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  Currently Publishing:

 Friends  [ Taishi Nakagawa+Marie Iitoyo ]

 Friends  [ Sehun Oh+Irene Bae ]


✔️Completed (in order of publication/completion):

✔️Dance With Me  [Minho+Yuri]

✔️Mirai  [ Ryosuke Yamada+Mirai Shida ] 

✔️OkiKagu: Sadistic Love [currently no plans on publishing it]

✔️Yuna Inspired: Our Virtual Family  [Ryosuke Yamada+Mirai Shida]

✔️Yuna Inspired: Our Virtual Family  [Luhan+OC] 

✔️My Sister  [OC || might publish in the future]  



You don't have to like me, my writing, or my works, but I ask you to be respectful since we are fellow readers, writers, and/or authors. Please also respect my readers, who take their time to read my lame work, by not plagiarizing in any way, bashing their comments, or responding rudely.

Please abide by all the common sense you have regarding plagiarism (that is if you have any).

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About Me

About Mstyper’s Writing and Stories

  • Prefers to write in Third-Person, Omniscient POV (I do want to write in Third-Person, Limited but always fail)
  • All stories are original, especially the YIS series
  • Writes mostly slow-burn stories
  • Writing woes:
    • Grammar (I’d get so involved in typing the chapter, I wouldn’t catch my mistakes)
    • Tenses (I can never stick to writing the entire story in present or past tense)
      • And when to use simple or perfect tenses
    • Chapter length! I love and prefer to write lengthy chapters (or at least up to 8K).
  • Won’t publish a story until I’ve written enough solid chapters to avoid putting the work on hold (which had happened once) or worse—never finishing it (so far, I’ve finished all published, written works)
    • It’s why on AFF, the stats show that my story was written/published years ago but is recently published/updated (hopefully that makes sense)
  • I can write multiple stories at once but once I get deeper into a story's details, I tend to focus solely on that one.
  • Currently, I only publish 1 to 2 stories at a time (to give equal attention).

About Mstyper

  • Has been writing (more specifically, typing) since fall of 2011
  • Loves, loves, loves writing and I can’t stress that enough even though I
  • Hates plagiarism. Please don’t copy off others. It’s a disgusting and horrible and degrading act, especially since you’re a fellow author or reader in the creative writing community regardless of what you write.
  • Writes mainly rom-com (or attempts to), drama, slice-of-life, and slowburn.
  • Watches Asian dramas and anime and reads manga, manhwa, and manhua (# 1 anime and manga is Naruto. Please watch it if you haven’t, or please give it a try.)
  • Hates math. With a passion.
  • Loves dogs but due to a traumatic experience as a kid, I am terribly fearful of them. T_T
  • A homebody. Any free time I get, I use it to write.
  • Favorite season is summer because I can bask in the sun (even though I’m almost always home).
  • First love and heartbreak was with former KAT-TUN member, Jin Akanishi. We were "together" for 4 years. I’m on good terms with him and his beautiful family now, lol.
  • Can’t watch or read horror, thriller, or gore because I think of them obsessively until I somehow forget about them. It’s also why I can’t write about them either because in my mind, it’d get very visual (and scary), and I usually write in my faintly-lit (literally) room at night….so, yeah.
  • I apologize in advance if we've talked before (or have been talking for quite a while) on here and I forget about what we've talked about.  I'm very bad at remembering online conversations and/or online names.

Thanks for stopping by!