The One Where They Forget About The Popcorn [One~Shot]

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"I just want to show how much I love every inch of you. Psychologically. Emotionally. And physically."







• This is about BAP's Zelo and you;
• He can be famous or not, it really doesn't matter much;
• As stated with the title, it's an One~Shot, keke~



Hiiii ^^ So, guys, this is my 16th Kpop fanfic in English, yaaay :3 As you may imagine,
English is not my native language OTL so please forgive my terrible grammar mistakes
and be kind to me, right? :3 Thank you~
Actually this is very very short, maybe considered a scenario instead of a one-shot...
This time I decided to try something new, a bit hotter :B but I promise, it's more
intimacy, there's no hardcore , I swear ._.
Oh, and also, I wrote it for my Zelo biased best friend and daughter-in-law, Nana
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