OH! We Got Married... Wait , What?! (On Hiatus)


An unlikely couple to be paired,  well, that's what they think. But, who knows? Love may sprout from those dry seeds when watered correctly. ;)










This fanfic is purely fictional. None of the things written in here does reflect the real life people in this story. 

And if ever some scenes in here seem happen in real life or rather the same in some other stories, please do know that they may be just coincedental. :)) 

That's all.. Go on and read the fanfic xD Gomawo ^^



~Never had a boyfriend and definitely not wanting one.~

That's Lee Sunny to you. The Aegyo Queen ( she have a lot of aegyo which is very dangerous. VERY lol) But what would happen if she ends up being paired to a dongseang in a variety show where she's bound to marry him? Still gonna be a cute bunny even as a wife Sunny-ah ? Let's see ;P


~Charmingly sweet with women yet never had a girlfriend.~

That's our happy virus a.k.a. Park Chanyeol. He seems to be always happy and forever smiling (one of the reasons why he can steal the hearts of many women).Will he still be a happy virus in front of his seonbae which is his WIFE? or be as awkward as rainbow-colored mouse? wait what?


Let us all be part of this two not so unlikely couple as they journey through the life of marriage.

A life adventure full of laughs, pains and of course LOVE.





Author's note:

Hey guys! I hope y'all scramble upon this fanfic.. hope you read this and of course like it :D kekeke~



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