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About Me

HI !!! HI !!! HI !!! :D :D ;D

Errmmm What to say about me ???.....I'm a shy mostly antisocial girl (Hehehe) with the internet as my

Best friend , My likes includeee

1. Anime (Yes I like cardcaptor sakura , DIGIMON ! , Beyblade , DBZ etc SUE ME !!)

2. Manga (Yes I'm sure you expected that  hehehe)

3. Fooodd ( Girls gotta eat )

4. Detective novels ( Mostly Agatha Christie...though I have no dective skills whatsoever )

5.MY violin ( Though i can only play TWINKLE TWINKLE PROPERLY )

6. LAST BUT NOT LEAST >>>>>INFINITE<<<<<< Their amazing !!!

7. Psst I have a new love which I thought wasn't possible anyone here love Gfriend??? Buddies ahoy!