Personal Message

I’m being intoxicated in the happiness that shined bright for a moment
I must have been distracted for a moment in the memories’ light

The moment I cross over, I can’t go back
No, before that, I don’t have the heart to

So..technically this is what happen to me as I grow fond with fanfiction...   haih~ *sigh deeply*


About Me

Hey. My name is Hikari. My specialty is in photography. But it doesn't kill to be into another course such as writing, right? .......well, I hope I can manage on writing the best I could like everyone else.                                                    

Just hoping (J-Hope^^) for the very best. I enjoy listening to music and mere sounds that I can sing too. Might just humming too it^^ and even ad lip. In terms of reading and writing.. I love to read comedy, mystery, horror, slice of life and (I found myself liking) something like cheesy type of stories. Thus, for my writing...... I kind of wrote cheesy to most of them. Ahahhaha. Technically because, me being hallucinating much. I'M CRITICALLY STATING that all of my writings existed from my ultimate day dreams.

' All those grammar errors are mine.. '      So uhmmm..... I hope I can manage here and wish I could be friends with the people here in the mere future. Tata for now~