Tales That Never Came To Be

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Inspiration strikes, but sometimes circumstance interferes... and all there is left are tales that never came to be.

So this is a collection of the shots/plots that I have started, but then nvr again found the inspiration or time to complete them. Some are JeTi, others do not even have characters established yet but you can imagine them as JeTi or anyone you want.

Please tell me if there are any that catches your interest and that you want to be completed into complete stories. If there are many requests or likes for a specific idea, I might finish it.

Also, if you would like to continue and finish any one of my ideas, please comment/PM/contact me for permission.


so i guess it's like a graveyard of ideas, mutilated, incomplete, prematurely born infants...

but even they deserve some attention, credit, and love :)


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