Linear line straight to your < 3


Math is your passion but you are mine.









lols idk what to write for description :P just read it. it's really cute and so my type.


firstly, NATTA! dude the midnight math tutoring session i did with you last night inspired me to write this lol i blame u for the mathematical fluff i wrote here. i really didn't expect to finish it so soon. i was gonna make this be ur bday present but oh well, i was too excited to show u so here it is. consider this an early present? i'll send u sth else later when it's actually ur bday :P

2ndly, MIMI! happy birthday again! to make up for the lack of jeti in Seeing You, here you go, another jeti oneshot for u! hope it's cheesy enf to make up for the breakups and drama in the other fic teehee


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