MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)
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"What?", I widened my eyes at Bom who is still gawking at me. She was sitting in silence while following my every move with her eyes. It's creepy, it's distracting and it's getting on my nerves.

I really hate it when the Marketing Department has a lot of free time in their hands because that only means Bom has a lot of free time in her hands which, I can assure you, will not be used for the benefits of mankind. A bored Bom is BAD NEWS! <- all caps and with an exclamation point at the end. Well, not for everyone, but for me.

But she's my bestfriend. I love her and all that shizz so I put up with her.

"Krystal is right. You're pathetic.", she said after a while.

Screw friendship. I hate Bom.

"Get out", I pointed at the door and focused on the documents that I was reading. How dare her side with my enemy?

"Do you think I won't know about it? Drink Buddy Donghae invited you out again and since you didn't tell me about it, I'm pretty sure you have your mind set on accompanying him - like a good puppy that you are. P-a-t-h-e-t-i-c", she accusingly looked at me.

Believe it or not, Bom has this network of sources within the office. That's why she's the Queen of Marketing (and gossips). And of course, she uses the information that she have acquired for her own demented goals. It's quite frightening, actually.

"He's my friend. What's so wrong about getting a few drinks with my friend?", I argued.

This coming Saturday will be hectic. I'm supposed to meet Jiyong in the morning and we'll be undergoing the so-called Girlfriend Training for the whole day, according to the jerk. I'm not sure what he's up to but it got me really curious. Girlfriend Training? That guy is really unpredictable. He didn't even text me the time or place. Is he going to pick me up on my apartment?

On the other hand, I will meet Donghae at night of the same day. Jiyong in the morning, Donghae at night. I'm such a sinner hahahaha! (kidding)

"Dara, everytime you meet Donghae, you always have your hopes up afterwards. You always end up thinking that maybe, he likes you too because of the way he treats you."

Bummer. She really has to bring that up again, doesn't she?

"He already made it clear that I'm just a drink buddy to him during the Christmas Party. I won't be delusional again, don't worry"

"Don't say I didn't warn you", she glared at me.

Believe me, I won't. I still value my life, thank you very much.



For the crime bosses to gather in one room is an exceptional and rare event. The officers of different ranks were seated in a round table with carvings of Chinese Zodiac Animals. There are 2 distinct seats compared to the others - the seat of the Deputy Mountain Master occupied by GD and the seat of the Dragon Head who, of course, is not present except for a laptop on the table set up by the Dragon Head's unit. The meeting is being transmitted to wherever their leader is.

The Blue Lanterns (uninitiated Triad Members) were being eliminated one by one before their scheduled Initiation rites to be an official Triad member. This is causing unrest within the organization. After all, the list of Blue Lanterns' names is a confidential information known only to a chosen few. For this reason, an emergency meeting was called.

"Is there a conflict within some of the members?", the Red Pole asked.

"Internal war? It's impossible", the Incense Master grimly shook his head.

"Have you forgotten how the leader of the Macau branch was ousted? And how Koi and Wai battle it out?", the room fell silent at the Vanguard's remark.

It was the time when Macau was deemed as the Monte Carlo of the Orient, the gambling industry was legalized and Triads immediately moved in to take control. Wai together with Broken Tooth Koi ousted their leader Ping Mo-ding. This is one of the most notorious fights within the Triad. The two partners were successful in eliminating their boss but their partnership didn't last. Wan considered Broken Tooth Koi a threat and ordered an attack against he and his men. Koi retaliated and an internal war erupted between the two. It's betrayal followed by another betrayal.

"Do you think there's a 25 who managed to infiltrate us?"

Nervous murmurs filled the room.

"ENOUGH", GD's booming voice cut them off. His eyebrows were mashed together as he dangerously glared at all the Triad officers. The mention of a 25 in the presence of the Deputy Mountain Master is almost like an insult. A 25 is a slang for 'traitor', which can possibly be an undercover agent or a spy from other underground units. Triads prided themselves of being impenetrable and saying that a 25 successfully mixed with them is a big blow to the entire organization.

Tension filled the air when GD stood up.

