :


and yeah! I wanna go through and keep my promise of giving all my 1k+ subbed fics a bonus 1k chapter too. I also...have a secret goal on here that has been driving me for a while that I might get into in another blog 👀 maybe once I reach that goal I'll expose my motives lol esp since they are kinda messy/competitive 🤪


but yeah, I like doing occasional life updates on here so I thought I might as well share w y'all in case anyone is bored and wanna watch something also kinda boring lolol


nonetheless, I hope you all have a good day/night 😊 

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