2023 AFF goals~


We are a few weeks into the new year now, so I hope everyone is doing all right!

I wanted to make a blog since I've been thinking of my goals and how i want to lay them out and achieve them and some of them do pertain to aff :)


The past couple years I've spent a lot of my free time watching YouTube and playing games on my phone but i wanna transition back into reading a lot and listening to music (since I can't just focus on one thing at a time lol)

So my aff goals for this year specifically are :

Double my comment count 

I'm the type that leaves a comment on every chapter i read on here. Since i wanna read on here more this year, i thought a good way to provoke me to do would be by setting a goal for how many comments i leave. Right now on my profile it says I've left 985 comments, so my goal by th end of the year is 1970 (basically 2k haha)

Finish all my ongoing stories

This is quite a big goal, but I wanna get back into working on "novels" and really on here i have a couple unfinished ficus that vary a lot in plot and tone so I think going back to those and planning and writing them would be a lot of fun :)

Finish all my bonus chapters

As a fun personal goal, I said that when i hit 1k story followers, I'll give a 1k bonus chapter to all my fics that have 1k+ subs. The things is a have a booty ton (like 35 or smth) shorts that have a lot of subs (bc everyone is a ;) ) that I need to add bonus chapters to, as well as a couple of chaptered fics that I need to give bonuses too as well. 



Those are my big 3 AFF goals that I think if I plan and work towards I can achieve :) I of course have some ideas for new chaptered fics/potential novels that would be fun to do....but ill save doing those for later or just do that occasionally if I feel like it and not really make it a goal. Also I'm seeing quite a few featured fics in Tagalog which is just making me wanna learn that language even more lol so maybe here and there I'll look at those and see if google translate helps me learn anything lol. 


I also have personal goals but those are really just working more and earning more money so I can travel a bit here and there lol nothing super intriguing to write about really. I also bought one of those scratch off posters from amazon with "the 100 best books of all time" on it that I wanna go thru and maybe finish this year as well (maybe even do review videos of them on my YouTube channel~) :)


But yesss, let me know if you all have any aff goals things year :) or you can share ur personal goals as well if you feel so inclined~ I'll probably made a wrap up blog at the end of the year to check in on how well I did with achieving these 3 things. Maybe I'll even hit 2k story followers so I can make myself even more ambitious and add even longer bonus chapters to my fics lolol. 


I hope you all are staying warm and healthy and I hope you have a good day/ good night :D


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Good luck with your 2023 goals. I'm cheering for you.
Love this. I need to set some goals for my writing.
poka_dots #3
I hope you'll achieve all the goals listed!!! mine is to comment more.
M940021 #4
Nicole121314 #5
Wow... so happy reading all your goals dear... good luck dear and happy and prosperous 2023 new year to us. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥳
There are books I can recommend for learning Tagalog! I am from the Philippines BTW and that is my second language (first language I became used to was English)!
So proud of you for making goals for the year. While I'm just taking one step at a time.
Hope you achieve all your goals and more, wishing you all the best for 2023! <3
Hi! one of my goals this year is I want to get better at playing the guitar! hehe
I hope you will achieve all of your goals this year! Hwaiting!
Take care
2023 came into view and I really didn't think of goals. But, I would probably think about that now.
What great goals- I quit doing goals awhile ago but seeing these makes me think I should make some again