EXO in the TARDIS.

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Take the popular South Korean K-Pop boy group EXO.



Take the Doctor, from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous, with his TARDIS and his craziness.



Take Jennifer, who is a diehard fan of both, the Doctor and K-Pop.


Set off on a crazy adventure with the craziest team you could put together!

See them encounter Sontarans and Zygons and other alien life forms! See them encounter their past and future selves and narrowly escape tearing a hole in the fabric of reality!

See them hover in space among the stars and so much more!

Also, see how Jennifer understands the meaning of the statement ‘You should never meet your heroes!’




(Putting this story back up, now that I've written a few chapters in advance, have made a few modifications. Updates will be one chapter per week, either on a Friday or a Saturday.)


Welcome all Whovians and non-Whovians! This new fanfic is the result of my very recent obsession with Doctor Who, especially the Tenth Doctor! ;)

I don't know how many of you guys actually watch Doctor Who.  I've tried to explain stuff that you absolutely need to know, in the story. But I doubt its going to make a lot of sense to a non-Whovian, because I make a load of references to actual events in the series!

However, I  do hope it will motivate more of you to watch Doctor Who, which I highly recommend! You are bound to love it if you are a Harry Potter fan. Honestly, I really cannot see how anyone can not like Doctor Who! :3

Also *SPOILERS ALERT*  for people  who haven't watched all episodes of New Who, at least the seasons with the 10th Doctor, because I will be basing the story mostly in the 10th Doctor's timeline, and you might want to stay away if you don't like spoilers! :D  (I also might bring in the 11th and 12th Doctors)

This was going to be pure crack/comedy, but I turned out to be horrible at that and this is what it resulted in! Don't judge me too hard if it's a complete fail. I did try my best!

Well, that's about all. Have fun reading the story! Do leave me comments and feedback. Thanks :D


Ps: The story is on subscribers-only mode, because I really want to get to know the Whovian-Kpoppers around here :3 I might take it off subscribers-only mode, though, because I want every Whovian who comes across it to read it. I'll only pray that you do subscribe if you find it interesting enough :)


Pps: Updates will be weekly, probably every Friday or Saturday :)


Ppps: I know Jennifer looks Asian in that picture, but she isn't supposed to be. She is English. :3


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"Suho hyung!" Kai nearly screamed in frustration from the floor, after having been knocked over by Suho for the sixth time in a row, "You are supposed to be moving to your right. TO.YOUR.RIGHT!"

"Ah sorry, Jongin-ah!" Suho apologised, abashed, picking himself off the floor and holding out a hand to help Kai, "I'm clearly not in form today."

"Let's take a break, please!" Chen whined, collapsing on the floor, exhausted from the three hour long practice.

"Everybody take ten minutes!" Suho announced, before throwing himself down flat on the floor, next to Chen, and yelling, "Someone get me water! Please!"

"Hyung, catch!" yelled a voice, somewhere to his right and before he could adequately react to it, a bottle hit him with a thwack on the nose.

"Ouch!" Suho groaned, knocked back to the ground, "For the love of all that is holy, Oh Sehun! Some warning would have been nice!"

"Sorry hyung!" Sehun called out lazily, from where he was sitting.

"Can we go back to the dorms early tonight?" D.O. asked, pouting, "Doctor Who is on tonight, and I really want to catch that episode!"

​Everyone, except Kai and Kris, rolled their eyes at this recent obsession D.O, had developed with the British series, Doctor Who. D.O. claimed that it helped him in improving his 'Engrish' and Kai sometimes joined him. Kris claimed to have already watched all the seasons and would join them on rare occasions.

"NO, we aren't going until we have perfected this routine!" Suho said firmly.

"But, hyuuuuuung~~~~" D.O. whined, in what he assumed was a cute manner.

"Don't ever do that again, Dyo Kyungsoo." Suho shuddered, "It's creepy."

"Okay, let's get back to practice now!" Kai called, already getting back in position, "I wanted to catch that episode with Kyungie hyung too, and you're the one lagging behind the most, Suho hyung!"

Suho grumbled something about his position as leader being usurped and got to his feet. 

"Hurry up! Hurry up!" Kai called bossily, hauling Tao and Sehun roughly to their feet. Slowly, everyone gathered in their positions, grumbling their guts out.

"Kyungie hyung! Can you start the music?" Kai called from his position. But D.O seemed to be frozen in his place.

"Hyung!" Kai called again, but D.O. lifted a hand to silence him.

"Do you hear that?" he asked, his eyes as wide as an owl's.

"Hear what?" Kai asked impatiently.

"The thrumming!" D.O declared excitedly.

"The what?" half the members asked together, shooting D.O. bewildered looks. The other half strained their ears trying to hear whatever D.O was talking about.

“That metallic thrumming that could only mean one thing!” D.O was screaming now.

“Eh?” Kai gaped at him.

“The TARDIS! I hear the TARDIS!” D.O. started jumping up and down like a hyper excited little kid and running out of that practice room to the next room from where the sound seemed to be emanating.

"Oh great! That series has finally made him go nuts!" Xiumin deadpanned, as they followed their member out of the room

"No really!" D.O. flapped his arms around like an excited mother hen, "Listen to it! Listen!"

"Kyungsoo, none of us can hear anyth-HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!" Suho jumped back with a yell, some sort of a structure materialized in the centre of the practice room, producing a metallic thrumming sound.

"What in the world is that?" Lay asked, staring at it in awe.

"It's a blue box." Chen said, gaping like a fish.

"It's the TARDIS!" D.O. gave an excited squeal.

"The what?" Luhan asked, scratching his head.

"T.A.R.D.I.S! Time And Relative Dimension In Space!" D.O. yelled out, as though stating the most obvious thing on earth.

"What?" came a voice from the direction of the box. Everyone turned to see a young man in a trench coat and a girl around the age of twenty peeking out of the box.

"It's the Doctor!" D.O. squealed like a dying fangirl.

"What?" the man turned to D.O. his eyes wide, while the girl gasped.

"What?" the rest of EXO turned to D.O. as well, looking thoroughly confused.

"The Doctor! The Tenth Doctor!" D.O. waved his arms around, trying to make the others understand. 

The man looked at D.O. like he had never ever seen something so unusual.



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