Never give your lover shoes, or they will walk away from you forever.



my first taengsic :D + ot9

major angst

If you feel like it is still #toosoon to be reading anything related to Jessica's departure, you should not continue from this point on.

It's been a while since I last wrote so I'm a little rusty hehe. But I guess I'll start writing again (slowly!) from now on.

I got this idea while listening to one of SNSD's ballads (I forgot which) and I thought "Wow Jessica and Taeyeon really sound good together. I wonder how Taeyeon feels about harmonizing in songs now that Jessica is gone." and thus this came to be.

Please comment down below what you feel, if you want to.


Stay strong SONEs, stay strong SNSD.

Forever 9.


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format inspired by y-n-k's count you on my fingers

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