Still I'm lonely, even if you're here

Still I'm Lonely
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The four youngsters along with Dongwoo were all gathered at the door, whether putting their shoes or jackets on. Woohyun was snuggled in a blanket on the couch and looking at them with that usual puppy face of his. It's not that he wanted to join them or anything, he was just sad that they were all leaving him here alone. Howon and Dongwoo had came in earlier and asked if some of them wanted to join the dancers on an outing because it's been a while since they'd had a day off. The maknae line instantly agreed, but Woohyun wanted to take that day for relaxing... maybe Sunggyu was rubbing off on him...



'' Hyun-ah, Sunggyu hyung is resting in his room, you can always go up and stay with him if you don't want to be alone'' Dongwoo told him from his place at the door's entrance.



The main vocal nodded with a hum and bid the others goodbye as they left the apartment quite loudly. Woohyun sulked on the couch for some minutes, eyes stuck to the grey carpet with the tv playing some dumb things in the background. It's only after fifteen minutes, when he got bored out of his mind, that he decided to do something. He stood up from the couch with a loud lazy growl and blanket still wrapped around his body like he wanted to become a caterpillar. Feet dragged on the carpet as Woohyun shuffled slowly to his bedroom where he discarded the blanket to the ground only to grab his jacket and throw it onto his body.



Once again, he strutted back into the living room to the front door, dragging his feet to the ground, and then slipped his shoes on before taking one of the caps displayed near the door. He didn't even care to look if the cap was one of his own or not and walked out of the appartment. Not wanting to wait for the elevator, Woohyun took the stairs and climbed up to the floor just over. His feet reached the door by themselves and he didn't not even need to think about the password, his fingers moving on their own. Yadong's and the leader's dorm was way cleaner than the other's, first thing he noticed, but it also held a darker mood.



Woohyun heaved a deep sigh and took off his shoes, hung his jacket by the door and slowly made his way into the apartment. He knew where Sunggyu's room was for having came there often before. He didn't took time to knock on the door and pushed it open since it was kept ajar. The leader's room was dark from closed lights and opaque curtains drawn over windows. Woohyun spotted the older laying in his bed, all curled up into his white blanket with only his head and one arm being seen. The main vocal quietly stepped further in and sat on the bed, eyes landing onto the other's peaceful sleeping face.



He always thought Sunggyu was really cute and attractive... even more when he was asleep, he had that innocent looks child had. Woohyun really wanted to run his hand in his light brown hair and his chubby cheek, but he knew how light a sleeper his leader was. Sunggyu had been so busy with their Dilemma tour and his new solo album that was about to be released, he needed rest. Woohyun moved and got himself under the blankets and laid by his leader, right hand going up and linking his fingers with Sunggyu's longer ones. That had the older shifting and he whined cutely before blinking his small eyes open.



'' Woohyun?'' He asked with a sleepy hoarse voice.



Woohyun smiled at him and intertwined their fingers, sensing the older hold a bit tighter on him. '' Yeah it's just me. Go back to sleep''



The older tugged on his hand, silently asking for the other to get closer to him. It had Woohyun giggling lightly at his gesture before complying to him. He moved closer to his leader, breaking the link of their hands to wrap his arm around Sunggyu's partially torso. He nuzzled his face in his hyung's shoulder, Sunggyu's arm going around his body as if it was meant to be there. It may have been weird for anyone else, but the seven of them often spent night together, the main vocals more often than the others and with Woohyun's clingy nature, for them to hug was something normal.



'' How's your throat?'' Sunggyu asked quietly after some time of silence.



Woohyun sighed, he'd had an inflamation for some days now and Sunggyu wouldn't stop pestering him about it. '' Fine, it didn't worsen''



'' You didn't have it checked'' It was more of a statement than anything else.



The younger groaned '' No, because it's fine''



''We have the dream concert in two weeks'' The leader stopped, letting his words stuck to his friend's brain '' If by then it's not gone, you'll go have a check up''



The younger cursed and moved so he could lock eyes with his hyung '' Gyu, It'll be-''



But the harsh look in Sunggyu's eyes were clearly telling him it was not a suggestion '' I'm not asking for your opinion Hyun. If I have to cancel my schedule and drag you there myself, I will.''



The main vocal smiled widely at him, giggled and dropped his head on the pillow, looking at his hyung. '' And I know you'd do it for real''



Sunggyu slid his hand higher and laced his long fingers with the younger's silky brown locks. He sighed deeply as he locked eyes with his younger friend. Why was the younger so careless about his own health when he was endlessly nagging Sunggyu about taking his pills, eating correctly, sleeping enough and whatnots?



'' I worry about you Hyunnie, someone has to if you're so thickheaded about not taking care of yourself'' Sunggyu replied, tone rougher than he wanted it to be.



The younger pouted and lowered his eyes. He had to admit he was reckless with himself, that he was getting hurt often and not doing anything about it. The only time he ever really listened to the doctors was when he hurt his shoulder but he did because he was told that if he was not letting it heal well... that there were possibilities he could lose fluidity thus not be able to use his arm during dances ever again.



''I know you're concerned about me Hyunnie'' Sunggyu whispered kindly, brushing some stray strands away from the younger's handsome face '' But I know what I have to do okay? Worry a bit less about me and think more about yourself, hmm?''



Woohyun his lips anxiously and hummed in agreement, sending a little smile to his friend as he lifted his eyes up to look into those beautiful dark eyes of Sunggyu's. He didn't say anything else, instead pushed the older to lay onto his back and scooted closer to his body, laying his head on his chest, nose nuzzled near his neck. The leader didn't say anything about his behavior, Woohyun was naturally clingy to everyone in the group, particularly to the leader for unknown reasons. The younger inserted his right hand und

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CardCaptorMew #1
Chapter 2: Ahhh! You Updated this !!!I really liked this story when I read it a while back !!!!
Please don't Make it be A tragedy TT TT
I dunno, I'm hurt when read the fanfic. Woohyun love is unrequited.. I hope you make a sequel. please. :(
fifisukidesu #3
Chapter 1: aish, i have been feeling emotional for days and then i stumbled upon this and ah damn, im trying not to cry and make a fool out of myself but this gave me so much feels~~
xxxmyung #4
I ... I didn't quite catch the angst tag I'm so... please tell me you're thinking about a sequel ;A; It's beautiful ;u;♡
Why does the picture looks so cute?
Chapter 1: aww, poor hyunnie ;-; please tell me there will be a sequel and a happy woogyu couple ;-;
btstaekookie #7
Chapter 1: That picture though. Is it edited or real? :o
Anyway, I wish you'd do a sequel for this. :(
Chapter 1: Please please please do a sequel. This is too beautiful. I cried reading this. Thumbs up author-nim
Aww whyyy, poor woohyunnie, i demand a sequel please, we dont know sunggyu side story, how he is actual feel about woohyun ;;
skgenting #10
This better have sequel :)