"We don't need more speculations. We need to", he started.

"White Paper Fan, freeze the Blue Lantern recruitment. Straw Sandal and Red Pole, round up all the remaining Blue Lanterns and relocate them in one of our safehouses overseas", GD continued to give instructions.

Minutes later, the meeting was adjourned. There's still a lot to do.

TOP let out an exasperated sigh as soon as their unit reached their headquarters.

"Ironic, isn't it?", Youngbae suddenly said after staring at the Triad emblem framed on the wall.

"What is?", Daesung asked.

"The organization was initially created to restore peace. Funny how it turned out to be a black society", Youngbae answered as he collapsed on the couch.

It was an open secret that the Triad is formerly a patriotic society that started as a resistance against the Manchu Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. But after their success, the rebels lost the donations coming from the public and were left extremely poor. This is where things get out of proportion. The former rebels regrouped and resorted to illegal activities to support themselves. They grew in number and their crimes multiplied until they become known as one of the biggest underground organization in the world.

GD silently sat behind his desk.

There's so much to do. Yet they haven't found that man - the sole descendant of the Hung Clan, the clan that started the Heaven and Earth Society - which is now known as the Triad Society.

He frowned at the thought.

"Boss, you look twice your age! Shall I call Sulli to relieve your stress?", Seungri winked at him.


"Shut up, rat. He needs the other stress reliever. Right, boss?", TOP winked at him. GD gave him a confused look.

"Tomorrow is Saturday", TOP simply said.

A smile immediately formed at the corner of GD's lips. Right, tomorrow is Saturday - the day he's supposed to meet Stress Reliever Sandara Park.



Ahhhh, Saturday morning. Nothing beats tossing around in bed and sleeping a few hours more on a rest day.

I shifted my weight to the other side to continue my sleep and drift to dreamla-...

"KYYYYYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", I abruptly bolted upright, rolled at the opposite side of the bed and fell down the floor with a big thud.


"KWON JIYONG, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!", I screamed like no other at the cocky jerk sitting on the chair beside my bed with his legs crossed and his chin resting on his palms propped on his elbows. Was he watching me while I sleep?!!!!

"Waking you up", he lazily said.

W-Waking me up? WAKING ME UP?! Can he fcking hear himself?!

"Do you know how creepy that sounds?! You trespassed in my apartment, pulled the chair from my kitchen and sat there beside my bed - watching me sleep! Which one is the waking-you-up part?!!!!", I was on the verge of hysterics. GAAAHHDD!! He scared the living bejeezus out of me!! Hello, Hannibal Lecter anyone? It reminds me of the movie where Hannibal opened the head of a guy while talking with Clarise in a very calm voice and grilled a part of the guy's brain and ate it! <*shiver>

"You're awake now, aren't you? That's the waking-you-up part"


He nonchalantly stood up and strode towards me. I remained seated on the floor while nursing my back as I scowled at the approaching jerk.

"Get up", he offered his hand and helped me stood up. He then went to the kitchen, dragging the chair with him. His face is devoid of emotions once again. Seriously, Jiyong has sudden autistic lapses. You just can't tell whether he's paying attention or not.

"How did you get in here?", I asked.

"I remember your keycode"

"How dare you! Now, I'll have to change it"

He just shrugged his shoulders. I followed him in the kitchen and there, I found Jiyong pouring a glass of water. He then handed it to me. Hmmmm.... At least he's quite attentive to my needs today.

"Start of Girlfriend Training", he blurted out.

"'Kay", I murmured while drinking.

"You have to kiss me"

The water LITERALLY shoots out of my mouth, creating a puddle of mess on the floor. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY?!

I forcibly gulped down the remaining water inside my mouth and looked at him with blazing fury that will hopefully turn him into a pile of ashes.

"That's how couples greet and say goodbye to each other, right?", he smirked at me while his eyes sparkled mischievously. I feel like throwing the bedside lamp at him. He should be thankful we're out of my room.

"I just woke up Jiyong. I will rip your head off if you don't stop with your funky ideas", I warned him. Surely, nobody will be a ball of sunshine if someone shows up unannounced beside their bed!

