My Sanctuary | My Prison


Jessica finds out why Taeyeon has been treating her so badly and it’s not quite what she expects. TaengSic. Canon verse. PG.


This story has probably been told a million times already, but I wanted to do my take on it. I just wanted to write some more adolescent stuff because I really like writing for emotionally volatile characters and what better than confused teenagers?

A story of self-discovery. Lots of angst (as always) and gay-panic ahead.



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HOLY. Woah, thanks everyone! This is super cool :D


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HeekuTheMarshmallow #1
Chapter 1: I'm allergic to cliffhangers TT
rereading. I miss taengsic
Chapter 10: i love this so much 🥲
Chapter 1: re-reading this gem
Chapter 6: So fluffy, so pathetic and so addicting
Chapter 1: first chapter and I'm already spazzing like mad woman. My boss's looking at me, i think he's considering either to kick me out from this office or not. and yeah, Im reading this while working hehe
I'm gonna read every taengsic story you wrote
Chapter 10: This is my go-to story everytime I miss taengsic. I keep going back here to read this masterpiece again and again. This story is just sooo good.
lalatreese #9
Chapter 10: reading this again and all the feels are still the same 😭
Randomreader4444 #10
Chapter 10: Ahh i loved this so much. The whole story was written so beautifully