Sulay Oneshots and Drabbles


Suho x Lay

Lay x Suho

Junmyeon and Yixing

Yixing and Junmyeon


Sulay oneshots and drabbles that are too short to be individual stories

Some stories may contain more than one part.

Requests are open


I love Sulay so much


Rules for Requesting:

- Submit your requests in comments under chapters.

-Your requests may contain but are not limited to: fluff, angst, M rated, etc.

- I only accept top!Lay. If you don't like that then I'm sorry. (I have my reasons.)

- M rated requests may take longer to upload

- I do not accept , /non con, lia and weird kinks.

- If two requests seem similar I may merge them.

- I don't write non au stories, its not as fun.

- If you have submitted a request and do not see a chapter for it after a while, submit it again, I may not have seen it.

-Feel free to request as many times as you want.

-If you know your request is unusual, please add a small description as to how you would like the chapter to be written, that way I would have an easier time writing.

-I accept constructive criticism. If you think there is anything I could change or modify to make the oneshots better, let me know.

 -Repeated requests are accepted. I can always find another way to write it.


With all that said, enjoy reading! (^o^)/

My new story She's the One has been posted. Hope you all enjoy it ^^

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Chapter 46: I love you! Thank you for this ;; <3333
Chapter 46: haha!!! you made my dear dear writer, drabbles 3 and 4 are super funny
Chapter 45: Oooh I love the latest drabble!! And the idea for your future drabbles~ I'm excited!~ Keep it up! And cant wait~
Chapter 45: Yay!! an update!! I liked the idea of these drabbles, great job dear writer :)
Happy New Year!! Thank you for the update! Hope your Christmas and New Years went well~ May you have a successful year and a better year that you wish for~

Also can I request genderbend or femslash cooking class with sulay? haha
Chapter 44: Hahaha!! that possibility of Xiuchen :)
Chapter 44: Happyyy Newww Yearrr... This is soo cute... yixing such a tease <3 ...
Have you see yixing as judge in idol producer trailer..he is so strict make him look so hot at the same time X'D...

thank you so much for this update!!! <3333 that was so sweet ;; and junmyeon ogling yixing's abs is so relatable lmao
fiqahaina #9
Yeah i understand you authornim. Its fine. Take time to heal.