Give Me A Chance




Seunghyun is mad that Jiyong is seeing Kiko again, but Kiko is not the only one Jiyong is seeing...


A/N: I wrote this story so I thought I would post it...




I don't own the characters but the storyboard belongs to me. Do not plagiarize!


I don't own the piture used either. Credits goes to the creator.






Kwon (G-Dragon) Jiyong


Choi (T.O.P) Seunghyun



Kiko and Seungri (no appearance)


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Dragon63 #1
Chapter 1: ahhhhhh so cute >.<
thanks so much for writing this!!
Chapter 1: Awww seunghyun was willing to give ji a chance so adorable
mikadosm #3
Chapter 1: Really sweet and cute story! Thanks for sharing :)
Chapter 1: Omo I needed GTOP and thanks for it! !!! I like that Kiko was not a evil witch too... a really really nice one perfect for those time thanks a lot
Chapter 1: I actually love Kiko because she's from Texas <3 Well, born there. Anyways, I really love jealous T.O.P so I'm glad you wrote a story about it, it's just soo.. Kyaa~
rujakcingur #6
Chapter 1: Waaaaaa i love love love love it
Chapter 1: I just saw GD's pics with Kiko and my GTOP's heart was hurt. Your piece came in time ^^ It was really nice. I loved it so much. Thanks for sharing ^^
Chapter 1: Yay! First comment!! I love it!~~ The story I mean... I love the story!! You should do a follow-up... idk... maybe with a little more heated scenes? Kekeke Saranghae~