Linear line straight to your < 3

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Tiffany stared down at the numbers, variables, and symbols that she had written on the new sheet of paper in front of her. Her eyebrows formed a frown of concentration, lips unconsciously puckered into a small pout, as previous formulae and solved problems were filtered through her mind in order to find the first step towards getting a solution. And then with a blink of understanding, a wide brilliant grin lit up her face, eyes curving up into upside down smiles as well, and her hands began scribbling down the flurry of numbers that were passing through her head. In her determination and concentration, she failed to notice that her tutee no longer paying attention to the work and was now staring at her cute excited expression instead.


“x=-2! Here we go!”


The other girl almost fell back from her seat when Tiffany suddenly looked up, her beautiful eyesmile directed at her, shoving the solved problem forward with an accomplished satisfaction.




Jessica fumbled to right herself and averted her gaze from the now-concerned eyes of her raven-haired tutor to the paper on the desk. Her heart was pounding and her cheeks were probably flushed from nearly being caught staring.


“I… I don’t quite understand this part.” Pointing at a random line of equations, she acted as if she was pondering upon the problem while she was actually thinking of ways to reveal the workings to the possible solution of her own problem to the older girl.


The familiar frown and pout returned to Tiffany as the tutor set off to explain the math problem, going through the equations step by step.


“So first you multiply the denominators…”


With such help, the math should come easier to Jessica, but the brunette was finding it even more difficult to focus on the annoying numbers with the close proximity between her tutor (who had shuffled even closer for some reason) and her and Tiffany’s low husky voice whispering (because they were in the library) instructions by her ear. She better make a move fast, systematically of course, or else a wrong solution might be obtained.


“Step two…”


Tiffany trailed off and raised an eyebrow when she felt Jessica place her hand on her thigh, bared by the short skirt she was wearing. The hand was just resting there quite innocently, but regarding the motives behind the action, Tiffany only had a slight wary clue. Tiffany’s gaze was not lifted from the paper, but Jessica could feel the glare the narrowed eyes were indirectly shooting at her.


“Jessica. If you wish to tease me, make a move on me, woo me, or anything of the like, please do that after the session. Right now is the time for you to be focusing on math, studying, and understanding that which you do not know.” Tiffany spoke professionally and evenly, but the reprimanding undertone made the younger girl gulp and remove her hand hastily. “Do pay attention while I am teaching.”


“Okay, after we’re done, right?”


Her widened eyes followed her pink pen when it was snatched out of her hand by Jessica and the tutee began scribbling out numbers and symbols in rapid succession. Two solutions to three long answer problems were boxed within the span of five short minutes.


“Well, we’re done.” Jessica put Tiffany’s pink pen back into her frozen hand and smiled big towards her crush. “If you used factorization here, then the working for the following steps will be simpler.”


Tiffany could only blink in shock as the tutee outsmarted the tutor.


“H-how did you…”


Jessica just casually shrugged in reply, with the same smile growing even wider on her lips. “Now that we’re done with today’s tutoring session, can I continue to—”


With a loud groan interrupting Jessica, Tiffany turned around in her seat, her back to the younger girl, and buried her face in her hands in embarrassment. All this time she thought she was tutoring Jessica, her tutee probably wasn’t even learning anything new from her. If Jessica could solve three of such hard questions in just five minutes, what would she have thought when Tiffany struggled to come up with a solution for the questions she asked, did she already know the answers to those questions too? She must have been so obtuse to not see the underlying motives behind Jessica always asking to spend more time with her.


Jessica felt like she was going to melt into a puddle of goo while listening to Tiffany’s little grunts and whines of frustration, but it was time to move onto step 3, although she was met with an unexpected response from her crush.


“Tiffany?” The older girl stiffened and let out a little whimper, curling into herself even more at the call.


“Tiff, I’m so sorry for not telling you earlier. I just didn’t know how to tell you. You’re probably thinking that I don’t need your help in math, and that is true. The main reasons I asked for you to tutor me were because I wanted to get closer to you and to spend time with you. It seemed like the only way. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything from you during these sessions.”


Jessica stood up, walked to the front of the tutor, and bent down on one knee to be face to face with her raven-haired beauty.


“Such beauty as yours should not be kept hidden.” Whispering softly, she gently pried Tiffany’s hands away from the blushing face and held them firmly in hers.


Tiffany immediately averted her eyes shyly, unable to meet Jessica’s loving gaze. Now the redness in her cheeks were not from her embarrassment but rather from the warm heat spreading from her loudly thumping heart.


“I learnt much from you, Tiff. You showed me some genius shortcuts that made the entire problem solving easier. You gave me a passion for math and determination to get to the solution I am searching for. You made me happy with every second I am with you. Most importantly, you taught me how to love.”


“I really like you, Tiffany,” Jessica stated with conviction, making Tiffany turn to her with a slightly awed expression, which made her grin confidently at the adorableness of the older girl. “And there is a 99.99% probability that I am in love with you. I want to solve all your Xs, Ys, Zs, and any other unknown variable that makes up you. I hope our future paths of fate will become coincidental lines. y=x, 0 < x < 3; my love is a linear line from me straight to your heart. I hope you will let me touch it.”


Tiffany couldn’t help the smile that was curving up the edges of at the mathematical manner of Jessica’s confession. It was cheesy, it was math, it was what she had always dreamed her perfect proposal would be.


“Now, there are only two possible solutions. They are limited by the domain and range of my love for you and any plausible feelings you may have for me. I hope you will show me the correct one.”


Tiffany nodded and slipped her hands out of Jessica’s grasp. Instead, she placed her hands on either side of Jessica’s cheeks, boxing the girl’s face in. Bending forward to place her solution in the designated space, Tiffany made the four planes of their lips intersect, forming the line of love that travels to ∞, starting from their <3s.


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