Black Gold [discontinued]

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Jessica Jung, a talented witch, transfers to her new school and ends up getting tangled up with a group of rivaling witches, but more curiously, a shape shifter. OT9. Harry Potter/Supernatural/College AU. PG-13.


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Taengsic heavy (maybe there will be some other couples, or hints of them), but mostly, OT9.

I wanted to do a boarding-school story and I wanted to do a supernatural story, so I thought it’d be fun to do a combination of the two. This is loosely based on the HP universe.

Thought it’d be fun to structure this like a TV series as well. So 10 episodes per season. I want to make this a visual story too, so I’ll be looking for help. Should anyone want to be part of a project, or know a good graphics shop, please shoot me a message. I’d be happy to pay you in karma points for your help. You guys are going to love what I figured out how to do :)


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(Is that even possible? I just don't want to do all this work for no readers haha)




Thanks very much for the interest :) Here’s a second teaser image for you guys in the meantime. I’ll be working hard until then.


Series Premiere is June 1, 2016.

See you cool cats then.


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Oh wow, thanks for the Halloween feature, guys! This is really cool :O Thank you to everyone who's ever commented and/or upvoted this! ❤️


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Fire_trek 357 streak #1
Chapter 23: You don’t even know the scream I let out at 1:30 in the morning because of Yoona! Like I started to tear up when Everyone was talking to her especially Taeyeon and when she was going to break her neck I couldn’t get myself to read it. Then I did and I’m glad I did! I can’t believe Yoona could talk during her transformation, she really is a nagual! Good lord, thank you! And I know you didn’t finish this story which is your prerogative, author nim, I’m just happy you shared this beautiful story with us. Thank you for the wonderful experience and I’ll see you on your other stories!
Fire_trek 357 streak #2
Chapter 22: No! Not my baby Yoong! Say it isn’t so, author nim! I guess we’ll see what happens next but I knew something was up with YoonYul, I just didn’t comment on it before.. but wow, this is getting intense, I did not see this coming.
Fire_trek 357 streak #3
Chapter 21: Wow, that’s crazy! Taeyeon’s parents are North Korean spies set to weaponize and expose the wizarding world? Talk about plot twists, this is a huge one and now you’re telling me she’s a nagual? I’m glad she’s not of those brain dead chimeras, I’m actually happy she’s a successful shapeshifter. Now off to get her parents I guess.. hey these girls came a long way from being rivals to pseudo allies to essentially being a wolf pack! I’m glad, let’s go
Fire_trek 357 streak #4
Chapter 20: Well that’s creepy about Taeyeon’s parents. I wonder what Seohyun found.. and talk about a great chapter, I love seeing their personalities bloom and character development! Also when did Tiffany become so savage from “only pretty girls allowed” to “ no Gryffindor witches” she was hilarious this chapter. And I love Yuri and her not knowing about simple human things like biology, she’s so adorable
Fire_trek 357 streak #5
Chapter 19: You really are out doing yourself on these gifs and chapters, author nim! And just like some Dragon Ball Taeyeon is alive! I’m glad the wolf vs. fox thing was finally put to rest with Yuri finding some gumiho healing magic and totally bringing Taeyeon back like that. That’s the most impressive power yet in this series..and with Taengsic confessing to each other(and the girls teasing them lol) let’s see how everything changes
Fire_trek 357 streak #6
Chapter 18: Wow, Taeyeon’s really going through it. I heard when people are on the cusp of dying that they start having flashbacks about their lives. I hope that’s not what’s happening with her. Everybody is panicking and freaking out but she just wants her parents it seems. Or maybe she’s just trying to sort out her feelings about them. I hope she makes it through though..
Fire_trek 357 streak #7
Chapter 17: This is so flippin amazing! So much action and the storytelling is on par with any of the great action books I’ve read, seriously! I love this story so much and the progression of it is insane. I hope they weren’t getting caged in.. what If Taeyeon’s parents are behind this? Do we even get that far into the story before it’s discontinued? I hope.. and speaking of Taeyeon.. please tell me she’s alright? Like she can’t die right? She’s like the main character but Author nim could be pulling some Dragon Ball Z by killing off the lead.. idk, but amazing work!
Fire_trek 357 streak #8
Chapter 16: Another great chapter. I see they are getting closer as a unit which is good. Just so you know, I don’t read the other comments that people post, I just read the chapter and leave my comments, so I don’t know what people have said. No spoilers! I see the whole fox vs wolf thing is still happening between Yuri and Taeyeon, Yuri just needs to be more comfortable with herself, I think. And the Taengsic is flourishing!
Fire_trek 357 streak #9
Chapter 15: Ahh, Taeny just being Taeny! And then you have Taengsic and Jessica transforming into a cat to lay between Taeyeon’s legs.. you’re not slick! lol can I just say how much I love Yuri and her whole trying to “feel/be” more human subplot, it comes off so cute and endearing especially with the whole bat scenario and her becoming embarrassed with the girls laughing at her thing. I love this story so much
Fire_trek 357 streak #10
Chapter 14: Yes, this was everything. I like how involved everyone is now. From everybody learning about Yuri and Taeyeon to them taking down halfers and trying to wing it by “camping” it’s really cool to see everyone’s dynamic and how they react to one another. Sooyoung really impressed me this chapter, she and Hyoyeon stood out to me the most. I hope Tiffany gets her confidence back because it’s weird seeing her like this.. let them make it back safely