Still I Need You

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Sunggyu just dropped his second solo album and everything is happening too fast for him. How he climbed up the charts at breakneck speed, how his album became a best-seller in a snap of fingers, how his second solo was welcomed with cheers both from fans and idols equally... Everything was so different than when he made his first solo two years ago... way too different that he was losing it. He didn't know what to do...

He needed someone to be there for him, hug him, caress his hair, tell him he would do a good job and that everything would be okay...

He needed Woohyun... He needed his best-friend.

But his best-friend was not there for him.


Part 1:  Still I'm Lonely

Part 2: Still I Need You

Part 3: ---------------------

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KIM Sunggyu


NAM Woohyun






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YasuharaNiwa #1
Chapter 1: Have been reading this multiple times. Still crying everytime T.T
Chapter 1: It's beautiful and hurtful :(((((

Pls, update the 3rd part authornim :''''''))))))))
skgenting #3
Chapter 1: Authornim...when are you going to update this...ive been rereading it thousand times and I want to know the ending...please...^^
Chapter 1: ㅠ.ㅠ
Chapter 1: ....dude...please, I need another gahhhh it's so sad.....Sunggyu needs Woohyun and I'm pretty sure he's oblivious to his own feelings towards Woohyun....and gosh....poor Woohyun...he's being friend zoned and he seriously loves Sunggyu but it's hurting him....and just gosh it has to hurt seeing Sunggyu like this while knowing he could fix it and yet knowing it's going to hurt him and could possibly ruin their it makes me feel helpless....
And while I was reading this, I couldn't help but to think of their song "Man in Love" I was just thinking of Woohyun loving Sunggyu and just yeah....with Woohyun's voice and the situation in the story, i I feel like "Man in love" can be turned into a very bitter Ballad piece.....
sha_alina19 #6
Chapter 1: Are u gonna update next sequel?? Please update . Huu...this is sad...huuu..(╥_╥)
Chapter 1: Hii author-nim!! Please update this!! We need a part 3!! My heart is aching at this sadness, I need a happy ending please
Chapter 1: We need part 3. I just looked at the published date for this one and it's in Oct 2015
lifebooks_music #9
Please update the next chapter soon if you can. I need a happy Woogyu. They can't hate each other!!! You are an amazing writer!!
Chapter 1: i hope you update soon^^ ♥