Promoting Stories Sitewide Made Easier

Hi everyone! I randomly realized last week (while drinking Sapporo at a Yakitori place 😂) that using the ad calendar to promote stories is kind of... hard to use. With the calendar, you have to get the URL (not something you can easily do on mobile or at all in apps), then you have to think of a title and description for the ad, then guess at a bid and cross your fingers. I just made it a little easier today by letting it be a one-click action instead whenever you view a story foreword or chapter (you can find it somewhere under the story title). If you want to change the title and description, you can still go to the calendar bid page for that date (click on the "Bid Page" link) and make your changes.

I figure it's a bit more fun to do it like this when you come across a story or author you really like but don't have the 5-10 minutes to make an ad in the calendar. Also, if you happen to buy karma to bid on a promotion, all proceeds go to paying for the mobile app developer who will eventually work on the app -- who by the way, I'm still looking for so if you or someone you know is a Flutter developer and are interested on working on Asianfanfics / RoleplayRepublic, let me know! Happy end of Monday!

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