Seulrene Drabbles

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One shots between Seulgi and Irene of Red Velvet


1. Her Seaweed Soup - Irene and Seulgi's Seaweed Soup

2. On First Dates and Working Out - Seulgi and Irene on their first date

3. Her Gift - Seulgi was the best gift Irene ever had.

4. Honesty - Irene cheats on Seulgi, or did she?

5. Candy - Irene's note to self: Don't make Kang Seulgi Jealous

6. Rewind - When too much has gone under the bridge, Rewind.

7. Again - The sequel to Rewind

8. Old Habits - Seulgi hates Fridays. Irene never goes out on Saturdays. What now?

9. Stuck on You - Seulgi observes that Irene is changing. She wants to know why.

10. Bae’s Red Velvet Family - The aftermath of 07/2i4/2015 Music Bank

11. My Seulgi Pringles - Guess what Baechu's favorite flavor is?

12. Stick Wit U - The sequel to My Seulgi Pringles. When Irene has had enough of the bear's lack of attention

13. The Wishing Tree - When the issue came out, Seulgi couldn't help but worry.

14. Her Last One Night Stand - Seulgi's never one to have the second date, until Irene of course.

15. Life Choices - Joohyun's the star every one admires. She ends up in the crossroads and chooses to be with Seulgi.

16. Palpitations - The reason why Seulgi has palpitations

17. I Choose You - Joohyun and Seulgi meet in the most extraordinary of circumstances.

18. You and Me - Sequel to I Choose You

19. Tell Me - It's Irene and Seulgi from ISAC to BOA's Concert. Silent jealousy can kill you.

20. Soon Enough - Seulgi wants Krystal, or not?

21. Put a Ring on It - Who's going to wear it in the end?

22. I Like Your Hands - With their comeback underway, Irene contemplates on Seulgi

23. They Never Dated - Define Dating for Seulrene

24. When Fan Fictions Attack - What if Wendy, Joy and Yeri read SEULRENE fanfictions?

25. The '' Talk - We all need to discuss it sometimes.

26. With You - She falls down but Seulgi wasn't there to catch her.

27. Would It Matter? - What Irene thinks about the comment made on her Debut Photo

28. That Thing You Do - It's getting harder for Seulgi and Irene

29. Stan - Red Velvet, who do you stan?

30. How Do You Mend a Baby Bear's Heart - Irene has finally crossed the line. Seulgi decided to slip away quietly, breaking up with Irene without the other girls knowing. Irene was still very much in love and very much faithful to her bear. Will she get her back?

31. Turtlenecks - Why they seem to like it (aside from the weather of course)

32. When Fan Fictions Attack Part 2 - The Return of SEULRENE Angst

33. Seulgi's Flower Girl - Who says Seulgi can't be cheesy?

34. The Two Sides of Kang Seulgi - Kang Seulgi's personas in the eyes of Bae Joohyun

35. Who She Deserves - Kang Seulgi loved her unnie so much she hoped and prayed for the person she falls in love with to be perfect. But Bae Joohyun doesn't like perfect. She loved Kang Seulgi.

36. One Step at a Time - The marriage was on the rocks and Seulgi was hanging by a thread to keep her marriage with Joohyun. Will the therapy work? Or will it make things worse?

37. The Finish Line - The Sequel for One Step at a Time

38. My Baby - Cutiepie Bae scheming to be close to 'Oppa' Seulgi (MAMA stuff for 12.01.2015)

39. SeulRene Day - Just Because (Stuff from 12.22.2015)

40. She Was Mine - SeulRene in the eyes of Krystal Jung

41. My Playful Bear - SeulRene on 12.27.2015

42. My Jealous Bae - SeulRene after 12.27.2015

43. She Got a Girlfriend - Dumb Bear wants to introduce her Bunny.

44. She Got a Girlfriend Part 2 - Dumb Bear gets some slapping from the Hamster.

45. When Fanfictions Attack Part 3 - Enter Dumb Seulgi

46. My Sweet Teddy - from 01.08.2016 to 01.09.2016 events

47. Gravity - Seulgi forced herself to let go of Irene. A few years later Irene drags her down again. This time Irene keeps her hold and keeps her falling.

48. No Tech Bear - It's Friday and they have to make Seulgi stay away from gadgets as instructed. Yeri was left to handle the bear and ended up with an impromptu date in the park.

49. Archer Bae - SeulRene during ISAC 2016

50. Happy Birthday Baby Bear - Seulgi and Irene's private Party

51. When Fanfiction Attacks Part 4 - Real Talk: Arguing and Bruising

52. We're Just Friends - Irene heard that so many times already.

53. Actress Bae - Moving up has perks... And problems as well.

54. A Day in the Life of SeulRene - LAX stuff

55. When Fanfiction Attacks Part 5 - The TzuGi Effect

56. Bae vs the World Part 1 - Seulgi's getting popular. Bae Joohyun must now mark what's hers. Somehow.

57. The Curse of the Orange Hair - Bae Joohyun doesn't like Orange

58. One Helpless Day - Seulgi and Yeri are caught in a traffic accident, leaving Irene helpless in the sidelines.

59. The Jisoo Effect Part 1 - When Kang Seulgi Met Kim Jisoo

60. Bunny Valentines - It's Valentines Day and Irene's bear is MIA

61. Greedy - Joohyun and Red Velvet Behind the Scenes of the SMTown Concert

62. Christmas Exchange - Seems two bunnies are with different partners at the moment. Wendy is not having any of it though.

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