The One Where They Forget About The Popcorn

The One Where They Forget About The Popcorn [One~Shot]
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                You took another glance at the clock, realizing it was almost 40 minutes past the time Junhong said he would be at your house. With a bit of concern, you dialed his number and pressed the call button, waiting for an answer.
                - Hi! - he said; you could feel the smile in his voice - I'm sorry, I went home to change clothes and came to buy something to drink. And popcorn too. I'm already heading there.
                - Oh, alright - you laughed slightly at him explaining without even giving time for you to ask - I was just worried.
                - No need, I'm near.
                - Okay, bye~
                - Bye.


                Not long time later, you heard the doorbell ringing. Already knowing it was him, you opened the door only to be greeted by a pair of long arms holding your waist, pushing you inside the house, making you trip and almost fall, what caused you to grab his shirt out of fear.
                - Wait, the door! Stop, I'm going to hit the ground! - you said, being helplessly dragged backwards.
                - Hello - he smiled widely, pecked your lips, still not letting go of your waist.
                - Stupid - you pushed him slightly - Let go, I have to close the door.
                He released you from his embrace, you locked the door and walked to the kitchen, with him right behind you.
                - What did you bring? - you asked as he put the plastic bags on the counter.
                - Your favorite soda, and some popcorn. You said you wanted to watch movies...
                - Yes, that's perfect~
                - ...but I was thinking... Maybe... We could, you know, do something else.
                - Oh no, I don't want to keep playing video games with stupid little men on skateboards for hours again, you promised you wouldn't do that anymore - you frowned.
                - Nooo, I wasn't talking about that.
                - What is it then? - you looked at him, curious.
                - I don't know... Cuddling - he smiled again.
                - We can do that while watching the movie.
                - Bed cuddling - he said a bit lower this time, but still audible for

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