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Love Collection


This is a collection of Kryber (Krystal and Amber from f(x)) one-shots. It might conclude other pairings but focus on Kryber pairing.


Collection list:

  1. My Hired Boyfriend
  2. Beauty and the Geek (Part 1)
  3. Beauty and the Geek (Part 2)
  4. Let's Talk About .
  5. Let's have a baby
  6. Me
  7. Who Do I Love?
  8. Underage
  9. survey
  10. Friendship is more important
  11. I don't like girls
  12. Two players (Part 1)
  13. Two players together (Part 2)
  14. Do I really like girls? (part 2 of 11.I don't like girls)
  15. Practice makes perfect
  16. Who Do I Really Love? (part 2 of 7.Who Do I Love?)
  17. In love with my sister's girlfriend
  18. Getting the wrong idea
  19. Date with a stranger
  20. Beautiful Stranger
  21. Obedient Kid
  22. Pranksters 
  23. First Kiss
  24. My first love
  25. Speed Date
  26. That age... (Happy Birthday Soojung)
  27. She Annoys Me
  28. Secret Affair
  29. Wedding Dress
  30. I don't want a lover (Part 1)
  31. A smile on my face (Part 2)
  32. Beautiful goodbye (Part 3)
  33. Ski Resort
  34. A show for you
  35. A show for you ~The Original~ 
  36. Gossip Girls
  37. What happened last night?
  38. Let's just be friends
  39. First Meet
  40. Alluring
  41. I'll cover you up
  42. Kryber and the tie
  43. You're Mine
  44. Cannot live without you
  45. Room with a stranger
  46. Magic Wand
  47. The Ugly Truth
  48. Wedding Gift (Part 1)
  49. Best friend Knows Best (Part 2)
  50. CREEP
  51. Wrong timing
  52. "Love you stupid"


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december12 #1
Chapter 52: Just actually lost sparks in Kryber love because Amber said Kryber made her feel awkward toward Krystal.
tingoo #2
Chapter 52: Owwwwwwwhhhhh sweet... i hope i wish that kryber will have duet ... about unspoken feelings...
mochick #3
Chapter 52: welcome back and thanks for update Author-nim :)
denisha #4
Chapter 52: nice shoot ^-^
saberius #5
Chapter 52: Woooo so cute!! Love the update!!
-Lock_Kryber- #6
Chapter 52: Nice update author!!!
krisbian #7
I have a request for you authornim, can you PLEASE do a part 4 for this chapter (beautiful goodbye), it would really mean a lot to me because I almost lost my childhood friend who had a heart disease but a miracle happened and she was able to have a heart transplant and now she’s still alive …I know you might’ve wanted the story to have a sad ending, but I just hope you’ll consider my request because miracles do happen and we should always have hope … and you never know maybe one of your readers is having a difficult time now and your story can bring his/her smile back. I’ll totally understand if you wish to decline my suggestion of course. Thank you for your hard work, this mini story made me cry but it made me realize how lucky I am that I still have my friend beside me.
dolphindork #8
nice oneshoot :D
i'll sucribe n fun read
lovelyshark #9
Chapter 28: wow your stories are amazing author, i hope you will make the second part of secret affair =D thanks for writing!
uli_sone #10
Chapter 23: Cute! But i won't think too far and say "Real" i just won't hurt in the end. Thanks for writing this fic^^