To Kiss A Frog

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Popular Princess, Shin Yoon Jo has a secret...
She has a crush on a nerd at her school...


What happens when she tries to get him for herself?


~Nerd Love~

I never knew love could be so exciting and interesting!
Who would have thought I'd ever fall hard for the geeky Mr. Ahn Seung Ki of Pledis University?
With that semi-long black hair and those long lashes that shaded his perfect brown eyes!


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Chapter 2: ohhh I love this fic. Ur ahn seung ki was in my head lee seung gi, somehow this caracthere fitted him so well <3
Chapter 2: Waaah this story is just too much ;~; oh my princess Yoong. <3
Chapter 2: Too sweet! So adorable! This so reminds me of how i met your mother!!! <333
CindyLeong #4
Chapter 2: Two words to describe your story. Sweet and AWESOME!! ㅋㅋㅋ