Mischievous Kiss

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Kim Sunggyu isn't very intelligent, and lacks ability in school. He is in class F, the least smartest class in his grade. Despite this, he has been in love with the schools most handsome, and most intelligent guy, Nam Woohyun ever since he saw him give a speech at the high school entrance ceremony.

In his third year of high school, he decides to write him a love letter, but is rejected instantly. He is crushed to see his love letter was not even looked at, and decides to give up on the jerk who rejected him without even reading it. On the same day, Sunggyu's house collapsed in a minor earthquake. As it is being rebuilt, his dad gets a phone call from his long time friend, and is invited to stay with them. When he arrives at the house, he is in shock to see that this was the house of Nam Woohyun, and his family. Although he shows a cold attitude, he realizes he cant help but love him. What will happen when fate takes over, and Sunggyu's chance of winning Woohyun's heart falls in his hands?



This story was based on the manga story, Mischievous Kiss..... Some story will be change... Sorry ~ I can't resist to write this but I really love woogyu.. And i like the story of mischievous kiss, so i decided to write.

hope you like it^^



"Who are you?"

"Ah- erm- I'm Kim Sunggyu from Class F and-" i was holding my letter and my hand was trembling in nervous, And I gave the letter to him "Please accept and read this" 

"I dont want to" he said coldly and leave.

'What was just happen?' 




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