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Error 404 / 错误 Graphics {Not Accepting Request}

by MrsKhunnie updated on
Tags: graphics banghim graphicshop
Chapters: 6 | Votes: 3 | Comments: 13 |

      ... Read More

junhongie don't grow up be my baby son forever ~~♥♡ [Subscribers Only]

by noonyshami updated on
Tags: jongup banghim junhong jonglo bangfamily comedy00fluff
Chapters: 8 | Votes: 6 | Subscribers: 83 | Views: 780 | Comments: 5 |

Yongguk had married himchan 15 years ago and and now they live happily with their son junhong but junhong is growing up and umma chan seemes to be sad he want junhong to be always kid in his... Read More

I want to live like other human being [Subscribers Only]

by noonyshami updated on
Tags: yongguk bangzelo bap banghim junhong banglo drama00angst00sad
Chapters: 22 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 31 | Views: 1630 | Comments: 25 |

Yongguk has been looking for his brother for almost a year but his brother was nowhere to be found But yongguk didn't give up he need to find his sick brother who was mantally ill Because of... Read More

To the very end. [Complete]

by moonhimup updated on
Tags: yongguk himchan bap banghim
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 1 | Comments: 4 |

Four years after Himchan's death, Yongguk finds a voice recorder that once belonged to Himchan.   Sequel(kind of) to  Too Far Gone.  ... Read More

happy life ♥♡

by noonyshami updated on
Tags: banghim daejae jonglo bangfamily
Chapters: 13 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 23 | Views: 1410 | Comments: 5 |

Yongguk really can't imagine his life without his beautiful wife no other then himchan And daehyun is the seem he can't live without his boyfriend Youngjae who is brother of yongguk  ... Read More

Just admit it already..!

by capitoune77 updated on
Tags: bap banghim daejae
Chapters: 4 | Votes: 7 | Subscribers: 72 | Views: 840 | Comments: 13 |

"Hey, I need to tell you a secret." Himchan suddenly said "What is it?" Jongup asked "Promise me you won't tell anyone else!" "You can count on me hyung. I won't even tell Olaf." He pro... Read More

Mindless B.A.P. Oneshots/Drabbles

by --inspiritic updated on
Tags: yongguk himchan bap banghim daejae junhong jonglo
Chapters: 30 | Votes: 12 | Subscribers: 95 | Views: 6900 | Comments: 124 |

Yongguk never liked these parties but after meeting Himchan, he changes his mind.  --- ... Read More

White Dove

by drew_alana updated on
Tags: himchan banghim himup indonesiafanfic
Chapters: 2 |

Indonesian fanfic     title, White... Read More

Special Hearts with Special Angels

by bluerabbit12 updated on
Tags: fluff romance myungjong banghim hunhan baekyeol kaisoo
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 3 | Views: 100 |

This story tells about 5 friends who were just normal beings. But one day, they'll realize that an unknown group wants to kill them because they contain a valuable power. Then, anot... Read More

Botany Flowers

by KumikoBlue updated on
Tags: mystery suspense yongguk himchan banghim
Chapters: 6 | Votes: 7 | Comments: 31 |

Yongguk moved into an old house in the middle of the trees, far away from the city. At first he thought he's living alone, but it turnout he actually has some company.... Read More

A Bird Without Wings

by DarkStormRaven updated on
Tags: banghim gangfic vhope sugamin markbam
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 16 | Comments: 4 |

"Like a bird without wings That longs to be flying, Like a motherless child Left lonely and crying. Like a song without words, Like a world without music, I wouldn't kno... Read More


by Jongkeymeow updated on
Tags: yongguk himchan bap banghim daejae jonglo
Chapters: 4 | Votes: 5 | Comments: 9 |

“Male Village” was the name they had given to their home. The population of the village remained the same for hundreds of years and it was a mystery on how they could mai... Read More


by crazyswagger updated on
Tags: crack bap chatroom banghim daejae jonglo
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 16 | Comments: 3 |

B.A.P / CHATROOM  ... Read More

Earth, where true love waits for him~

by Ilovekpopyaoi updated on
Tags: fluff crack bap banghim daejae jonglo matoplanet
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 35 | Views: 790 | Comments: 12 |

Himchan a 20 year old boy from a far away planet named 'Mato', after being kicked out cause people thought he killed his mother and father. But they didn't kicked him out of town, they kick... Read More

The World Within

by daevil_anjael updated on
Tags: banghim daejae
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 15 | Views: 160 | Comments: 2 |

Youngjae gladly left his 'world' for Daehyun Daehyun promised Youngjae a 'world' As long as they had... Read More

Life with Them

by --inspiritic updated on
Tags: bap banghim daejae jonglo
Chapters: 7 | Votes: 13 | Subscribers: 113 | Views: 2390 | Comments: 43 |

Years have passed and Jongup and Junhong are now 16 and 15 respectively. Yongguk and Himchan's relationship is as strong as ever. Daehyun has plans to change his relationship with Youngjae. ... Read More

2 Cats, 1 Man [Subscribers Only]

by whitewall_facing updated on
Tags: yongguk zelo himchan bap banghim jonglo
Chapters: 17 | Votes: 31 | Subscribers: 333 | Views: 4740 | Comments: 142 |

Yongguk has two cats, Himchan and Junhong. Junhong's the obedient and lovable one but Himchan, Yongguk thinks he's a devil.... Read More

[BangHim] Sinh nhật 24 tuổi (?) [Complete]

by hanyikpopfanafs updated on
Tags: banghim
Chapters: 1 | Views: 10 | Comments: 1 |

Author: Rainy Nguyễn aka Han Yi Diclaimer: họ không thuộc về tôi, nhưng số phận của họ ở đây do tôi quyết định.... Read More

Underwear Thief [Subscribers Only]

by VickyRen updated on
Tags: comedy fluff romance banghim daejae jonglo
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 53 | Views: 440 | Comments: 5 |

These few weeks, one of YoungJae's ... Read More

Slitting Skin

by Cheese_cake updated on
Tags: tragedy bap banghim daejae himjae bangdae jonglo
Votes: 2 | Comments: 2 |

His collection was complete. His search was over. Now the murderous pact of six is chained before him as they impatiently wait for the... Read More


by ohbibi updated on
Tags: bap banghim daejae jonglo
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 2 | Views: 250 | Comments: 5 |

2RBO is the most feared gang in all South Korea. Bunny protection service is the only hope to survive. Matoki lab is the extremely-advanced lab in 2RBO-yoon, 2RBO's headquarters. Uncontainable love... Read More

His Secret

by behavior updated on
Tags: angst oneshot romance yongguk himchan bap banghim
Chapters: 2 |

      He has a secret. He wanted to let him know but he doesn't have any courage to d... Read More

Unknown Diary [Members Only]

by Mblaq_Mirue updated on
Tags: fluff joon joonmir mblaq joomi bap banghim
Chapters: 11 | Votes: 6 | Comments: 44 |

As Mir walked alone in his school, he found a diary on the floor. Th... Read More

One shot drabbles

by xTinTinx updated on
Tags: fluff romance woogyu banghim daejae vmin
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 1 | Comments: 5 |

Basically everything will be in one shot's because funfunfunfun (sorry idk)   The main parings will be... Read More

He's not good for you anyway [Complete]

by regeeenachoding updated on
Tags: oneshot banghim
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 9 | Comments: 5 |

"What are you trying to say Yongguk?!" "I'm saying that he's not good for you!"... Read More

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