That Q and A (Stolen from Charlot1081)

~Hair color:  Black (I'm developing signs of early aging thou with my white hairs poking out)
~Eye color: A really dark brown :|
~Skin color: I'm slightly tanned but I'm dark for my family
~Most favorable facial feature: Ears
~Most disliked facial feature: Everything else
~Body type: Bulgy but tall (am not disclosing my height.)

~Name: Michael but you can call me anything under the sun really
~Age: 28
~Nationality: Asian-British 
~Country of origin: Philippines
~Favorite color: Blue, Orange and Green
~Favorite animals: Elephants... large but gentle
~Fandom: Keyaki Republic (Keyakizaka46) atm, am in the SKE48 fandom (temporary hiatus there)

20 Random Questions
~Summer or winter? Winter
~Do you have a special talent? I have double jointed fingers... if that means anything
~Do you think you are a strong person? Not really
~What are your phobias? Heights.
~When do you feel most calm? Listening to happy songs tbh
~What inspires you? Anything that hasn't to do with myself.
~What do you dislike about yourself? I'm too depressed
~What are your top three favorite colors? Green, blue, orange
~What are your hobbies? Writing and gaming
~What is your favourite subject? ICT and Computing since they go in the same thing
~What are three of your current favourite songs? Keyakizaka46 - AM 1:27 (Hirate Yurina, Suzumoto Miyu, Kobayashi Yui), Getsuyoubi no Asa, Skirt wo Kirareta and Kataru nara Mirai wo
~What is your favourite day of the week? Friday
~How would you describe your current mood? Sad that Hirate's becoming worse :(
~What are your future goals? Be happy with my life.
~What artists do you like? Keyakizaka46, SKE48 (JPop), Red Velvet (Kpop)
~Which artists do you dislike? Miley Cyrus
~What is your favorite month?  December
~Do you believe in love? Yes
~What is a saying/quote that you live by? "There's something in you that makes you special" by no-one at all in particular.
~Last beverage: Water
~Last text message: "Can you meet me in meeting room 2 at 12?" by a coworker of mine
~Last song you listened to: AM 1:27 - Kanji Keyakizaka46's Hirate Yurina, Suzumoto Miyu, Kobayashi Yui
~Last time you cried: Yesterday
~Ever got back with someone you’ve been with before? A few people
~Ever been cheated on? Twice
~Ever kissed someone and regretted it? Yes
~Ever lost someone special? Yes
~Ever been depressed? Right now I am.

This year have you..

~Made a new friend? Yep~
~Met someone that changed you? nope~ 
~Do you want to change your name? Not really.
~What can’t you wait for? Well a Kanji Keyakizaka concert that's never gonna happen now and it got given to Hiragana Keyakizaka cause of Hirate's tricep injury Dx (I will rant on this next)
~What were you doing at midnight last night? sleeping then waking up an hour later
~When was the last time you saw your mother? an hour ago
~What is the webpage you visit the most? Jphip forums, Asianfanfics, Stage48 forums
~What is your relationship status? Married and probs forever will be.
~What do you worry over the most? My own mental health
~First Surgery? A surgery on my knee when I was younger
~First piercing? Never pierced my ears
~First sport you joined? Fencing
~Do you want kids? Idrk I'm trying to get along with my wife of 8 months first XD
~Do you want to get married? I'm already married
~What career do you want? I already have it. Something in finance now I'm a finance executive

Ideal type
~Gender? Female
~Older or younger? Younger
~Shorter or taller? Same height?
~Romantic or spontaneous? Mix of both
~Nationality? Japanese (my wife is japanese)
~Lips or eyes? Eyes
~Appearance or personality? Both I guess.


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