Hate comes First

There is No Kind of Hate Like Love
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/Lay's pov/

Everyday I go to school and I come face to face with the person I hate the most, Kim Eun Seul. I hate her perfect smile, her sassy mouth, and her rude attitude. I don't care if my friends think she's hot. I think she's a monster. A real Medusa in the flesh. A child of the devil and I don't care if anyone thinks I'm being harsh. It's just my opinion not theirs.

"Yah! Lay ge ge! Zhang Yixing!" Luhan yelled in my ears as was I standing in front of my locker staring at the Ice Queen. I turned my head and glared at him.

"What do you want now, Luhan?" I bellowed back. He tried to pout at me cutely but I wasn't bothered by it. In fact it really grossed me out.

"I just wanted to know if you wanted to walk to class with me?" he said continuing to pout at me. I wanted to beat him up at that moment but I held myself together.

"Mullon, wae andwae!" I simply replied as we walked pass the Ice Queen of S.M. University. The area in which she stood in felt cold literally speaking.

She was staring in my direction with a blank expression upon her face. I grimaced at her and she glared at me. I rolled my eyes and we left the hallway heading to class. In class Luhan and Tao sat next to me on my right side. They were busy chatting about the latest Mortal Kombat game when she walked in. The room instantly became to the point of freezing.

She just had to walk like a model with a quiet grace about her. Seeing her like that just made me sick to my stomach.

Every eye in the room noticed the Ice Queen's appearance. I sneered in her direction as she sat down next to me on my left while flipping her long wavy dyed golden blonde hair over her shoulders.

The professor came into the room just as I was about to protest her new seating placement in which she put herself there. I glared at her until Luhan noticed what I was doing and chopped me on the back of my head. I gave her a dark grimace and glared at him before paying attention to the teacher again.


/Kim Eun Seul's pov/

I can't believe that Lay is such a rude person. I can't believe that I even liked him at one point. I guess at one point his perfect looks kept my heart beat racing but now that is a totally different time.

I don't know how I even ended up sitting next to him. I huffed at him just as the bell rang. He got up and rushed out of the classroom causing me to drop my books on the floor. I tried to reach for them just as a hand stopped me.

"Eun Seul-sshi! Are you okei?" Tao's voice rang in my ears as Luhan handed me my things.

"Deh... thanks for asking! What's his problem anyway?" I asked him as we walked into the hallway together.

"We don't really know! He's been acting like that since this

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Demitria_Teague #1
Chapter 2: Aw, how cute. Except I'd be tempted to smack him. And then he'd apologize... maybe... and I'd forgive him.
SharonLau #3
cute story:)
Chapter 2: Aww this is so cute . Unicorns need some love as well xD .
Chapter 2: Damn i like this!!! <333