Sins of Virtuous Hearts


It was a love that was never meant to be. Jessica was not supposed to fall in love (no, she wouldn't let herself), much less (and especially not) with Tiffany, her own twin.

But is love ever a sin?


She is the reason I hate, and the reason I love.
She is the one I die for, and the one who makes me live.
She is my sin, and my savior.


From here on forth, please proceed if and only if you have read the following warnings.

This story deals with depression.

Each episode is a suicide attempt by Jessica.

Jessica and Tiffany are twins, meaning Jessica's love is ual.


alright. that's all. for now.

enjoy :)

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this has been taken out from my Tales that Never Came to Be because I have written 3 shots of this.

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