Kiss 6

Mischievous Kiss
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Kiss 6



Sunggyu’s POV


We’re all here in the dining room, eating dinner. Mrs. Nam cooked a very delicious food. It’s an Italian food, it’s very delicious


“Wow! Your cooking skills was great, it’s very delicious.” my dad compliment Mrs. Nam, she laughed “Omo! Thanks but your cooking skills are greater because you’re a chef.” Mrs. Nam said


“How’s the food Sunggyu?” Mrs. Nam asked me “It’s very delicious, Auntie. You could be chef like my Dad” I said happily “Aigoo~ Thanks Sunggyu, by the way I will make you a midnight snack again later.” she said


“Make it two. I will be in Sunggyu’s room.” Woohyun simply said. Mrs. Nam was confuse “What do you mean?” she asked, then she widened her eyes “Are you going to study too?” she said not believing that Woohyun will study.


“Yes. Has a problem?”


“No… Omo! Honey, our Woohyun will study for the first time. It’s like Sunggyu’s influence is really great.” she said happily and giggled.


Yes. They can’t believe that Woohyun was going to study. He usually sleeps after eating or he will just play in his computer. Tsk. He’s really smart that he doesn’t need to study while me I need to study every night. Sighed.


“Hyung. I want to study with you too.” Boohyun suddenly said with puppy eyes ‘Wahhh! He’s so cute. I want to pinch his cheeks’


“But you were doing well, Boohyun-ah. You don’t need my help unlike this person…” Woohyun points his finger on me “He needs my help because he’s stupid unlike you.” he said in tone flat. ‘What the?! Tsk.’


After we heard that, me and Boohyun pouted. Because Boohyun was just rejected by his brother. While me… Woohyun just told me I was stupid. Me? Me? Stupid? Yes. I know I’m not good with school but I’m not that stupid. Tsk.


“Come on.” Woohyun said as he stand up and walk up stairs then I stand up also before I walk and followed him, Mrs. Nam saying ‘Fighting to me’ and I just said ‘Thank you and I smiled.


Here we are in my room. I’m sitting on my study table while Woohyun was sitting beside me. Closer. When Woohyun break the silence “What subject do you want to study first?” Omg! He’s so very close to me, my heart was beating faster. I think my face was blushing now. I hope he didn’t notice “Hmm. M-math.” I said and he just hummed. I get my math book and opened it.




I’m so nervous. No matter what, I’ve been in love one-sidely with him for already two years


“What is the exam cover?” He said that makes me back into the reality ‘C-cover of exam?’ “Let me see in my notes. Wait you should know it too, right?” I asked him. Well he should know it to because were in the same year. “I don’t know.” W-what? He doesn’t know? How he will study? “Wait here. In my notes it says that the cover of exam was page 10 until page 45.” he just nods.


He encircles the page that I need to focus. He even writes some notes in my book. Yes I was amaze. “I think these parts will be in the exam.” he said as he still encircles some page in my book “How did you know?” I asked him. Well how can he know that? Did the teacher tell to him what the exam is? Yah! Kim Sunggyu you’re so stupid. Of course the teacher will never tell that. Where is your brain Sunggyu? Where?


“These are the key points.” he said


“You… What’s your way of studying?”


“I just listened and see it once then I remember it all.” What? Wow! He’s really a genius


“I will give you a question and answer them.” he said and starting to write some question. Wow! He’s good like a teacher. Hell maybe he’s more competent more than a teacher “Here. Try answering them. If

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