"It's already 9am, go prepare. I'll just go out for a while", he said afterwards.

I grumpily marched towards my bedroom to take a shower.

After taking a bath, I went out of my room and found Jiyong sitting on the couch in the living room. He looked at me and frowned. I frowned back and surveyed myself. I'm wearing a flowy dress that drops up to my knee and a pair of flat shoes (yes, I got rid of those damn stilettos!).

"What?", I asked.

"Nothing. You look good"

"Oh...Thanks", I muttered and diverted my gaze.

Dont blush Dara! Ugh! Why is my heartbeat racing because of a simple compliment from him?

"<*cough> So, what is this Girlfriend Training?", I asked with the most calm and collected voice I could muster.

"You'll see. After this, nobody in your office will get suspicious that our relationship is fake"

"Greattttt", I sarcastically said. Does he really think I will believe that? This Girlfriend Training is obviously his answer to my Boyfriend Training. Kekekekeke, revenge time!

His face turned stoic all of a sudden, as if he was able to see through my plan.

"I'm awfully serious about this Girlfriend Training, geek. Don't try to sabotage it", he said in a very serious tone. Okay, now I'm scared.

"FINE!", I huffed in frustration. So unfair! He sabotaged my Boyfriend Training and yet, I have to do this.

"Good. Start cooking for our lunch.", he instructed.


"How is this part of the training?"

"I'll just explain everything to you at the end of the day", he replied and gave me a smirk. I eyed him suspiciously.

"I placed the things you need in the kitchen", he added.

"You shopped for ingredients?", I asked and shivered at the thought. I can just tell from the way he smiles that the moment I go to the kitchen, I will see some weird animal that I would have to butcher. If I see a big lizard or monkey in there, I swear I will kill Jiyong with the nearest kitchen knife I could grab.

I walked past him while cursing him under my breath and....OH MY GOD!!! A freaking live chicken is on my kitchen table!!!!



My skin is itching with irritation. I turned my head elsewhere. The sight of this jerk is bringing some evil thoughts in my head - like murdering him for example. Calm down, Dara. That's right, think of rainbows and kittens. Happy thoughts...Happy thoughts.

"Jiyong...", I started.


Happy thoughts

"I can't kill a chicken", I said in an icy tone.

"It's really easy, actually"

"How is that easy? Please enlighten me, master."

To my utter horror, he strode towards the sink with the helpless chicken in hand, grabbed a knife and was about to slit its throat!!!

"EEKK!!! Put it down! Put it down!", I shrieked while jumping on my spot and flailing my arms frantically, I was absolutely mortified! All happy thoughts are blown by the wind.

"But this is lunch", he calmly said and aimed the damn knife on the chicken's throat again.

"GAHH! OH GOD! Please put it down! PUT IT DOWN!", I screamed in panic.

"Okay. There's a raw chicken in that plastic bag, cook that one instead"

He's a psycho!

"Then why did you buy a live chicken in the first place?!!"

"To see that mortified look on your face, hahahaha!"

Curse you!!!

I angrily snatched the knife away from him and started chopping the vegetables. He just leaned his back on the wall and crossed his arms while watching me. HMPH!!

"Don't pout. The food won't taste good if you're like that", the nerve of this guy!

"Will you stop talki-", I accidentally toppled the glass that I used a while ago. I knew it will come crashing to the floor in just a couple of seconds and I was ready to jump away.

Here's the odd part. Before the glass even hit the ground, Jiyong was able to kick it upwards like a soccer ball and was able to catch it in midair. He then nonchalantly placed it in the sink while I stood frozen on my spot.

"Wow", I stared at him in amazement.

"That's some ninja skills you got there!", I excitedly exclaimed.

"Have you really cooked before? Without admitting yourself in the Emergency Room afterwards?"

My smile faded. This ba$tard!

A couple of minutes later, I proudly placed down the bowl on the table. Hah!! Success! I was able to finish the dish without losing any fingers!

"Try it", I beamed at him. He took a bite and looked at me, bewildered.

"What's this?"

