Room 1117

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Karina struggles with coming to terms with her orientation, but luckily her roommate, Winter, is the most supportive friend ever. Winrina/Jiminjeong. College AU. PG-13+.




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Son of a . I fell down another rabbit hole. I love them so much, please send help 😫


P.S. - It’s been so long that I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to write anymore, so sorry if it’s rough. Pretty much wrote this whole thing on my phone. Also, I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this yet, so the rating might...escalate if you're familiar with my work lol.


Thank you guys for getting this featured! ❤️ Didn't realize how popular jmj is when I started this fic, haha.


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Myhaefen #1
Chapter 9:
I just finished the whole thing and this is seriously ridiculously adorable :'( I mean I'm all about roommate/friends/bestfriends with wifey behaviors then jealousy during their ual awakening. But everything about this story is just so cute, even the supposed side 'bad' guys are cute. This reminds me so much of the vamps' I found a girl 😂

Thank you so much for this, what a wonderful weekend to enjoy this story <3
Chapter 4: darn. i love their dynamics akshdhs shy jimin x bold minjeong
Chapter 3: oh wow. that's every gay girl who's crushing on their roommate's dream kasjdgdhsjs
Chapter 1: this is giving me war flashbacks from when i admitted im gay to my roommate skjshddh
Cyndrux #5
Chapter 4: Bold Winter is everything for shy gay Karina
Cyndrux #6
Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Bruhh it escalated v quick I like it🤣
Cyndrux #7
Chapter 1: Whattt, that's so sweet of Winter 😭
Chapter 4: Goodness them! 🤣
Chapter 1: Coming out is not easy . So happy for K ! 😭😭
Rereading this again since i can't sleep