Then arrives Love

There is No Kind of Hate Like Love
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/Lay's pov/

 I can't believe those idiots brought her over and she still acted like she was high and mighty at least with me. With them she acted like a shy little school girl. Gross I might add!

"Yah! Lay ge ge!" Chen shouted at me ruining my thoughts.

"What do you want now?" I hissed as he stood in front of me.

"We're going to Crystal Palace''s grand opening... you know the one for the new mall and Ice rink?" he asked as the guys ran around getting ready. Luhan barely had his shoes on and Tao was running around looking for his hat like the idiot he was.

"What does that have to do with me?" I questioned him.

"Wanna go?" he finally asked as Xiumin and Kris walked outside.

"Mullon, andwae..." I agreed solemnly.

"Oh, I almost forgot we invited Eun Seul so be nice to her!" he added as I we walked outside. Kris locked up the dorm behind us.

"Aissh! I live with a bunch of idiots!" I huffed as we got in to the van awaiting us.
We met her there at Crystal Palace. She was wearing a simple rose pink dress with a denim half jacket and matching heeled chucks.

The guys kept fawning over how pretty she looked but I thought she looked like a pink dinosaur. A big pink monster. Gross! I glared at her the moment our eyes locked and she rolled her eyes at me.

"What did I say, Lay?" Chen said reminding me of earlier. I scoffed at him and walked off to the bar.

It was freezing and the place was packed fill of people including Idols who wanted to be the first to say that they were there. There were three parts of Crystal Palace. The ice cream parlor was on the bottom level, the ice rink on the second, and the mall on the third.

A bunch of annoying girls were fangirling in my ears. I really tried to stay sane as the guys and Eun Seul got blades to skate. I watched as Luhan helped her out on to the ice. I laughed as she almost slipped but he somehow kept the dinosaur up and she smiled her thanks to him.

Everyone skated in the ice rink and shopped in the mall for hours on end. I was tired by the end of the day. We walked up to the elevators on the third floor of Crystal Palace which was were the mall was located. We waited for the elevators doors to open. We were the last people left on the floor. Only one elevator opened up for us. But it wasn't enough room with the a family waiting next to us. I let them kindly go ahead of me while smiling as best I could.

"I'll just get the next one!" I told the guys and they nodded. That was until Tao came and told me that Eun Seul was in the restroom. I sighed and told them I'd wait for the pink dinosaur. They got on the elevator with the nice family and the doors close with Chen giving me a mean warning look. I left the area and headed to the restroom just as she exited it. She stared at me for a long time in silence. The silence killed me so I glared at her and she spoke first.

"Why'd they leave you?" she asked still puzzled.

"They didn't... I stayed! Now come on I want to go home!" I retorted walking back to the elevators. I pressed a button to one of them and waited for it to open. When on

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Demitria_Teague #1
Chapter 2: Aw, how cute. Except I'd be tempted to smack him. And then he'd apologize... maybe... and I'd forgive him.
SharonLau #3
cute story:)
Chapter 2: Aww this is so cute . Unicorns need some love as well xD .
Chapter 2: Damn i like this!!! <333