"Spicy chicken"

"Yup, it's spicy alright. Did you put the whole factory of chili powder in here?"

"Omo, is it that spicy?"

"Dara, I can't even feel my tongue anymore. If I eat one more spoonful, I think I'll go blind."


"Please stay away from the kitchen from now on", he added.

"Shut up"

"I pity your future husband"


"How will you feed him with this kind of revolting food?"

"We will live in McDonald's, you arrogant pig!", I screamed in annoyance and marched out of the there. Hell, I will never set foot in this blasted kitchen again!



Seungri continued to laugh like a hyena as they loomed in the shadows. They were trailing behind GD and Dara, who are now engaged in a new battle as soon as they stepped off Dara's apartment. Topic of argument: the chicken.

TOP, Youngbae, Seungri and Daesung were the ones assigned to be always in a close distance with GD while the rest of the Deputy Mountain Master's unit were scattered.

From where they are hiding, they can vividly hear Dara's annoyed voice. Judging from her expression, she's clearly a few minutes away from blowing GD's skull off with a bazooka.

Apparently, GD found a new liking towards the live chicken that was supposed to be their lunch. He is now craddling it on his arms while petting its head as he coolly walks beside Dara - who is totally losing it.

"KWON JIYONG! Get rid of that damn chicken!", Dara covered her face with her bag as she continued to walk hurriedly, away from the curious glances of the bystanders.

"Why? It's so cute. Here, hold her", GD shoved it towards her face, making Dara shriek in pure horror.

"EWWWWW!!!! Get away from me! GET AWAY!"

"HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH!! Holy fck, my stomach!!", Seungri was slapping the tree while clutching his stomach. This is the most ridiculous sight he has ever seen - his boss petting a chicken just to infuriate a girl. He can't believe he's looking at the same guy who can mercilessly wipe out an entire rival gang without batting an eyelash. He can probably die tomorrow with a contented heart because he has lived long enough to see this.

Daesung is wiping his tears as he was also laughing out loud together with Seungri. In a near distance, TOP and Youngbae were giggling maniacally behind the newspapers they were holding. They were finding it difficult to be inconspicuous when tailing GD and Dara.

"You should get along with her", GD said, while forcing himself not to roll on the ground and laugh at Dara's stupefied face.

"No, thanks."

"Seriously, you should get along with her. From now on, she's our pet"

"What do you mean she's OUR pet?! Don't you dare!! DON'T.YOU.DARE!"

"I'll leave her on your apartment so you'll be the one to take care of her"

"<*GASP> No freaking way"

"Yes freaking way"


"Kiss Mommy", and he shoved the chicken on Dara's face once again.

"EEEEKKK!!!!!!!!", she exclaimed in disgust.

"OH MY GAHHDDDDD! I'm dying! I'M DYING!!!", Seungri collapsed on the ground while roaring into a fit of hysterical laughter.



Thank goodness he's not carrying the damn chicken anymore! I don't even want to know where he left it.

How is this part of Girlfriend Training? He's just playing pranks on me!

"Where are we going now?", I asked without even looking at him. I will certainly pummel him to death with my handbag if he brings me to a place that will require us to butcher chickens, or any other animals for that matter.

"We're here", he said and entered the gate of an apartment building. I frowned in confusion and followed Jiyong.

"What are we going to do here?", I asked.

"Wait here", he said and instructed me to sit on the couch of the visitor's area on the ground floor.

I have a very bad feeling about this. The kind of feeling that makes you want to rewind your day to a certain System Restore point. My instinct is telling me - no, my instinct is practically screaming and cursing at me to run the hell out of there because something awfully WRONG is bound to happen.

When Jiyong came back, he was craddling an infant on his arms and a toddler was following him from behind, his thumb.

Uh-oh. Alarm bells are ringing on my head in FULL BLAST.

He introduced me to the toddler, Jeuk Yoon, and to the baby he's carrying, Ta Jun. The two kids are siblings, apparently. The kids' father is his co-employee, he said.

"We're going to take care of them for a few hours"

"Wait, what?"

