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God's Word Is More Powerful Than The Devil's Persuasion!!! <333

About Me

Hi Everyone! My  name is Ravon.

My sister likes to call me simply Von. 

I love to write and read and sing or least try to.  

Someday I'll become a professanional writer.

I love all things Asian, Native American, & world histroy. 

I do not do sequels unless I want to. So don't ask me to do them. When it comes to writing I don't like being rushed because then it seems like I'm writing for work instead of for fun. I really don't like pressure so please don't keep asking for me to update I will in time.
Oh and another thing if you subscribe to me and then unsubscribe then just don't subscribe at all thank you.


I love J-Pop more than K-Pop. Although I do have a few K-Pop girl groups I really really love starting with RaNia and ending with SNSD. As to K-Pop boy bands it comes down to Block B and SHINee. Of J-Pop I am a super Namie Amuro Fan. I also love Shoko Nakagawa and Aya Hirano.

I'm Excited To Be Apart  Of  The AFF Experince!!!