Hold And Kiss




Jiyong wakes up before Seunghyun, or so he thought. The older won't let him leave his arms so easily.



A/N: I'm kinda stuck on some fics right now and I want some pure and mushy cheesy sweetness so here it is.



I don't own the characters, only the storyboard. I don't own that wonderful fanart either (sadly)







Kwon Jiyong


Choi Seunghyun





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korzuan #1
Chapter 1: Omo..my heart
Chapter 1: I think I might get a heart attack from all the cuteness and sweetness of this story so cute omg I love fluff stories now
kykydobolers #3
Chapter 1: arghhhhh!!!!! i can't handle it..... too much cheesyness....... but I LOVE IT!!!!
Chapter 1: disgustingly sweet <3
Chapter 1: So disgustingly sweet...:-)
Chapter 1: And it was too much for me. This is so beautiful. Thank you for writing this.
Chapter 1: I can feel the cavities growing in my mouth