"Their father will be away for...some errands. So we'll take care of them for a few hours"

"What is THIS, Kwon?", I asked between gritted teeth.

"This is part of your training, Park", he answered coyly.

My face is a picture of pure TERROR. I can feel cold sweat oozing out of my body. I'm not good at handling kids! They hate me!

Jiyong was staring at me with amusement, enjoying his sweet time marveling the petrified look on my face.

"I can't take care of kids! They'll break if I touch them!", I shrieked.

"Oh come on. Look, Ta Jun is staring at you", he said.

I looked at Ta Jun. I swear, the baby can smell my fear.



I have to hand it to Jiyong. The jerk devised a very intricate plan to piss the hell out of me. He's such a jerk! I'm quite certain his attitude will earn him an axe dropped on his head someday.

I was holding Jeuk Yoon while he was carrying Ta Jun in his back with the baby-carrying bag. I can't help but stare at him, how can he look so good even with a baby.

We took the kids to the mall and we were just roaming around.

"I want bag", Jeuk Yoon shook my hand and pointed at the kiddie bag slung over my shoulder containing Ta Jun's diapers and milk.

"It's heavy, sweetie.", I answered.

"I want", Jeuk Yoon repeated with outstretched arms.

"Just give it to him. Boys should be strong. Right, little buddy?", Jiyong said.

"Yup! Me strong!"

I sighed in defeat and gave the bag to Jeuk Yoon. Afterwards, he saw a huge candy shop by the corner of the mall and squealed noisily while clapping his hands.

"CANDY!!", he exclaimed and ran towards the candy shop. I ran after him while calling his name. Aigoo..

Jiyong was talking to his phone when he finally entered the store. Jeuk Yoon is bouncing everywhere, pointing at every candy he laid his eyes on.

"Geek, stay here with the kids", Jiyong tapped my shoulder.

"Huh? Jeuk Yoon, no. You have enough candies here already.", I paid for the bag of candies but Jeuk Yoon is stil hovering like a vulture over a pile of chocolate bars.

"I'll just have to take care of something for a few minutes"

My head abruptly bolted to his direction.

"What? You're leaving me alone with them? No, no, NO!! Jiyonnnnnggggg", I whined.

"You can do it", he smirked at me.

"I can't! We'll just come with you. Pleasseee", I pleaded.

"You're so cute", he chuckled and pinched my cheeks. He then began unstrapping the baby-carrying bag.

"No no no. Jiyonnnnggggg", I stomped my feet while holding his arm. I don't want to be left alone with the kids! I am barely standing because of the hyperactive Jeuk Yoon. Add Ta Jun to the equation minus Jiyong and I'm sure I'll collapse from exhaustion.

"I'll be back as fast as I could. I just have to take care of something", Jiyong gave Ta Jun to me, patted my head and immediately left despite my protests.

Great, I thought as I stared at the baby who's looking back at me with a very weird expression. I was about to strap the baby-carrying bag when...

"Ugh, what's that smell?"

"Oh....FCK", I muttered.

A strong stench filled the store. And I have an idea where it's coming from. I looked at the baby and he smiled at me adorably. Yep, Ta Jun dropped a bomb of poop, contaminating the air around us and knocking out some innocent civilians. Biological Warfare has begun, and Ta Jun made the first strike.


I was trying to make our silent escape - holding the baby with outstretched arms - when my worst nightmare happened. Ta Jun EXPLODED!!


OH MY GOD, that sound! That sound will forever haunt me in my sleep!

*Squirt Squirtttt

It was dripping EVERYWHERE! How the fcking hell can he produce such destructive crap?! OH MY GOSHHH!!!

I was frozen on my spot, with my heart slamming painfully inside my chest as I hollered at the little monster. Time stood still. The customers inside the candy shop have their jaws on the ground as they stared at us and at the river of diarrhea flowing down the diaper's leghole. The baby smiled at me, scrunched his nose and unloaded another batch.



My horrified shrieks startled everyone.

Panic overcame my whole being as I dashed like a speeding bullet towards the nearest restroom while shrieking wildly with Jeuk Yoon grabbing my skirt and running behind me. We are a sight to behold. A sight indeed.

