Feelings (31 feelings fanfics)

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Pieces of Shattered Heart [Subscribers Only]

by hopelesswriter updated on
Tags: angst personal poetry romance sliceoflife poems feelings
Chapters: 43 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 31 | Views: 750 | Comments: 7 |

This is just a collection/compilation of poems I've written since....2007 i think....and i may start writing new ones again...who knows?... Read More

You and me [Complete]

by JoannArkenstone updated on
Tags: fluff shinee school exo kaimin taekai feelings
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 4 | Views: 210 | Comments: 2 |

This is a one shot story about Taemin and Jongin, who go through some difficulties in their lives. It is my first fan fiction being posted here, I hope you enjoy it!.... Read More

A Bunch Of Poems That Were Written When Emotional..

by Wolf_97 updated on
Tags: poems feelings emotions hatenlove
Chapters: 14 | Views: 100 | Comments: 7 |

Hello! This is my first time writing as an author on AsianFanFic's. To be honest this is really not a fanfic its a collection of poems I write whenever I get emotional (which is about every night.)... Read More


by LoveDonghae updated on
Tags: poetry feelings
Chapters: 14 | Subscribers: 7 | Views: 200 | Comments: 4 |

Just my place to vent when I can't hold it in any longer. You will know if it's about you. If you don't, just ask :)... Read More

Neko Tail! :3

by SilverMoon520 updated on
Tags: crackfic love feelings neko learning
Chapters: 12 | Views: 120 |

**Notes** I just have somethings to say before you proceed any further... 1. The story you're about to read has mature content(To an extent), because when I write or do anything at 3 in... Read More

Myungsoo's Dating Scandal-A Fangirl's Feelings [Complete]

by destinyLove updated on
Tags: fangirl myungsoo you dating feelings
Chapters: 1 | Comments: 6 |

This is the first time that I would be saying all of the these... and what I say might offend some of you, and you guys might think I'm insane for feeling that way, but still, I honestly feel that I'v... Read More

my sweet angel [oneshot] [Complete]

by luvhsjexo updated on
Tags: angst you feelings luhanexo yamadarosuke
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 2 | Views: 100 | Comments: 1 |

   ... Read More

Waste... [Complete]

by CallMeN updated on
Tags: dance original poem poems feelings
Chapters: 1 | Views: 30 |

I try my best at dancing I really do..... I wrote this because my "team" just wasn't supporting when I most needed it... Read More

The Escape [Complete]

by CallMeN updated on
Tags: original poem poems feelings
Chapters: 1 | Views: 30 |

I had a thing to write a poem so I did and eh....... Read More

What I Say Is How I Feel [Complete]

by So-Shawn updated on
Tags: fluff friends youngjae silliness feelings bapyoungjae interacial
Chapters: 1 |

Friendship is... Well, it's a great feeling between two or more people that can last forever. Until you both lose contact with each other. ... Read More


by OliveLover927 updated on
Tags: angst sad you feelings
Chapters: 4 | Subscribers: 2 | Views: 80 | Comments: 1 |

This is just a collection of a bunch of drabbles and feelings that I should never keep in. Thanks for reading. You dare take anything, some stuff is going to get down. :) :D :P ... Read More

Fly me too the Moon [Complete]

by K-PopFanfics updated on
Tags: eli kevin romance ukiss you feelings
Chapters: 6 | Subscribers: 6 | Views: 640 | Comments: 2 |

A normal day for our U-KISS Member. "wait.. who is she?!" or maybe not? A story involving Love, Affection and Regrets in Kevins Perspective.... Read More

The Pain Lingers.. [Complete]

by Mikachuu updated on
Tags: feelings ryeowookandyou fangirllove
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 4 | Views: 330 | Comments: 6 |

    ... Read More

Contained Feelings [Complete]

by ChanyeoltheTroll updated on
Tags: poems feelings
Chapters: 2 | Views: 50 |

Poems about feelings I don't express.... Read More

Untold Feelings [Complete]

by WisdomDelight updated on
Tags: destiny romance wedding you fiction friends feelings
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 2 | Views: 80 |

Life is not a fairy tale that ends in happy ever after. Sometimes even if the feeling is mutual, you're still not meant to be.... Read More

What is this feeling?

by LyricalLipstick updated on
Tags: feelings
Views: 30 |

Hyuna and hyunseung were makeing the TroubleMaker video vlip, but JS have a  feeling for Hyuna?Find out.... Read More

I Love You(A fangirl's feelings)

by Youngminlover282 updated on
Tags: fangirl youngmin boyfriendband love feelings youngminandme meandmybias
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 1 | Comments: 5 |

    I wanna be a part of your world. ... Read More

Feelings [Complete]

by themightyrocklee updated on
Tags: bigbang leeseunghyun oneshot seungri feelings
Chapters: 2 | Subscribers: 4 | Views: 1750 | Comments: 3 |

A one shot involving SeungRi of BigBang... Read More

Don't break my heart, or I will break yours.

by notkalvin updated on
Tags: feelings

When I wrote this, I used real life events, using the acual characters. ... Read More

Dear Soulmate,

by I-Love-You updated on
Tags: feelings
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 1 | Views: 30 | Comments: 2 |

(no description)... Read More

✯ Paper Stars ✯ -- Daily Inspiration & Motivation

by cellie-ssi updated on
Tags: life writing help ideas feelings inspiration motivation
Chapters: 7 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 8 | Views: 500 | Comments: 3 |

   ... Read More

❝ℳe = ℳy ℮verything❞

by IAmMe20 updated on
Tags: roleplay club aff feelings
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 3 | Views: 60 | Comments: 5 |

❝I Am Me❞---   ---... Read More

Sakura’s christmas feelings [Complete]

by Nekluna updated on
Tags: christmas friendship love shopping feelings
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 1 | Views: 40 | Comments: 1 |

A female Munak, Sakura and Tari is together in the snowy day.  Christmase is very soon and they intend to get things ready before then.  But what is up with Sakura?............ Read More

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