Forget Me Not


He is suffering from Alzeimer's Disease making him forget about her,but she will stop at nothing just to make him remember, even if it takes forever.


    "Huh? What's you're name again?"
    "It's Sunny, yeobo"
    "And you said you're my wife?"
    "Yes, yeobo"
    "Then what does that make your name then?"
    "Kekeke~ Aigoo, It's Sunny Zhang yeobo. Coz you're Zhang Yixing love, but people call you Lay."
    "You said I am suffering from Alzeimer's right? And because of that I forget about you everyday and that you always make me remember it all?"
    "Aigoo, Yes yeobo."
    "Then, don't you feel tired? Doing the same thing everyday? Just because of your pabo husband who keeps on forgetting you?"
    "No yeobo. Never in my whole life. I love so much to get tired of you."
    "Hmm.. I must be so lucky huh. But you know what? Even if I did forget about you, deep inside I know, I am so so inlove with you too."
    "Omo... kekeke~ you've still got you're romantic side in you yeobo. Saranghae."
    "Nado Saranghae Jagiya."


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