I need not worry whether Jiyong will find us or not when he gets back because Ta Jun made sure a good trail of poop will lead Jiyong to where we are.


"GAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! TA JUN-AH PLEASE STOP!", I was almost weeping for mercy. He furrowed his tiny brows and started bawling!

It was pure madness. My high-pitched screams coupled with Ta Jun's cries and Jeuk Yoon's squeal of delight. I was sprinting like my life depended on it! I probably looked like a complete psycho.


I was battling the thought of just tossing the baby in a dumpster somewhere when I finally saw the restroom! The sight of which is like a door to heaven!

I placed him down the baby table, held my breath and prayed like crazy.

When I opened Ta Jun's diaper... <*GASP!> *diessss ~ ~

My life flashed before my very eyes. I was scared as fck.

A viscous, dark green pile of mess is scattered all over his diaper and crawled its way downwards, fully enveloping his tiny legs.

I was pondering how in hell should I clean the baby covered with disgusting saucy crap when...tada!..a fresh liquified poop shoots out from his tiny as$ towards MY HANDS!!!!

EEEEEEEKKKKK!!! GROSS!!!! Gwarkk!!! I will burn my hands! I WILL BURN MY HANDS!!

It took a miracle not to vomit all over the baby.

And then....AND THEN!!! The little monster unleashed a fresh stream of warm pee in perfect trajectory towards my eyes!!!


I can already hear faint murmurs in my head saying Go ahead Dara, just abandon that baby from hell. Devil, is that you?

Okay, calm down. CALM DOWN! First step, wash the baby. I carried him to the sink to wash away the mess. I was praying LOUDLY the whole time, like a crazy woman that I currently am.

I placed him down on the clean part of baby table and froze.

Now what? Oh yes, wipe the baby and put a new diaper. The diapers are inside the baby bag. I turned to Jeuk Yoon and....FCK! Where's the bag?!

"Jeuk Yoon, where's the bag?!"

"Me dancing!", he replied and gleefully shook his booty.

I was completely losing my mind! Just when I thought the baby is done with his tsunami of poops, a big bad turd squeezes out - fresh from the oven.


My vision is getting blurry as I try to rack my brain. I think I need a team of medics to resuscitate me back to life.

I want a looonnnggg bath! That is, if I'm still alive after I clean this bio warfare baby.

I pulled a roll of tissue from the nearby cubicle to clean the baby and when I turned around....OH NOOOOO!!!!!!!

Jeuk Yoon was scooping the water from the toilet bowl and merrily sprinkles it all over his face and body!!

"Oh God NO!!! Jeuk Yoon stop!! No no no no! Oh God please STOP!"

I almost fainted.

I picked up the Ta Jun and strode towards Jeuk Yoon. I undressed him despite his protests. Who knew this day will turn out with two kids under my care.

I walked towards the sink and I thought Jeuk Yoon was following me but when I turned around, he's gone! OMG!

"Jeuk Yoon?", I hurriedly opened the cubicle doors one by one. Oh no. Oh no.


I stormed out of the restroom but he's still nowhere in sight.

I walked around aimlessly, with a baby on my arms. My panic meter has already exploded.


And I started crying. Hardcore.



The voice of the information desk's receptionist boomed on the speakers throughout the mall.

GD stopped his fist from delivering another blow and frowned as he listened to the speaker. He was grabbing the shirt of a man who is lying on the ground with an almost unidentifiable face due to bruises and blood.

GD together with TOP and Youngbae and his other men were on the mall basement parking while Daesung and Seungri plus the rest of the unit were tasked to keep an eye on Sandara Park and the kids while the three of them were taking care of something.

"W-We don't know. We only talked over the phone and the money were wired to us.", the man said.

GD clenched his fist and threw a solid punch at the man, knocking him cold.

"Clean this up.", he instructed and stepped over the ten unconscious bodies scattered around him, all of which he single-handedly beaten up.

"Yes boss", his henchmen chorused.

TOP and Youngbae finished off their opponents and started walking behind GD.

