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Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

Lee Jieun and Bae Joohyun were an inseparate pair. That is until one day autumn day Joohyun goes missing, causing Jieun to turn to her best friend's cousin Yoongi for help in finding her.

My Journal

By leaderwolfmoon Updated
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This is a journal of my everyday life, sometimes it will be light and fluffy, other times it will be energetic and warm. But there will be dark times, as that is a natural thing in life, even more so for me.

Inside Out

By zeniamrah Updated
Characters You
With 1 chapters, 50 views

• A paradox by nature • A work of art • A masterpiece in progress • An untamed heart •   I dont expect anyone to read this. This story aint actually a story but a medium for me to express my thoughts and feelings. Kind of like a private journal, only I'm posting it for anyone in the world to freely read. It's alright for me since I can still keep my animosity. So yes, by all means, read my writings

My Life

By RememberItNowAsToday Updated
Characters Myself
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Hello my dear friends!   Just a heads up that this isn't a fanfiction! This is just my online "diary" where I express my fee

The Story of a Broken Heart

By WooULuver Updated
Characters Me and You
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It was me..yet it was him..

My Journal - 4my-anon-j

By 4my-anon-j Updated
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This is just for my journal. I have an account on here, been on for a long time but I wanted to do this on an anon account. This is basically my journal and random I think of. I started my -paper- journal on sept. 21 2014. I will be including the earlier parts of my journal even if those thoughts or feelings about the topics I wrote before no longer exist or if I don't care about the complaints or stories I wrote about previously, So I guess I wil just add in the stuff I don't care about

catharsis // writing realms

By twenty-six Updated
Characters twenty-six's stories
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By unhappiness Updated
Characters Luhan, You
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He left you a notebook with everything you meant to him written in it. This is the story of a dying man in love.


By killmehealme Updated
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Entries 1-10

By obsidianlake Updated
Characters anonymous || liferants
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To explain how this works: I basically post stories of my rants. This entire series is just a collection of my daily life, please feel free to leave advice or something in the comments. Writing on here just helps me release some steam and relax, uhuhhuhu. (ALSO PLEASE EXCUSE MY HORRID GRAMMAR AND SPELLING KAY)   

Life in a Fanfic

By PikaChugaChu3 Updated
Characters Amber Liu, Etc.
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I'm never good with keeping a journal or diary to rant out my feelings or just write about how ty/good my day actually tur

☁ ⊱Pᴏᴇᴛʀʏ⊰

By Hanamii Updated
Characters Poetry, Me and You
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the flower that never wilts  

Strawberry's Journal

By strawberry_flaw Updated
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Characters strawberry_flaw
With 1 chapters

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.  


By babyQueen Updated
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Status Completed


The Downsides to Being Petite

By sidedish Updated
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Let's be honest.  Being small most of the time. Anyone who disagrees is probably at least average.

the little workshop

By remonedo Updated
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{the little workshop} this is a display of my works only. please request anything in the comments below!

An Idiot's Poster Gallery

By khlozzer Updated
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     An Idiot's Poster Gallery      

▬▬ LeSweetJournal ♡

By BearyChocolatey Updated
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By Asianluver247 Updated
Characters Chanyeol, Vivi (OC)
With 4 chapters, 2 subscribers, 180 views, 1 comments

A collection of Chanyeol's journal entries into the life of an idol in love, and how he's doing his best to save it...

My First Bite

By 2minnieyah Updated
Characters Taemin and Minho
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Eomma said I have to write so I can be smart when I grow up.  She gave me a book but it's empty so I have to write in it. I don't know what to write about yet.  But I think the park will give me... what's that word eomma used? Oh yeah!    Inspiration.

❝Falling Stars❞ ┊ A Graphics Journal

By superpandeeoh Updated
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I'm bored. What goes on?

Journal Of A Love Raged 6th Graded

By READforever542 Updated
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Hi I will be doing a journal everyday. If I don't i will post two or more on the next free day kk thank you and this is a very awesome book about a middle schooler going through life well thanks later.

` ✦ m y journal « --

By kirari Updated
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 my journal.

Archives of Drabbles

By MiniMeMini Updated
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A place for all my drabbles. and feels  

~α ɢ r α p н ι c ♥ j o υ r ɴ α l~

By HopelessSanity Updated
Characters Super Generation, Ulzzangs, and more kpop bands
With 1 chapters, 100 views, 1 comments

Hello and welcome! This is a Graphic Journal to keep track of all my progress! If you are interested or would like to offer critique or tips, please comment! I won't bite ;) (Maybe I will, lol, just kidding)  


By Broadcasting-Yoochun Updated
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Park Yoochun's Journal! If you ever want me to talk about something just leave a comment, and I might feature it in my next Video Journal!