My Keyakizaka46 Biases and why I like them

The fact that I've gotten into Keyakizaka means more girls to get to know and to love. And the fact that Keyakizaka is split into Hiragana Keyaki and Kanji Keyaki means I have to do my top 3 from Kanji and my number 1 from Hiragana, because I'm tired, when I finish writing this I won't have time to shower....

So starting off with Kanji then:

Moriya Akane  (Akanen, Gunsou (Sergeant), Nen, Magistrate ect.)



Akanen's one of those girls I got surprised with, once I got to know her. But in other words, one of the only Kanji (and to an extent Hiragana) Keyaki members who can kill me with their beauty. Plus her eccentric Sergeant personality makes her even better to be one of my oshis, because I love them non-orthodox idols. Its kinda weird tbh, cause coincidentally, she has the same given name as my SKE oshi (Takayanagi Akane, whom has another common trait with one of my other Kanji biases XD). She's from Sendai, capital of Miyagi Prefecture, whose beef tongue related dishes makes me happy, and yeah... XD Her optimism as Co-captain of the group compliments the Captain as she's the perfect emotional backboard for her.


Nagahama Neru (Neru, Neruko, Neruson (a pun on the name Nelson), you get the point she has a lot of nicknames XD)

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Neru is a clever girl from Nagasaki Prefecture, ofc one of the two Japanese prefectures to be affected by the American Atomic Bombs during WW2, and one of the reasons why I love Neru is because she advocates peace because she herself has a very personal experience to the bombing of Nagasaki; Her grandmother was involved in the bombing and survived to tell the tale to her granddaughter. She is one of the only people I know who would study for 10+ hours just cause she enjoys it. Her double jointed elbows are something that shocks me even to this day. And her circumstance of joining Keyakizaka late, and thus forming Hiragana Keyakizaka by herself for a while before the 1st Generation members joined alongside her, made me interested. If it wasn't for Neru, then I may not have gotten into the group in the first place.


Sugai Yuuka (Yuuka, Sugai-sama ect)


Our rich horse (and cat) loving Captain of the group, Yuuka's hard work pays off really. I love the way she burdens herself by enduring a lot of emotional stress for the other members and that enough makes me like her. Forming a unique bond with Akanen, her right hand, her co-captain, it makes me ship them XD YuukaNen is best otp. Also, going back to what I said about Takayanagi earlier, Sugai-sama shares the same birthday as Churi (November 29th), just both are 4 years apart.

Saito Kyoko (Kyonko, Ramen-Daisuki ect)


Being my number 1 in Hiragana Keyaki for quite some time now, Kyonko's personality is something I crave for. We share the same common like of Ramen, and well, it's in her catchphrase "Ramen Daisuki Saito Kyoko desu" XD Her low voice makes her seem manly to many people but that's I like about her. She's older than Neru by at least a year, but her birthday is the day after Neru's XD so yeah :P



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That portuguese in neru's meme killed me jajdkakdkakdkkskdoakdkak. I love keyaki too Risa is my Kami-oshi but I honestly love all of them
they're all so pretty wowww i shd check them out