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All The Things I Knew

There is a boy in class. His name is Kim Joonmyeon. And he smiles, even while he's hurting. These were all the things I knew.

i will make her remember me ( re-uploaded )

  "why am i here doctor ??" asked sulli while looking at minho. he swallowed his saliva "sulli , it's me " he smiled weakly " your husband ." ****

Bymonko92 updated
Charactersminho, sulli, krystal , taemin
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It started with a sock.

Bybaramtokki updated
CharactersTaemin, Sulli
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The Study of Love

The things you learn in class will stay with you forever. Taemin, Sulli and their friends learn a thing or two in their first year of University.

Bynikatsu updated
CharactersTaemin, Sulli feat. Kai, Krystal, Sehun and others.
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Three Little Words

  Three Little  Words.

ByPrimroseEverdeen updated
CharactersSulli , Taemin , Krystal , Kai
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Operation: Taelli

"Hey, do you remember that fic of us going to Korea to lock up Taelli?"

Bytaeflame updated
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Maux D'amour

Maux D'amour   "I may not say anything about it , but i'm hurt Taemin. so much"

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CharactersTaemin , Sulli , Naeun , Kai
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City of Men

  Wherein Taemin is a researcher on the secret of women and takes illegal basis, Jinri is an escapee from the isolation and tries to reach the outskirts of the City of Men, when they cross paths.   ₪₪₪   [ Men are more innoce

ByFlower-of-May updated
CharactersTaemin, sulli, and other idols
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Rivilaries Love

WHAT WILL YOU FEEL WHEN YOUR RIVAL IS YOUR BOYFRIEND'S EX-GIRLFRIEND? Sulli is a new student. She make many friends at her new school. She fall in love with one of her friend named Taemin. Taemin is Sulli's rival ex-boyfriend. Sulli rival's na

Byhayashiaiko updated
CharactersMain Characters: Sulli and Taemin
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bite your tongue

easy. just don't talk.

By-paperkites updated
CharactersTaemin, Sulli
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Les Fleurs du Mal

Hello everyone, this is the sequel to "A Shadow". Hope you like it, I got inspiration from the song by Sarah Brightman called Fleurs du Mal. Hope you guys really enjoy it!! I will try to update as soon as possible, it's going to be hard since I just started highschool, wish me luck ^^!   

ByYoonHeeAlice updated
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101% Bookworm

Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who spends her money on books instead of clothes. She has problems with closet space because she ha

Byth_silenttear updated
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The Empty Chasm of Light

“Patient’s Bed 504—Jung Soojung, age 22. Time of death: One-oh-fifteen, April 19, 2013.”    

Bynikatsu updated
CharactersKrystal (feat. Taemin, Kai, Sulli)
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We Just Couldn't Have It All© : Book 1

We Just Couldn't Have It All.  Click here

ByGeneJuni updated
CharactersChoi Jinri(Sulli), Jung Soojung(Krystal), Kim Jongin(Kai), Lee Taemin, Oh Sehun, Jung Sooyeon, Kim Heechul, Han Geun Young(OC)
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Graduation Day

  When every student reach senior year, there's only one thing they aspire and waits for. Graduation Day   ***

ByFlower-of-May updated
Characterssulli, taemin, kai, krystal, jiyoung, luhan
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Confession :)

so,hi! we meet again.   awkward awkward awkward   Just enjoy the story okay?

Bysardincapayam updated
CharactersTaemin, Jinri, Soojung, Minho
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like a sunflower

He makes a hundred promises to her, but keeps only one.

Bykirakirashahida updated
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Secret Love

What happened if two bestfriends met again after 10 years?

Byjesstinevan updated
CharactersLee Taemin, Sulli Choi
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Is it Love,Infatuation or Erotomania?

A young woman who is in love with a married doctor becomes dangerous when her attempts to persuade him to leave his wife are unsuccessful however when things are seen from his poi

ByILovePikachu2 updated
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Fate . Destiny . Bench

At first the title was actually 'Bench' but then I thought, "is it lame?" then I changed it, so that's the title.It sounds weird right?Im bad at making titles.

Bysardincapayam updated
CharactersTaemin, Sulli
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Like we used to

  My first ff of Taemin and Sulli... just a bubbly type of ff hehehehehheheh..... since Taemin was my ex-bias wrecker hahahahahahhah  sometimes i find them cute (with Sulli of course) Hope you'll like it Don't forget to leave your comments :))                       *credits to the rightful owners of the images used :)

ByKimmy97 updated
CharactersTaemin Sulli Minho Naeun
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Who Are You?

"Who are you? I don't remember anything,"

Bywishing_on_a_star updated
CharactersChoi Sulli. Lee TaeMin
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I can't believe ... i'm in love with my best friend's girlfriend !

Today is minho and sulli's wedding they are finally getting married after 4 years of dating     but one thing that hurts me is that i can't believe that i'm in love with sulli

Bymonko92 updated
Characterstaemin, sulli , minho
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I Declare My Love

Sometimes fame pushes some people to do terrible things to have their picture on a newspaper or magazine, but it was rare that someone who is a hardworking and loves her job gets her news spreading everywhere. Jinri lives the suffering of the celebrities despite being only the editor of the fame department in Daily Telegraph newspaper as in her love story woul

ByFlower-of-May updated
Characterschanyeol, sulli and Taemin
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A Sign of Weakness

Kai begins to understand why Taemin’s heart had to change. He only wishes his didn’t have to change too.    

Bynikatsu updated
CharactersKai (feat. Sulli, Taemin and Krystal)
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U & I ( What She Wrote About Him )

U & I ( What She Wrote Abou

ByFlower-of-May updated
Characterssulli, taemin, kai, other idols
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