Still I'm Lonely

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As all the others left to enjoy a free day, Woohyun wanted to stay home, just like Sunggyu who wanted to enjoy some sleep before his solo comeback. Feeling lonely, the younger climbed up to the other apartment to rest with his leader.



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Part 1:  Still I'm Lonely

Part 2: Still I Need You

Part 3: ---------------------


















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CardCaptorMew #1
Chapter 2: Ahhh! You Updated this !!!I really liked this story when I read it a while back !!!!
Please don't Make it be A tragedy TT TT
I dunno, I'm hurt when read the fanfic. Woohyun love is unrequited.. I hope you make a sequel. please. :(
fifisukidesu #3
Chapter 1: aish, i have been feeling emotional for days and then i stumbled upon this and ah damn, im trying not to cry and make a fool out of myself but this gave me so much feels~~
xxxmyung #4
I ... I didn't quite catch the angst tag I'm so... please tell me you're thinking about a sequel ;A; It's beautiful ;u;♡
Why does the picture looks so cute?
Chapter 1: aww, poor hyunnie ;-; please tell me there will be a sequel and a happy woogyu couple ;-;
btstaekookie #7
Chapter 1: That picture though. Is it edited or real? :o
Anyway, I wish you'd do a sequel for this. :(
Chapter 1: Please please please do a sequel. This is too beautiful. I cried reading this. Thumbs up author-nim
Aww whyyy, poor woohyunnie, i demand a sequel please, we dont know sunggyu side story, how he is actual feel about woohyun ;;
skgenting #10
This better have sequel :)