There was an eerie air around G-Dragon, he's obviously pissed. The three of them entered the elevator in silence. They just found out that someone powerful is out to get their as$es. They don't know who they are yet, but the Straw Sandal (liaison officer) informed GD's unit that the Japanese Yakuza and Italian Mafia are asking for their help for a similar problem. The underground society is being shaken by an unknown force. And GD hates the unknown.

The uninitiated members of the three most feared organizations are being eliminated. And their only lead are the men they've just beaten up. But they're just a bunch of paid assassins who don't know who they're employer is.

"FCK!", GD slammed his fist on the elevator wall.

"Boss, I'll give those assassins' phones to our analysts. Maybe they can do a trace. I'll also ask them to see if they can track down the source of the money wired to the assassins' account", TOP said.

"And contact the Straw Sandal. We have to relay what we found out to him so he can report the current situation to the Dragon Master"

"Yes Boss", TOP solemnly said.

If the Blue Lanterns are being eliminated, time will come that the higher ranking officers and their men will be eliminated as well. Time will come that they will be next.



GD, TOP and Youngbae stepped off the elevator and was greeted by the same intercom message again.

" two-year-old kid?", TOP muttered.

GD doubled his pace and was about to proceed to the Ground Floor Information Desk when someone called him.

"BOSS!", Seungri called out while hiding behind the pillar together with Daesung. He was carrying a kid. It was none other than Jeuk Yoon.

"What happened?", GD asked.

"Sandara Park..bwahahahhahahaha!! Sandara Pa-....hahahahhahahhaa!!!", Seungri can't even utter a single word without bursting into a fit of hysterical laughter. Daesung was no help either as he too was chuckling. So he just pointed at the direction of the Ground Floor Information Desk located at a distance.

GD looked at the direction he's pointing and saw Dara sobbing uncontrollably in front of the information desk. She was a piece of art - with disheveled hair, messy dress and with a baby strapped on her back.

A smile formed on GD's lips that turned into soft chuckles, which eventually turned into laughter. TOP nudged Youngbae and mouthed twenty million won. Youngbae nodded his head and began to snicker as well.

Jeuk Yoon was just eyeing them innocently, unmindful of the fiasco he created.

"Come here little buddy", GD took him from Seungri and carried him on his arms. He then strode towards Dara's location.

The moment Dara saw them....

"Oh my God! Jeuk Yoon!", she half-ran towards them and stopped in front of Jiyong, covered with her hands and sobbed.

"Are you okay?", he asked while chuckling in amusement.

"Is this the face of pure delight?!", she asked hysterically. Her face is an abstract mess of eyeliner blotches sprinkled with tear streaks on the side.

"You shouldn't have left me. I told you I can't handle them alone", she weakly hit GD's arms.

"I think you've handled them very well", he said and snickered again.

"Stop being sarcastic!", she hit his arms again.

"I-I was so scared", Dara bowed his head and cried miserably

GD stopped laughing and gently looked at her.

"Come here", he stretched his free arm while still craddling Jeuk Yoon with the other. Dara stepped forward and rested her head on his shoulder. She then felt GD's arm wrapping around her.

"You shouldn't have left me", she mumbled in between sobs.

"I'm here now", GD whispered as he Dara's hair.



I am never going near any baby AGAIN!

We are walking by the park over the Han River and I was continuously nagging Jiyong. It's amazing that his ears haven't fallen off yet considering my mouth is spouting curses at immeasurable speed.

We already dropped off Ta Jun and Jeuk Yoon at their house (weirdly though, their father addresses Jiyong as Boss. hmmmm). I have also finished freshening up in my apartment. Then Jiyong dragged me here because apparently, Girlfriend Training is not yet over.

"I haven't learned anything! I thought you're going to train me on how to behave as a girlfriend in front of people because after all, I rented you to be my boyfriend, remember? And we should be able to convince people that we're a couple, REMEMBER?!", I continued. He just ignored me and continued walking a few steps in front of me.

"And instead, what did we do for the whole day?!! Nothing! You didn't have a plan! You just continued playing pranks on me! You could've taught me how I should treat you when we're in front of my officemates or how I should introduce you or...or how I should answer the questions pertaining to our relationship. There's so many things! I don't even know if we should hold hands during the pa-..What? What are you smiling about?!", I glared at him when he abruptly stopped and smirked at me.

"Now you want to hold hands?", he nonchalantly asked.


I had to fight the urge to leap towards him and pull his hair in all directions.

"That's not what I said", I snarled at him.

"MhhMm", he then resumed walking, uncaring whether I'm about to combust into flames of anger.

I sighed exasperatedly and trailed behind him. I was busy staring at his back when he suddenly stretched his left arm backwards and opened his palm.

"Hand", he said as he wiggled his fingers.


He lazily glared at me. He then stepped back, pulled my hand and entwined his fingers with mine and started walking while dragging me with him. OMO!

"Yah, what are you doing?!", I hit his arm and was about to wiggle free but he tightened his grip.

"Holding your hand. This is part of boyfriend services.", he said matter-of-factly. He doesn't seem to be even slightly affected by what we're doing at all!

"W-We don't have to do this now. I mean, there's just the two of us.", I said and immmediately looked elsewhere when he suddenly glanced at me. My heart is thumping wildly at the new experience. Oh gosh.

"I'm just showing you how couples should act. Girlfriend Training, remember?"

I just pouted as we continued walking hand-in-hand. Some people, particulary girls, were staring at us with envy. I felt elated and proud. So this is how it feels like?

"I actually don't have any Girlfriend Training plan in mind. I just wanted to see how you really are.", he calmly said. I looked at him in bewilderment.

"People tend to show their real side in uncontrolled situations. It'll help me play out the role well since I've seen you at your worst", he simply added.

"Hmph! Just admit you like annoying me"

"Well, there's that.", he chuckled.


"Now I can proudly tell your officemates that yes, I've held the miraculous hands of Dara"


"Can you also heal wounds?"


I forcibly pulled out my hand and slapped his arms rapidly. He just chuckled in amusement at my annoyed face.

"Come on, I'll drop you off. It's getting late"

I looked at his retreating back and sighed.

"Damn it, why are you so hot", I whispered.

"I heard that", he called out without even turning his head.



GD was looking up, solemnly staring at the open window of Dara's apartment. He has just dropped her off at around 9PM after their Girlfriend Training. He stood there, waiting for something. Then it happened.....

"ARRRGHHHH!!! KWON JIYONG, YOU JERK!!!", he heard Dara's anguished scream emanating from her apartment.

GD was roaring with laughter. He can just imagine her annoyed look and it amuses him even more. Dara obviously found out the answer to the mystery of the vanishing chicken.

Before they went to the apartment of one of Jiyong's subordinates (Jeuk Yoon and Ta Jun's father), GD wrote a note, tied it to the chicken's neck and ordered Daesung to place the chicken inside Dara's bedroom.

"I HATE YOU!!!!!", another scream was heard.

GD shook his head while chuckling while the rest of his unit were also having a ball at Dara's misfortune.

"Boss, you better be careful. One of these days, she will scratch your eyes out", Seungri remarked in between giggles.

"That thin woman can't even hurt a fly.", GD said.

"She even got creamed by Jeuk Yoon and Ta Jun", Daesung added while trying to catch his breath from too much laughing whenever he remembers the incident at the mall.

The hyung line, TOP and Youngbae, were exchanging knowing glances and smirking.

"What's up with you two?", GD suddenly asked without even looking at them. Sometimes they wonder if GD has eyes at the back of his head because he doesn't seem to have any blind spot.

"Nothing, boss.", Youngbae answered.

"I just had this sudden urge to sing to the tune of Twenty Million Won", TOP seriously said, then he and Youngbae suddenly burst into laughter.

"That's not gonna happen. As$holes", GD retorted and turned around to walk towards their cars when one of his men called out..

"Hide! Sandara Park is coming!!", the unit immediately dispersed and used the shadows and the darkness of the night to conceal themselves.

GD immediately stepped behind the tree and peeked.

Where the hell is this geek going at this hour?, he thought.


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